Monday, January 4, 2016

January goals

can you tell today is catch up the blog day?

My goals for January


To not injury myself again (pulled groin then adductor on top of already bad back) right after I fell backwards over the concrete lid of the septic tank and knocked myself out, slight concussion with mild whiplash ).

To take my Crohn's meds which means I have to eat a protein,carb to take them twice a day.

To take my vits,calcium and Vit D to stay healthy and repair my thinning bones.

To eat a rainbow of colors to keep the Crohn's from making me malnourished .


To post at least once a week.

To read 1 new blog a month.


To eat from the pantry with minimum bought at the store for this month (and hopefully next couple months)

To finish preserving what is left of the fall produce (apples,pears, pumpkins,potatoes, (red and white), onions and butternut to say the least possible other winter squashes)

To finish bagging the frozen turkey meat that is on cookie sheets.

To finish canning the turkey broth after I remove the fat on top of it (fat goes in jar and in freezer for use later).

To learn to make powdered eggs (I found a way but haven't tried it)


To sort through and reorganize of what I am going to plant


To make brown paper patterns for aprons

To make brown paper patterns for my pj bottoms


Put away Christmas decorations in correct containers

Clean kitchen from top to bottom

Organize kitchen aid mixer attachments for easier use

Declutter four rooms


Drop off give away items to thrift stores.

Order seeds needed for garden

Attend Amish produce auction (with friends)

Make January shopping list.


To learn one new thing

To read one new book

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