Monday, April 3, 2017

Buying for April

I have made a list of what should be bought, a few items has been bumped a couple months as it is and can't be put off any longer.

Pressure canner checked , with possibility of replacing gasket, seal and pressure gauge....pretty sure the pressure gauge needs replaced. Last time I used it I saw moisture inside of it.

Wide mouth canning jar RINGS ONLY... next to impossible to find without the lids but I don't need any more lids. I found them at Those will be ordered this month.

Filter for my vacuum. Hubby uses the air compressor to clean this out for me every other week but it only helps so long. I have a very small vacuum that is bagless. I love it ...I would get another in a heart beat It is a Dirt Devil dynamite plus.

Whink rust remover as it is the only thing that will remove the rust in the bathroom even with cleaning it daily we still get rust. Have a whole house filter and softener...pipes need replaced but it's not ours so we can't do that.As long as the water is running the landlord won't do it, not even for his own home because his wife complains of the same thing. LOL. She told me what to use. Odor is very light.

Ant traps, as the ant season has started

Amish produce auction will start April 21st. I will be able to get my spring plants there for the garden. Looking at possible cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages... not sure of what else until we get there and what the prices are going for.

Testing strips for my sugar tester. I know my sugar tester runs about 2 points above what the hospital testing does. With generic test strips it runs 15 points above so I will suck up the price for the brand name test strips. My ins has to have 2 A1C over 6. (6.5 is diabetes I'm at 6.4) before they will pay for the test strips... I found them at Amazon for 1/4th what I would pay at the drug store and 1/2 of what I would pay at Walmart.

Anything I need for Passover. As I am restricted on certain items that I know send my sugar up I will have to rework my menu for that week and the Seder meal.
Ham for Easter (Hubby and I are of different faiths)
Asparagus as it's in season and I don't grow it.
Milk (if I run out of yogurt I will need more milk)
cottage cheese
bell peppers
thin bagels
English Muffins (coupon for this at local store half off)
sausage patties (4 oz patties , coupon for this at local store 1/3 off)
frozen hash browns (coupon at local store 1/2 off)
orange juice (coupon at local store 1/2 off)
hash brown patties
Carnation High Protein essential drink. I get powdered vanilla. I can drink it and it not send my sugar too far up. I can make it and put it in my small thermos if I am on the go and need to carry a "meal" with me. I can't get granola/bfast bars due to my Crohns)

Have a blessed Week

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Goals...Frugal plans

This used to be my Mom's and Pop's (stepdad). It's what they used to save money for Christmas to all the grandkids and great grandkids.They did cash  or wrote a check.

Since we have went to cash for groceries, dogs needs, eating out(the only entertainment we do) and other odds and ends. I've actually had change and have filled this up a couple times.

We have been doing "some" frugal things. Then Hubby decided he was retiring in Jan 2019, 2 yrs sooner than we had planned. I'm not going to tell him he can't for any reason, he works a very hard and active job and he is the oldest in the dept and has over 30 yrs at the plant.. He doesn't want to change jobs at the plant or shifts. Fine with me and it really is fine. We have a 401k and pension.

BUT I would like to "make up" what isn't going to be earned those 2 yrs as much as possible BEFORE he does retire out on the cash reserves part.

I went over to frugalwoods blog and started rereading.
Went back over our health ins and the budget. We need to decide where we will take the hit when he retires if we don't make up the missing reserves.

We decided to eat from the pantry for the month of April with only a few things to buy.

We made a list in Dec of what we wanted to get done this year by mid Aug.I need to work harder at getting it done in the that time frame with the weather getting warmer.

I want to have the gardens ready to plant by next weekend.

I want to finish changing the closet lights to LED light bulbs.

I am scheduling sewing time.

I am having sugar issues, borderlining  diabetes so I need to see what my ins will pay if I have to continuing to test.

Yard sales will be starting and I am going to make a list of what I am looking for this week.

Amish produce auctions start this month and I have a limit of amount I am going to spend.

We probably will keep updating this list.