Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mid June frugal?

The climbing rose bush has went wild. The front garden has exploded with flowers(weeds that bloomed) and the birds are thrilled. Frugal we don't have to buy bird food except for the hummingbird and only because we feel it's better for them to have calcium etc to make the egg shells stronger. AND YES I know the back door is propped open. When we are out we prop it open so Rascal will go get a drink of water...bugger butt won't drink out of the outside pan that he drank out before. LOL.

I harvested rose petals, lavender, spearmint,peppermint and choc mint for tea.

I harvest thyme, oregano, chives and garlic chives for the dehydrator and for use.

I harvest lettuce (had some bolt before it got the size of baby lettuce), green onions, some of the garlic bulbs to cure and snow peas. Might get one more meal off the snow peas.

I transplanted a hanging basket that now is 4 pots of flowers.

I planted Italian green beans (wide green bean), over 150 candy onion starts, beets, carrots, nasturtiums, zucchini, yellow summer squash, Armenian cucumbers, pickle cucumbers , red noodle beans and yard long green beans.

We had/have several doctor appts this month. Hubby has one left, I have 5.

Hubby was diagnosed with GERD. ENT doc put him on generic meds and changed his diet...which is now a lot closer to mine (SMILING BIG TIME). Not that I wanted him to have GERD but I'm not having to fix extra stuff for him any more .

I have a bone spur in my rotor cuff that is going to be dealt with ...Jumping the hoops of ins as both shoulders have issues but I can only to one at a time and have to wait for the MRI to be approved etc...

I used short wash with tap cold water and homemade laundry soap and used the clothes line.

I dug out the old drip hoses and put them in the south gardens. We were going to change how we watered but with knowing we will be moving within a year or so we decided to hold off on buying anything for gardens.

I have 2 rooms to finish prepping for summer this coming week and putting the last of the cold weather stuff away.

We took 3 loads of "stuff" to the thrift shop.... I think we are almost through what was the kids stuff. LOL

I turn AC off during the late evening to morning hours (unless it's storming) and leave the windows open.. Hubby runs a small AC in the bedroom while he sleeps days , it's set at 75 with med fan. He prefers 72 but with having the ceiling fan on also (only room with a ceiling fan) he sleeps ok.

We are looking for a home with land, our realtor is sending us updated lists that meets what we told him we were looking for in 6 different counties. Saves everyone time and gas instead of running around. When we go look at the houses , we do a "run by" before we call him... pictures of what looks far off the road or without close neighbors aren't always what they really are.

Hubby ride the motorcycle to work when it's not forecasted for rain.

I changed some of my routine to help ease the grief of losing Miss Kira along with Rascal changing some of his also. Miss Kira did  perimeter clockwise..Rascal walks counterclockwise. If I use the word perimeter he will walk in the driveway and watch me but not walk with me. If I say walk, he runs to the edge of the perimeter across the driveway and waits for me. He begs (sits pretty and barks at the truck door) for a ride in the morning when Hubby gets home and then doesn't care the rest of the day...if I/we are leaving and we tell him he can't go, he goes and lays down unlike Miss Kira that would HOWL and CRY and then go pout.. The only thing he begs for is a ride not food or his treats. He definitely was following Kira's lead instead of being himself. He is more of a barker than she was and he is jumping up and checking whatever is going down the road where she only did it if someone pulled in the drive.

We had our small tiller fixed instead of replacing it but are replacing the weed eater instead of fixing it. Based it on price and the age of what we had.

I broke down and applied through our bank for a credit card so I could rent a car when we went to go to Dad's as we only have the truck and bike now. I don't care for credit cards but rental cars required credit cards. I got a limited at my request amt for 0% interest for 15 billing cycles (which is less than 15 months) and then it goes up...but since I don't carry a balance I don't really care what it goes up to.Bank thought I was weird for requesting a low amt but what ever LOL.

We ate from the pantry except for twice, both times got "lunch" out and took home leftovers for dinner due to doc appts.

Blessed Be.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What I bought,what I will buy, what's in the garden

and the plans for it... just so you have some understanding of our home life... Hubby works graveyard shift at a physical demanding job. Both of us have  cholesterol issues...well he doesn't if he doesn't eat certain seafood). Mine is all over the place and it doesn't seem to matter if I just look at it or eat it. I have Crohn's. Regretfully with Crohn's it isn't just a one diet fits all and a lot of time something I ate last week that was fine won't be fine next week. It also calls absorption issues so I fight malnutrition constantly. I border lined diabetes due to meds...steroids... I am on a different steroid that doesn't seem to mess that up as bad and I am SLOWLY coming back down the dosage... My GI hopes I can come back off completely without a flare up. We eat from the pantry will fill  that I fill with food from my 1200 sq ft gardens and the Amish produce auction along with sales from the stores. I regularly shop Aldi's , Kroger's, Wagner IGA, Anna IGA( both IGA cut their meat and grind the hamburger and sausage in house), CVS and Walgreen's. Once a year I get meat from butcher shops, Kah and Davis butcher shops and I get my bologna (half roll of about 17 thick slices) from G&R bar and grill (well known in OH).

for total of $187.41

What I bought for emergency supplies in tornado shelter
2 beef stew
5 gal of water
4 canned kraut
4 canned peas and carrots
4 canned hominy
4 canned wax beans
Instant mashed potatoes

What I bought for stocking the pantry
2 each lunch meat ham and turkey (on sale with coupon now in freezer)
4 canned hominy
2 sweet relish
2 dill relish
2 coney sauce
3 tortilla wraps ( in freezer 3 sizes)

What I bought for NOW
10 lbs potatoes
1 milk
2 cottage cheese
10 lbs on sale apples (Hubby takes one to work every night and for apple salad plus to lettuce salads)
 ice cream 1 bucket and 2 Klondikes
4 Hot pockets/lean pockets for Hubby for lunch when we have soup or there isn't enough left to make his lunch from. (coupon with sale)
2 shredded cheese Co jack and moz)
1 each lunch meat:turkey and ham. (coupon and sale)
1 sliced cheese (coupon and sale) provolone
Ammonia (outside of windows need washed)
lettuce ,lettuce is just coming up and isn't going to produce enough ...planting more 30 day mix bag of romaine and 1 bibb
1  celery
2 avocado
4 ears of corn on the cob (I eat one for lunch)
4 limes
bag lemons
Lipton instant tea ( I make ice tea for me and can't drink it fast enough to keep it from going bad so I use instant lemon tea mixed with raspberry tea)
3-8 pks coke (sale with coupon)
4 canned hominy (Hubby eats it when I eat spinach)
1 ea. tortilla wraps of 3 sizes
1 pk of 8 slider buns that I also use as rolls
4 lbs strawberries (lost this years crop due to late freeze)
2 lbs grapes
1 pint blueberries
2 lbs bananas
2 lbs peaches
2 pints cherry tomatoes
2 lbs slicing tomatoes.
5 doz. eggs

What I will still buy this month 
raspberries (sale)
strawberries (sale)
2.5 gal jugs of water (emergency supplies)
asparagus (sale)
chicken breast (sale)
London broil beef (sale)
Havarti cheese slices (sale)
bulk sausage
paper plates (sale)
pork loin (sale) for roast and chops.
pork tenderloin (sale) to smoke for "Canadian bacon"
tomatoes/ milk/ bananas/ in season fruit later in month.
cabbage or cole slaw mix
Hamburger patties (Wagner's)
sausage patties (Wagner's)
smoked sausage
BRATS (LOL Hubby just reminded me)

potato salad
mac salad
pasta salad
cole slaw
cucumber and tom salad (sometimes onion also)
anti-pasta salad (pepperoni, black olives, canned mushrooms, cherry tom, in Italian dressing)
Jell-o salad
broccoli salad
carrot raisin salad
assorted lettuce salads
mixed fruit salad
egg salad
deviled eggs
bologna salad
chicken salad
cucumbers sandwiches
123 pasta
mac and cheese
wraps (meat and veggies in a tortilla wrap)
quesadillas/burritos/ enchiladas/tacos
smoked sausage
brats (grill)
hotdogs (grill)
pork chops (grill)
steak (in freezer/grill)
hamburgers (grill)
sausage patties (grill)
chicken (grill)
fried bologna sandwiches
options for homemade subs/pizza/calzones

In the gardens
rhubarb about done

green onions (few)

snow peas are blooming but the regular peas didn't make it

lettuce is coming on a little bit

Will plant beans, radishes,other lettuce, spinach (again) zucchini and yellow squash

tomato plants are in except the 36 baby plants I was given that should have been started earlier. They might be big enough to plant next month. We plan to cover them this fall if necessary.

Planting more Candy onions for storage.

what is your plans?
Blessed Be

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To do for June

We have a 60th birthday party that is 3 hrs away, 12 doctor appts/ medical testing and 2 days for Ham Radio field day, not counting going to see our parents (2 trips) and our kids  this month as 3 need help around their homes and 1 is having surgery on her shoulder.

We have lawn care (4 hrs each time) and gardens which is averaged at 3 hrs each time not including harvest and processing.

Hubby going to have to go to work to rest.

I had to get right up on the window (notice I remembered to move the screen up last night) and zoom in when he started drinking...this is Baby Hummer... he (as he is getting bright green feathers like his Daddy. Mommy is a greenish gray color)Baby Hummer is almost as big as his Mommy. We eat our bfast and watch them come and go.

I am half way through my classes and should finish up this month and hopefully finish or come close to finishing great grandson's afghan at same time.

We need to weed, plant last of plants and seeds and harvest last of rhubarb (grateful for rain even with the problems it's causing of getting into the gardens)

I need to flip warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes

I need to finish flipping warm weather curtains and cold weather curtains

I need to flip out warm weather bedding and furniture throws and cold weather bedding and furniture throws.

Which means I NEED to winds to drop down to around 10 mph with gusts under 15 instead of the 15 mph and the gust over 20 as everything in storage or in use like furniture throws need washed and dried

I need to put the swing together. Older daughter gave us back the old set we had gave her but the swing was in too bad of shape to use.

I have a few pumpkins and winter sq that is STILL good that I need to process

I need to clear the area beside the garage that has became the drop it and deal with it later of misc stuff that needs hauled to junk yard or limbs to be burnt.

I need to finish stocking the root cellar for emergencies .

We need to take 1 load AT LEAST every 2 wks to thrift shop...I just love it when I send a pic to my kids's cell phones and they ask me why I've held on to something of theirs and the answer is BECAUSE you put it here>>>DUH.

I have my son's wardrobe and a small cabinet he asked me to refinish and I've dragged my feet on it.Both simple and maybe only 20 hrs together. Time to get that off the list also.

I have been doing Home Storage Solutions 101 Declutter 365 since Jan. I'm ahead sort of.. I'm down to 71 of the "to do's ) but these 71 will most likely take me the rest of the year. My goal is to do 6 this month. Four of them has to do with flipping season clothes.

Set goals have a better chance of being done that just thoughts/wishes on the air.

Blessed Be

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Frugal end to May

Rascal was messing around the climbing rose bush and got this stuck on him some how so I put it in the vase for my dining table.

It's been a rough week emotionally, 2 different tornadoes was within 1/4 of mile from our son's, worried a lot as he has no basement, he had some limbs down but no real damage, then  our dog Miss Kira  passing and Hubby , who is an EMT at work having to do CPR on a co-worker for about 10 min and said he didn't think the guy was going to come back...THANKFULLY , he is recovering and now out of ICU. I gave Hubby the last of the grocery money to get gas to go see him and to donate some to help the guy as his wife and him are raising 3 young grandkids. My emotions triggered my Crohn's and then we had a 2 hr drive (1 way) to Hubby's brother's wedding the day after Miss Kira died, rough leaving Rascal here alone. We used Kroger points and Speedway gas cards to save on gas.

The Gardens have been soaked repeatedly that I am not sure if I will be able to finish planting or get in to weed what was planted.  I keep moving the potted plants off the porch to the yard when it's going to rain to not have to water them .I did plant some scarlet runner beans in the front flower bed, more for the blooms for the hummingbirds than for the beans. I was given under size tomato plants that need to be repotted and allowed to get bigger before planting in the garden.
Sorry, I keep forgetting to raise the screen in the mornings so I can get better pictures LOL. This is Mommy Hummer... Daddy Hummer usually uses the other feeder ...this morning (when I didn't have my phone) Baby Hummer came by himself to feed at this feeder. The other day he was with Mommy Hummer.

I have been listening to my online classes through our health ins (we have earned enough pts that if Hubby doesn't retire this year, his health ins will be free next year and mine will be $1.50 a week.Plus we save $ on the copay and deductible and have a 90-10 plan instead of the 80-20 plan with larger payments,co pays and deductibles. We are planning on him coming out this year BUT you just never know what life is going to throw at you. I work on the afghan I am crocheting for my great grandson. Over half way done. On the days I don't have class I do Swagbucks videos for the same length of time.

I mixed equal amounts of 20 mule team borax and sugar for the ants.

I harvest thyme (twice), garlic scapes (twice), chives, garlic chives, lavender and rose petals.

We ate most of what was on the menu, the leftover was what Kira (and Rascal also even though he ate 3 bowls of dry dog food also) was eating as she could no longer handle dry dog food.

Electric bill came in $50 under budget.That will go back up as I had to turn the dehumidifier on because it's 90% humidity in the basement pantry.

While I was in the root cellar during tornadoes I made a list of what was still missing and plan to have it finished by July. Part of it I think I can find stuff we have to work (like plastic to keep things from getting wet if the house gets blew off it's foundation), so that's the focus of this week.

We also started listing what we use daily so I can makes sure that is stocked for the 4 months we go without income. Our neighbors that farm and run a construction business said they thought they could give us some off and on work, that was nice for the offer even if they can't do it at the time because construction and farming slows down a lot during the winter.

Do the same routine with opening curtains (binder clipping tops to limit sun coming in) and opening windows. Run fans when we are the room. Hubby uses the ceiling fan when he sleeps during the day. We do have a room AC that he also uses if it's too hot for him to sleep so we don't have to use the Central air. When we do use the central air it's at 76.

Hubby needed new shoes( he does one pair for yard work, one for dress..yard work need to go in the trash), there is one pair that is the best for his feet. We priced it at a big shoe store while killing time before the wedding and it was running about $150...OUCH. He was talking about just finding something else. I found them on Amazon for $90... Since they will last him for at least a couple years (yard work pair is over 4 yrs old) it's a price we are willing to pay. I found the shoes I wear at Walmart so used my swagbucks to order through so I would get some back. Also ordered 3 blouses that were on clearance as I wasn't finding anything to go with 4 skirts I bought at yard sales and thrift shops and am down to 1 outfit to wear to weddings and such. We can wear jeans to church.

Blessed Be

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Friday(5/26/ 17) morning at 8:30 I lit this candle on behalf of my older dog Miss Kira. Hubby was taking her to have her put to sleep as she had stopped eating on her own and only ate a little from my hand as I tried to get her to eat. She gave me a kiss instead and I let her go...with heartbreaking and fighting denial that made me want to pretend she would be instantly cured of the tumor or better go in her sleep....

I stayed home with Rascal, he was only 6 wks old and hadn't been with his mommy due to his mommy fighting to live after being starved while she was expecting. So Kira was his doggy mommy when I am just mommy.... I side tracked him so he wouldn't get upset with her getting to go in the truck with Hubby and him not. (her favorite thing to do was ride in the truck with her Daddy without Rascal and me) When Hubby brought her collar home and put it with her leash in the mudroom. Later when the breeze changed direction her tags made a sound and he ran to the mudroom to see her.. with tears running down my face I took the collar and let him smell it. His eyes became sad and his head dropped and walked away and hide between my foot stool and the couch where she hid when she wanted to be left alone. He knew she wouldn't be without that collar,

But life goes on as we grieve . I have her lamb that she rested her head on, at time Rascal and I both need to smell it to smell her one more time. I know her scent will fade with time, and so will the  grief...Walking the perimeter for me is hard, she was my perimeter buddy and her cute prance brought a smile through the worst of weather we walked in. I remind myself she isn't in pain, wasn't when we let her go. She's not stuck in a perimeter and can roam to her heart's content. Her ashes will bring joy to others as they were mixed with wild flowers and sprinkled in a meadow. She loved walking through my flower gardens and smelling the flowers several times a day.

My Hubby grieves, she loved him the most and made that clear. She would sit in truck for hours with him. He said he needed to be the one to take her, to tell her to go on as she stopped and looked back at him as she left him.

Rascal is withdrawn and we try to let him have his time of grief but encourage him to eat, to play to go outside though one of us usually go out with him so he doesn't feel so alone. His routine and habits will change as he is now "top dog" as Hubby calls him. He finally slept on the loveseat and then on the couch that she had claimed as hers. He now lays beside Hubby's chair at the dining table where she laid instead of by me like he did... He's not playing unless we push the issue with him. I get him out to play 10 (10 throws of the ball) and am lucky to get 1 at this point. He will go out with me when I can bring myself to walk the perimeter but doesn't walk with me even if I take the ball to play 10, he will catch the ball and then go back up to the drive to watch me but not be with me.  I hope some day that he will walk with me.

I grieve, I just grieve. She had brought me out of sever depression when I got her out of the shelter 7 yrs ago. Spent 5 yrs of her life in the shelter ( first 2 owners lost their homes and gave her back).Now I fight the depression without her. I fight it in honor of her, to be there for Rascal as she would want me to .... I try to keep in mind she's better, she's free, she's happy...

I told Hubby I am not sure I could handle losing one of the kids, grandkids or great grandson. I nearly starved myself to death when I lost my younger brother...the grief just hits harder and harder as I age.

Hold your love ones a little longer today, call. text, whatever, the ones you can't hold and let them know you love them.

Life is too short, far too short, and shorter when they walk on 4 legs.

Blessed be  my baby girl..Miss Kira
Your last walk baby, I love you. I miss you ...baby girl


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

this week

started out being really frugal.

Monday we went to Wagner's IGA and hit the clearance cart to go along with the few odds and ends I didn't want to pay the Kroger's prices. Did a huge score on different breads and sweets for the freezer.Plus points for fuel and 5¢ each for bringing my own bags.

I stopped a FISH thrift shop and got 2 pillows to recover,scarf,2 skirts(one which be use to recover the one pillow)5 nightgowns of the style I love but never want to pay the price for and 1 pair of shorts for a total of $11.

I went to doctor appt... I had dropped my A1C from 6.4 to 5.8 (GO ME) and my cholesterol below 200, WITHOUT the statin ..haven't seem that low in a decade. Doc took me off 4 different meds as my blood work showed I was finally up to normal. Doc changed my one med from 90 days to 360 and sent it to a certain pharmacy because they sell it for half the price of getting it every 90 days for a year.. Saved me around $50.

I went to CVS to pick up Hubby's meds and the clerk caught I had been bumped out of the rewards for prescriptions so she put me back in.

I maxed out on May's pts at Walgreen as my FITBIT tracker is connected to their app. I now have a $10 credit but 3000 pts away from having a $20 credit.

I went to Ollies as they had fans in and  I had a 15% off coupons. I picked up 4 fans of different sizes and styles for 1/4 th less before the coupon than I had priced elsewhere.

Hubby called our phone company and complained that the credit we were suppose to get from April when both our land land and internet was out for a week wasn't on the bill like it was suppose to be. Took him 2 hrs to get it dealt with which didn't put him in a good mood at all but as I reminded him it got the credit If it's not on the next bill he will go through the roof.

I requested a credit from my GI office as they had charged me for her to file out family leave and she doesn't do that unless you are having a procedure and the front desk didn't know that as she had just started...also I found out my ins PAYS for that to be done so I shouldn't have paid anyways.She lets the hospital doctor do that instead. BUT Hubby's employer wants it filed in Jan so my primary was able to do it since he does all my blood work and meds to fight the malnutrition the Crohn's causes.  They were suppose to credit it to the Jan bill , then when that didn't happen it was send a check and then when I went in April it still hadn't been credited or sent . My GI nailed the billing office and stood over them until she saw that is was credited to my bill from April... GOOD DOCTOR.

I made potato salad, after I boiled the potatoes I just lifted them out instead of dumping the water and added some cold water and then put the eggs in to boil them.

Tuesday we had chiro appt and dogs went to vet.
I scheduled a manicure (not my norm) for Friday when we go in for another doctor appt at the salon across from Chiro. Since I'm not getting a gel just a regular manicure it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. This is my Mother's day present from the kids...it's going to cost them $5 each including the tip.
Our chiro was less than $6 for the two of us thanks to our ins now covering that .


Took the dogs to the vet to get their nails clipped (takes 3 of us to hold them down and clip). I always get the dogs weighed. Miss Kira...our older dog...about 100 yrs in dog years...had dropped another 3 lbs in one month... she did that in April and we didn't think anything of it as she was starting to run the perimeter more with the warmer weather... but this time I knew it was bad we had another dog, Cookie do that when she got cancer..Miss Kira has a tumor in her spleen/intestines that is already the size of a baseball. Doc felt it pretty good and she didn't moan, yelp or anything while he did it so she's pretty much pain free at the moment. She jumped down from the table that is 4 ft off the floor which bugs the crap out of me but shows she's stable in that area. No sense of doing a MRI as I wouldn't have her operated on at her age and there is a possible chance of the tumor exploding when they cut her open. Her quality of life means more to me. We almost lost her the spring of 2011 right after we moved here due to someone tossing rat poison out and her getting a hold of it. Almost put her into kidney failure even though I got the package away from her and her teeth was only through the cover on top. Law said the package had been coated with grease so everyone was watching out...our landlord had his dog poisoned a couple years ago and they never found who did it...anyways...she's moving slow,her perimeter walks are closer to half the perimeter in the morning and not much during the rest of the day. Her eating is slowing down unless it's people food then she can out eat me. Good thing we scored on bread as that with eggs is her favorite and french fries...She's eating grass at the edge of the garden pretty much every time she does go out. AND she finally didn't look away when I took her picture yesterday.

She is getting her way pretty much with what few weeks we have left with her. We know from Cookie that 4-6 wks will pretty much be the end and we won't let her go into pain . She still lays on her tummy so we know when she stops that or we can see the shape of it in her belly like we did Cookie it will be time to let her go... MEANTIME she has scored extra rides in the truck from her Daddy...

on the other hand Rascal... who loves getting his picture taken.

Yes he is begging,that's about as far as he raises his front feet unless he is wanting a hug. He has stayed close to me, he isn't trying to get her to play any more. isn't swiping the chew bone from her to get her to chase him. He is smelling her more instead so I know even though I haven't picked up the odor YET he has.He isn't playing 10 (fetch the ball) with me, just wants to be close but not play. When I walk the perimeter he stays with her most the time now. Protecting the weaker of our pack.

I did the wash on speed wash, tap water cold, homemade soap and then dried everything on the clothes line. She laid in the house on the hassock to watch me out the window (she didn't want out as I left the door open so she could come out whenever she wanted) and he laid under the tree watching her and me.

Hubby told me to feed her whatever she would eat. He didn't want her to feel hungry and she does let me know when she wants something but I think the dog food isn't going to be what she eats much longer. Rascal will definitely eat her share.

Blessed Be

Friday, May 19, 2017

being frugal May 19 2017

In our home being frugal is a lifestyle that changes with life.

I had a friend tell me how frugal they are and how little it costs to run their home until I started playing 20 questions with her and then she realized they weren't being frugal at all.

Spending $200 a week for two people at Krogers and doing the survey for another 50 pts so you can get $1. off 35 gals of gas, is not frugal. Keeping the curtains shut ALL the time and then run the furnace because none of the sunlight can heat the house and have to turn on ALL the lights (not just in the room they are in either) isn't being frugal. I did talk them into using LED light bulbs, Not opening windows and doors when it's warm out and there is a breeze and turning the AC to 70° (when they heat the house to 78° during the winter) isn't being frugal. Using the dryer as an iron because they left the clothes in the dryer and they got wrinkled not frugal. Buying the latest and newest of anything and then not using it is not frugal. Buying clothes or anything because they are on sale and you have coupons and then never wear them or use them is not frugal.Carrying 15 store credit cards and just making payments instead of paying them off.I didn't say anything to her that it wasn't being frugal, she realized it with just telling me about it.

Not carrying life ins and not having a will is going to be a huge problem for those you leave behind especially if you don't have your funeral and burial expenses paid which they just found out AFTER he didn't keep the life ins that he could have had when he retired.By time they got the funeral and burial arranged and paid for the two of them it was over $30,000 that came out of their assets instead of the life ins that wasn't costing him more than $39 a month that would have paid those bills.Even if you don't own anything , get a will, otherwise it goes through probate ($$$)when you die in most states. Your family or friends have to file in court to deal with your bills and funeral etc. Get POD(pay on Death) on all checking savings accts make sure you have beneficiaries on everything IRA , 401k life ins ...list two if not 3.

Getting trees trimmed, fence and locks on gates around pools or pets if they bite , repairing sidewalks, cleaning out the rain gutters have them drain AWAY from the foundation (add the hose things if needed), using septic cleaner (ridx most common around here) and cleaning the filters in the septic system.Her husband put a lock on the gate around their pool and their house ins dropped $50 . They just spent thousands repairing their foundation because the downspouts drained there. They had to pay for their son's car to be fixed after their tree that is into the driveway dropped a limb on his brand new car.

Sometimes it's pennies you are saving...and they do add up to dollars. AND sometimes you have to spend the dollars to save the hundreds or thousands.

It can be doing the laundry on short cycle with tap water and homemade soap or cheap that isn't brand name.

Using the clothes dryer on sensor, drying rack, clothesline or combination of all.

Eating from the pantry that I have spent time matching sales and coupons or hours growing, tending, harvesting, processing and then cooking for our meals OR eating out with coupons combined with specials or during bfast or lunch time when it's cheaper. Using senior citizen discounts is another one.

It's listing what we need, what we want and what we are willing to pay and then searching for substitutions that are cheaper and then  waiting for the sale (or Menard's 11% rebate).

It's thrift shops , yard sales and networking for things.

It's making do, using it up, wearing it out and sometimes doing without. Like the trimmer that just died and I'm using scissors to trim with the things that took 30 min with the trimmer.

BUT it's also about having beauty in our lives of 2 dogs, hummingbird feeders, birdhouse, flowers table cloths, oil lamps and candles...and my 100 plus herbs and spices that I use on a regular bases (that is sometimes a negative from my cheffing years LOL) I grow most of my herbs, half of my teas and have a source through an Amish store for the spices.

It's about sitting outside and enjoying it and not focusing on the trimming that isn't getting done (our friend is trying to find us a used one that is in our price range), the gardens that are starting to get weeds already or the storms that are gathering west of us AGAIN.

It's not about not buying, as the huge outlay of money we spent just this week will tell you...but the over 1/3rd savings when everything was totalled up shows the frugal. Things we need to run this home, maintain it bought at the lowest price we waited for. The amount I budgeted was 50% higher than what we paid.

It's about talking to our car ins guy about us renting a car when I need to get my dad instead of owning an old gas guzzler with full coverage when we don't need except for when I get Dad, We need a truck, or even two would be a lot better as one vehicle isn't doing well for us,.It's about looking at a secure credit card that is based on our savings to pay for the car rental instead of just a credit card that we can run up another bill. If the car rental took debit cards I wouldn't even bother with that.

Frugal can have some negative also...Using cash only ( 7 yrs of cash only) no credit cards or loans means our credit score is low...that's not a good thing when we will be buying a house, on the other side we will have the cash to pay for a house with in reason Our finance guy is still working out which way is better with our tax guy. Lucky for us, both are FREE. as they are close friends .

It's about needing clothes (Hubby has lost 20 lbs and is continuing to lose and I am not out in the workforce and chef jackets and dress clothes don't do well in gardens) that wear well with the hard manual work we do. Used clothes is fine, under clothes socks and Hubby"s work boots are new. I can usually get shoes off the grandkids as they outgrow my size. That benefit is going to end this year as the youngest is about to pass me and the great grandson isn't even one yet.

It's about turning off fans when you aren't in the room, turning off the lights when you leave the room. opening the curtains for light/warmth closing them when it's hot out to keep the house cooler.

It's about turning the central air on (which I don't like AC to begin with ) because the old dog (around 100 in dog years) throws up when she gets to hot and dehydrates when I can turn on the central air to 76 keep her cool and not run up the vet bill which is twice what I pay for running the Central air if I only run it during the hottest part of the day. We will run it if it is raining and the fan can't keep the house cool enough,

It's about using the outdoor grill instead of the stove and heating up the house when it's hot out. Using the oven when it's cold in the winter

Using leftovers to make more meals, eating more legumes and less meat. It's about doing my own nails even though I LOVE getting a manicure and pedicure.

Being frugal in your choices is good. Being frugal as a lifestyle will reap more rewards.

Blessed Be

What I bought the month of May

We have a few things we will get the rest of this month but not much. Yes the bill was huge , but about 1/3rd less than what we budgeted for when we waited for coupons, sales and rebates.

This was what the list was

Dollar General
Advil Allergy and Congestion BOUGHT
Sensodyne toothpaste BOUGHT (STORE BRAND)
Super Glue BOUGHT
Corned beef hash BOUGHT

Xlear nose spray BOUGHT


Menards (at 11% rebate)
dog food BOUGHT
dog snap treats BOUGHT

house water filter BOUGHT
Water pitcher filters BOUGHT
softener salt BOUGHT
dryer vent kit (daughter) BOUGHT
hummingbird nectar BOUGHT
canned veggies for emergency supply BOUGHT (done)
clothes line pins (mine are worn out) BOUGHT
regular canning lids BOUGHT
hardware for daughter's clothes line Hubby is making her (BOUGHT)
ground clear (usually get this from landlord but he ran out himself) BOUGHT
garden hose (one got a huge hole) BOUGHT
garden hose sprayer (old one got ran over) BOUGHT
kitchen brush (for my cast iron) BOUGHT
25 cu ft of potting soil( as I gave  my kids what I had for their pots) BOUGHT

Greek yogurt
lunch meat

green onions

bell peppers
radishes (hopefully the last)
milk bone small biscuits for the dogs 
soup: cream of chicken, cream of mushroom and tomato
tomatoes, vine, Roma and cherry
strawberries as our is not doing well 
coles slaw
water for the emergency supply
lunch meat ham and turkey
tortilla wraps (still not time to make these and they are a quick meal for us)
body soap
thin bagels 
mini blueberry bagels
foot long hotdogs
foot long hotdog buns
ice cream topping pineapple, strawberry and caramel ( will be getting the ice cream at local store due to being cheaper and I like banana splits just smaller than what I can buy at local ice cream place)
egg rolls (dinner and leftovers for bfast on the go)
potstickers (dinner and leftovers for bfast)
canned pineapple 
lean pockets for Hubby's lunch
yellow sq and zucchini
Fritos (walking taco salad, "nachos" and veggie dip)
Potato chips...Hubby gets 2 bags a month and when they are gone they are gone. Used to be 2 family bags a week. 
Starbucks decaf ground coffee...not for us but for my Dad that just went to decaf and complained he is drinking brown water with his milk .I left him some when we were there and my brother had him make him a pot to try it. Dad told him he thought it wasn't decaf because of the taste but wasn't going to tell me that he liked it better because he knew the price of it. Brother told me anyways as we all figured Dad wouldn't let me know because of the price. Man is 90 yrs old, buying his coffee is no big deal.

I will be glad when the gardens start coming in so the fresh veggies being bought will be lower

Blessed Be

When the day to day rolls over you

Home from the auction and unloaded in front of garage. I got the flowers we wanted and a few more as Hubby did the opening bid on some flats and no one bid against him. Oh well 36 flowers for $5 isn't bad and what I didn't want, I passed to 2 of my daughters. Got tomato plants, bell pepper plants and candy onion plants . I had to pick up eggplant over to the hardware store.

I've put in almost 40 hrs and still have some to plant.... BECAUSE I had a friend give me their extras LOL

I did put in this new flower garden. I will have scarlet runner beans on the trellis as the Hummingbirds love the red flowers on them, the green beans they produce is a side benefit for us. We had a baby hummingbird the other day. I wished I could have gotten a picture.
IF the winds we keep getting don't kill it off is should be a decent garden. We have went from floods to freeze to frosts to storms with winds 30-60 mph in the last 10 days and that train of storms is still rolling through this week. Temps have been to almost 90°.

We went over and saw both set of parents and spent some time with them.

Then made 2 trips down to the kids and realized we forgot somethings so will be going back down.

We ate mostly from the menu which was from the pantry. Leftovers got made into other dishes so I didn't fix a couple meals.

We hauled another 2 loads to thrift shop and 1 load down to kids.There are big holes in the farrowing house.

I should not have to buy any more green onions at the store as mine is starting to come in. The snow peas and Lincoln peas are up and look to have survived the nasty weather. Rhubarb is about to run me over. That's a priority this week.

I got laundry done on the day I could use the clothesline even though the winds were around 20 mph I was able to keep it on the line and not have to rewash anything. Sure did dry fast.

I haven't gotten around to baking...going to have to change my schedule to add that in along with the sewing I want to get done.

Blessed Be

Monday, May 8, 2017

Menu to this coming week

I am horrible at planning menus for just Hubby and me. For work as a Chef, no problem, as a mother that had over 7 at the table, no problem...just Hubby and me BIG PROBLEM.

We like variety...we like different cultures , types, etc  it is the negative side of being a chef.

I have also learned after noting what got threw in the garbage this past month that the 4th serving gets tossed... I eat bfast for my lunch... We have 2 servings at dinner and then Hubby takes the 4th for his lunch. Some things I am able to cut down to 3 servings or divide the four into 3 others not so much.

I used to freeze it for my Dad but he can't swallow solid food any more and then I gave it to our son but now he's on a special diet for his weight and that doesn't work either. When Hubby retires we decided to just plate it and cover it for the next day and both of us would eat it for dinner... meantime I need to quit tossing food.

We decided if it's something that has to be made as 4 that I have something else for him to take to work and we eat the last 2 servings the following day's dinner.

This week's menu
Dinner only

one pot green beans, potatoes and ham from freezer  and cornbread

Hobo packets , smoked sausage, celery , carrot, onion , potatoes, cheddar cheese and ice cube wrapped in a packet of foil and baked at 350° for 20-30 min with crescents

American chicken and broccoli stir fry and rice. I will pick up some potstickers and egg rolls from the freeze dept as I have coupons and they are on sale this week when I get out of the dentist office (no special trip to store)

Steak and potato ( not sure what kind I will fix depends on weather) and salad

grilled chipped chopped ham and cheese sandwich and soup as we will be spending the day at the Amish produce auction and I won't be up to fixing a meal after that.

Prime rib roast...veggies unknown at this point. I will probable make hash with the leftovers possible some soup if enough is left for both.

first 8 days of May

We celebrated with my Dad that turned 90. Took him to Bob Evans and which point about at the halfway point of my eating my meal he leaned over and told me I had ate enough and to box up the rest. He didn't forget that the last time we went out to eat I told him instead of being quiet about me eating too much or the wrong thing to tell me, to share his wisdom of being a diabetic for 30 yrs and still only taking 1/2 of a metaformin daily to control it. I was a good day as he walked through his "memory lane" while showing me the items he wanted to share the story about in his home.
His love of sausage gravy and biscuits continues through down to his great grandkids and most likely will another generation as the great great grandson is starting to reach the stage of being able to eat soft foods.

We did a stop by a viewing of a classmate and nephew of a old childhood friend of mine...very sad.
Triggered some of the old feelings of when I lost my late husband.

Then we can home to this
Right to our driveway,, grass was  a tiny strip on this side, no grass on the other side and it only got worse before it got better.

THEN there was a FREEZE... I'm not sure if the peas and spring crops made it yet as we have another cold morning tomorrow before it starting warming back up. I did cover up what I could.

We flopped the truck with daughter as she has my car to go get Dad as he can't get in the truck. Cheaper to flop than to rent a car, she did say if we sold her the car she was willing to flop it with us to go get him instead of us buying a car that I won't drive all that much. We will see.

We ate from the pantry through the week and then ate out most of the weekend. Got a Philly cheese steak pizza and chef salad that feed us 3 meals over the weekend.I'm not going to crab about it with how the days have been rolling.

Lawn is mowed but the trimmer was broke and Hubby couldn't fix it so a friend did. I got it back today.

I've been sorting through the farrowing house that has became our storage unit... Took 2 loads already to the thrift shop and have another one loaded to go tomorrow.

I made a list of the breads etc that we like and want me to start baking... AND I listed the time that was needed to do so so it's not "Oh let's have this bread" and then realise it uses a starter that need began the day before or it's something that takes 4 hrs. I did tell Hubby if it's a 4 hr bread I could start it before I started supper and it would be done before I went to bed. We will see.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I am buying the month of May

I've wrote the buy list over 6 times...then let it lay and come back and think ...no

Dollar General
Advil Allergy and Congestion
Sensodyne toothpaste
Super Glue
hand soap

Check prices for :
corned beef hash
corned beef
cream of chicken soup
V8 Fusion (doctor told me to add this as my body doesn't absorb nutrients like it should)
Carnation Essentials Low sugar

Xlear nose spray

check prices for:
 make up that needs replaced to see if it's on sale

Menards (hopefully at 11% rebate)
dog food
dog biscuits
dog snap treats

cottage cheese
Greek yogurt
lunch meat


Amish produce auction
 I am hoping to buy the following
tomato plants
bell pepper plants,
flats of flowers (for two of our daughters and myself)
I might buy some other plants...depends on what is offered and what the price is.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Merry Month of May

I saw this on Pinterest when searching for storage solutions and thought it looked wonderful.

May 3rd is my Dad's 90th birthday, we plan to go over on the 5th to celebrate with him. My brother or niece is taking him out on his birthday and the other one is doing it the next day...I got a feeling he is going to have a birthday WEEK. I put on my FaceBook to family and friends to mail him a card or call him and had his neighbor (my soul sister's mom) mentioned she would take him for a ride and sandwich for his birthday. He has been her garden guru for over 30 yrs.

We will be meeting with Hubby's parents to buy their old truck. Another trip.

ALSO will make 2 trips down to see the kids and drop off stuff might be 3 as 3 of the kids need help with yard work and getting rid of some things.

We have a produce auction to go to May 12th and maybe the 26th.

My to do list....sigh...

Priority. transplant sweet potato slips...then move vacuum to where the slips are sitting, the exercise bike to where the vacuum is setting and my desk and computer tray to where the exercise bike is so I don't have to clean off the dining table of my work every single meal. I also will hang the shelf I bought at a yard sale on the wall at my desk for storage and bring in the file cabinet I also bought at yard sale for my desk area. IF I can I'll move the printer to my desk and use the area the printer sit in for my jacket, boots etc for when I walk out that door to take dogs on perimeter. IF I can get that done things will be easier to maintain.

Plant something every day in the gardens or in pots. Weed and harvest and immediately process (I"m bad about letting it sit in frig or wherever) when needed.Make the weed killer spray, do another round of Neem oil spray, deal with fire ant nests and spray house for regular ants. Will have to check mice baits as Landlord's son told me he found a couple in the grainary which is right across the driveway from the house.

Get a better routine for Home Blessing and sewing to include time for push mowing that I will be doing instead of Hubby.Keep laundry caught up and try to use clothesline (without the items getting blew in the garden).

Change out the lights to LED bulbs in closets.

I need to get the pressure canner checked STILL.

Finish great Grandson's afghan...this is doable while I take the webinars of the courses I need for our health ins points , well really at this point I want the points for the Amazon card since I've already got my ins paid for

I need to update the yard sale list.

TO finish emergency supplies...pillows for us, a blanket for the dogs to lay on .Fresh water!! Double check cook stove and those supplies.Instant coffee would be good as when Hubby is wet and cold (he is with Homeland Security and does HAM radio for them so he knows) he wants hot black coffee.
Recheck medical supplies for both us and the dogs. Buy corned beef, corned beef hash, minute rice and cream of chicken soup to finish out the food supplies.

Go through the pantry and the butler's pantry for old stuff and what will need to be focused on putting up this season. Since I know we will go 4 months without any income I want to make sure we have a variety and plenty of food with Hubby being home also. We hope to find a new home in the spring and move during warmer weather. We've moved enough and moved the kids enough in winter and nasty cold wet rain of springs and falls to NOT want to do it again.

I need to update the grocery list and non food list and check for coupons and sales.

I need to keep checking that we are not missing something along the way as we move towards retirement.

I want to increase the savings from 20 % (still have 2 loans we pay on) to 30%. I'm not sure we can do that every month until he retires but I would like to try for it.

Blessed Be each and everyone of you.

What a month April was..what I did frugal

Miss Kira( about 100 yrs old doggy years) on the left and Rascal (a bit over 28 yrs in dogs years) on the right have had me up all night several times this month with the storms and winds that have went through.She doesn't like her picture taken and usually does a better job of moving before I click my camera. I've learned if I want ANY sleep to sleep on the floor in the front room. She doesn't want us in the bedroom since that's the wall that takes the hit from the winds during storms. AND she wants me on the floor where both of them can lay next to me instead of the couch where one of them is going to end up still on the floor. I have taken to laying the cushions for the lawn chairs on the floor and top with thick blankets for my bedroll.

One of landlord's sons rolled our yard for free since we help with the cattle without pay that they keep in the barn behind us. The other one brought a couple piglets in and I mentioned I wished he had said something and I would have had him bring me in one also. He mentioned cost and I mentioned I pay for the electric to run the pump for the water the cattle drink...he was shocked...he thought the water pump was on the barn meter he pays LOL.I doubt if he will bring me a piglet though.

We lost our internet and home phone service for almost 2 weeks( phone company gave us credit) and the cells stopped working right for a couple days during the same time.

I went in the ER (Crohns) and then spent a week pretty much down on the couch.

Add in doctor appts, lab work, house hunting for when Hubby retires, Produce auction (nothing we wanted) community yard sale in the pouring rain(prices were slashed half off the first day with the rain that was coming in all weekend) and Hubby going to the retirement meeting to start the process of retiring out. AND a load to the thrift shop as I sort through what we want from what we kept in case we or one of the kids needed.I also took my car to my youngest to use while she tries to find a car she can afford as the one she was suppose to buy needed more work than the seller had mentioned. Probably because she's female thinking she didn't know what a timing chain was and knew what it meant to replace it.

We had a nice Passover and Easter (ham was 99¢/lb).

We combined errands with chiro,doc appts and lab work. We even combined looking at houses while going over to the produce auction and coming back and when we took my car to the daughter and when we saw our parents (2 trips).

We used Wagner pts,Kroger pts and Speedway fuel card to keep the gas cost down while searching for lowest gas using Gasbuddy

I used my garage sale list for the yard sales I went to and didn't buy the "pretties" that I would have.

We had a freeze come through again and luckily I saw the forecast for it to be around 40° and left the straw on so we didn't lose anything. We might have lost the strawberries as Hubby put too much straw and too tight on them. I have them uncovered so we will just have to wait and see. The other box is fine and I found some on sale to fill in on sale. I have now removed the straw and put it in the north garden between the straw bale garden on the foot path part.

We ate out with friends and used 50% off coupon for the whole table.

I picked flowers several times for the house.Spring flowers are pretty much over and my lavender is just starting to bloom.

Hubby and I have done some activities that earns us points for our ins.. his ins for next yr is FREE and mine as his spouse is $1.50 a week. (yes we know we are lucky) PLUS his company gave us each $50 Amazon card ...when we max out our pts ( probably in a month) we each will get $100 Amazon card

I cashed in my points from Swagbucks and Pinecone research.I used coupons and mailed in rebates for things we bought this month.

We have been graphing my sugar and when I was in the office for follow up from the ER Doc moved my lab work and appt up since my sugar is rebounding and I have proof of it... goes low and then immediately goes high again. He is thinking more of Crohn's instead of the steroids...not what I wanted to hear.BUT at this point it's hard for him to tell since I am on steroids AGAIN for the Crohn's attack I had.IF my A1C is above 6.0 a second time,our ins will pay for test strips for me.If it's down I won't have to test any more.

I did the wash in tap water cold,short wash, double spin(cheaper to spin on 110 than dry longer on 220)

I used the clothesline...and ended up rewashing the same load 3 times when the wind kept blowing it off even with more pins on each item thankfully the straw bale garden caught them and I didn't have to chase it to the neighbors 1/2 mile away .... so I used the drying rack and sensor on the dryer to dry the clothes. Electric bill dropped $15 this month.Even with using the same amt of electric as last yr. Our landlord checks for lowest prices all the time for electric and propane.

I changed the pattern of the afghan I am making my great grandson so I wouldn't have to buy more yarn.

Miss Kira still goes on the shock collar when the wind is blowing, rain or storms. Hubby let her out the other day without it while I was at the doctor's office and the landlord's son called me to let me know she was at his parents house  and looking to head beyond that (their property is at the end of the range of our shocker)and I let him know Hubby was home but had no truck to go get her. Texted Hubby and he realized he had let her out without the collar so he couldn't even shock her to get her to stop and come back so he texted the landlord's son who went out and yelled at her to GO HOME and slapped his hands together so she pranced her way across the hay field and got met by one ticked off Daddy I am not sure who he was ticked off more at her for not staying in the perimeter or him for forgetting to put the collar on her. LOL

I've kept used coffee grounds for the tomato plants I will be putting in with in the next couple weeks.

I've saved my change, $1 and $5s for our savings.I didn't use all the grocery money this month and even with eating out more than we planned I had money left in that acct also so we put it together with some money we got refunded (over paid bill that ins finally paid) and bought a new...brand new push...excuse me...walk behind self propelled electric start lawnmower that mulches, bags or does normal mowing.It's a Toro with a 5 yr warranty. It's also what the guy that routinely fixes our mowers told me to get and it was on sale and he used his discount on top of the sale since his brother owns the store LOL. I used it today and it was great.We will still have to weed eat around things but not like we have and I won't have so much grass blown into my sq ft gardens.

We checked out Hubby's dad's old truck that he was going to put up for sale and decided we would buy it, It's a small truck, not full size like we have,so the gas mileage will be better plus Hubby can drive it back and forth to work when he doesn't take the bike or I can drive it instead of my Ford SUV that eats gas also. Our ins guy looked over our policy and thinks it will costs about $20 more after he adjust the other truck as pleasure and takes full coverage off the ford. Hubby's dad took it in to get a full check up and do some repairs and maintenance on it. We will still have our mechanic check it out before we drive it too much.I can guess it's going to need tires as no one can remember when the tires were replaced.

Blessed Be

Monday, April 3, 2017

Buying for April

I have made a list of what should be bought, a few items has been bumped a couple months as it is and can't be put off any longer.

Pressure canner checked , with possibility of replacing gasket, seal and pressure gauge....pretty sure the pressure gauge needs replaced. Last time I used it I saw moisture inside of it.

Wide mouth canning jar RINGS ONLY... next to impossible to find without the lids but I don't need any more lids. I found them at fillmorecontainer.com. Those will be ordered this month.

Filter for my vacuum. Hubby uses the air compressor to clean this out for me every other week but it only helps so long. I have a very small vacuum that is bagless. I love it ...I would get another in a heart beat It is a Dirt Devil dynamite plus.

Whink rust remover as it is the only thing that will remove the rust in the bathroom even with cleaning it daily we still get rust. Have a whole house filter and softener...pipes need replaced but it's not ours so we can't do that.As long as the water is running the landlord won't do it, not even for his own home because his wife complains of the same thing. LOL. She told me what to use. Odor is very light.

Ant traps, as the ant season has started

Amish produce auction will start April 21st. I will be able to get my spring plants there for the garden. Looking at possible cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages... not sure of what else until we get there and what the prices are going for.

Testing strips for my sugar tester. I know my sugar tester runs about 2 points above what the hospital testing does. With generic test strips it runs 15 points above so I will suck up the price for the brand name test strips. My ins has to have 2 A1C over 6. (6.5 is diabetes I'm at 6.4) before they will pay for the test strips... I found them at Amazon for 1/4th what I would pay at the drug store and 1/2 of what I would pay at Walmart.

Anything I need for Passover. As I am restricted on certain items that I know send my sugar up I will have to rework my menu for that week and the Seder meal.
Ham for Easter (Hubby and I are of different faiths)
Asparagus as it's in season and I don't grow it.
Milk (if I run out of yogurt I will need more milk)
cottage cheese
bell peppers
thin bagels
English Muffins (coupon for this at local store half off)
sausage patties (4 oz patties , coupon for this at local store 1/3 off)
frozen hash browns (coupon at local store 1/2 off)
orange juice (coupon at local store 1/2 off)
hash brown patties
Carnation High Protein essential drink. I get powdered vanilla. I can drink it and it not send my sugar too far up. I can make it and put it in my small thermos if I am on the go and need to carry a "meal" with me. I can't get granola/bfast bars due to my Crohns)

Have a blessed Week

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Goals...Frugal plans

This used to be my Mom's and Pop's (stepdad). It's what they used to save money for Christmas to all the grandkids and great grandkids.They did cash  or wrote a check.

Since we have went to cash for groceries, dogs needs, eating out(the only entertainment we do) and other odds and ends. I've actually had change and have filled this up a couple times.

We have been doing "some" frugal things. Then Hubby decided he was retiring in Jan 2019, 2 yrs sooner than we had planned. I'm not going to tell him he can't for any reason, he works a very hard and active job and he is the oldest in the dept and has over 30 yrs at the plant.. He doesn't want to change jobs at the plant or shifts. Fine with me and it really is fine. We have a 401k and pension.

BUT I would like to "make up" what isn't going to be earned those 2 yrs as much as possible BEFORE he does retire out on the cash reserves part.

I went over to frugalwoods blog and started rereading.
Went back over our health ins and the budget. We need to decide where we will take the hit when he retires if we don't make up the missing reserves.

We decided to eat from the pantry for the month of April with only a few things to buy.

We made a list in Dec of what we wanted to get done this year by mid Aug.I need to work harder at getting it done in the that time frame with the weather getting warmer.

I want to have the gardens ready to plant by next weekend.

I want to finish changing the closet lights to LED light bulbs.

I am scheduling sewing time.

I am having sugar issues, borderlining  diabetes so I need to see what my ins will pay if I have to continuing to test.

Yard sales will be starting and I am going to make a list of what I am looking for this week.

Amish produce auctions start this month and I have a limit of amount I am going to spend.

We probably will keep updating this list.

Monday, March 27, 2017

End of March frugal

Sunshine peeking through is pretty much how it's been this week.
A lot of money was spent this week, still I would say it's a frugal week.

We ordered 2 beds from Amazon for our daughter who was going to go to a rental place. NO, pay us the payments and we will order them. She saved over $1000....which means we saved also as I know "dead season" at her work place is coming and she wouldn't be able to make the payment and still make the bills and we would have stepped in and helped. This way they will be paid OFF before dead season hits as she is paying us the payments instead. For those wondering...dead season is when a restaurant etc type place goes from good flow of customers to almost nothing or none at all due to seasons, right now we are getting warmer so people will be cooking out or might order pizza.Upscale restaurant  usually loses business. Kind of like construction in Ohio comes to a trickle during winter months.

I got new shorts...usually that means I bought shorts at yard sale, thrift shop or got hand me downs from one of the grandsons. I actually bought NEW shorts. Found them at Sam's club a style I like and I know I will wear these for years. I am still wearing the shorts I bought in 2005...fabric is starting to give.SO I figure if I wear these 12 yrs (that puts me at 70 and yes at 70 I would still be okay wearing these) I figure that's $1 a year.

While at Sam's club I also got sugar, flour, vinegar, honey mustard, coffee for me ( I drink med, Hubby drinks tar LOL) dogs dental treats which our vet thought was doing good for our dogs. Also got It. dressing, toilet paper, freezer bags(stocking for when the garden starts coming) diapers and wipes for the great grandson, carrots, baby carrots, apples and baking potatoes as I will be eating them for my lunches.Hershey candy bars as Hubby eats them with peanut butter before he goes to work...my dinner at 5 is his bfast... he doesn't get another meal until 4 am so he eats a candybar with peanut butter before work and an apple with peanut butter at first break at 2. Cookie butter...had no clue to what this was but had 1/2 dozen kids ask me for something that had it in it. Since I didn't want to special order the cookies that it's made with I bought this. Hope they like what they asked for when I get make it.

We got binoculars at Gander Mt. The old set is over 2 decades old and no longer has clear vision and it helps to see if the coyotes are running the woods that are about 1/2 mile from us before I let my dogs out.Hubby can use them when weather spotting also.

I got yarn on sale at Hobby Lobby. Hopefully this is all I need to finish my great grandson's  afghan. I thought I would need 5 but they only had 4 left.

We ate out, hit lunch time at one place and early dinner for the other. Ate cheap for eating out.

I mended a couple shirts.

We ate the majority from the pantry and stayed out of the grocery stores. I still need anchovies and sesame oil but won't go for just that.I did grab milk today at the local small store.

We got gas using points from a local grocery.

We combine errands with doc appts or when Hubby has meetings for HAM radio

I got the electric down by $25.

I got my car in the shop due to a problem with moving my seat and asked for the car to be checked out since I was going to lend it to my daughter. Good thing because it had a bad wire that could have caught fire. Now that is fixed and it runs better so better gas mileage...but he is still working on the seat LOL.

I have started buying the Christmas gifts when I see them on sale.

I have found if I add a 2nd spin on the new washer I  can cut dryer time down by 30 min on heavy loads. I use the sensor in the dryer.

My ins requested a A1C as part of my "points" to lower the cost of next year's ins for us...not something my doctor usually runs when fasting sugar is below 100... good thing the ins did because my A1C says I am borderline diabetic. I am now testing at home and monitoring it along with lifestyle changes as diabetes runs strong in the family. It's a bit weary to have to test one and two hours after I eat and not be able to drink anything except water ( I drink 72 oz of water a day now) I am a coffee drinker with real milk and real sugar but I can go black and I drink tea unsweetened.

Hope you had a frugal week and feel good about your choices you made.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Frugal week with back procedure

My grandson's mother in law to be suggested my snowman after I sent everyone a picture of my pots garden.

On Friday I had my back procedure, drove 2 hrs in snow, snow pellets, sleet, freezing rain and then rain...I don't think OHIO knows what season it is....my doctor had already given me my restrictions for the next 2 weeks before the procedure that I am to OBEY until the follow up appt. So we prepared for me to be down...It's not bad procedure, injections etc... I just am more limited than most because the injections flare up my cerebral palsy.We planned to eat at Golden Corral afterwards and was able to eat at lunch time so it was less than we had planned for. I put corned beef (bought on sale and froze), potatoes, carrots and cabbage in the crock pot for dinner that night which we were both thankful because Hubby wasn't really up to cooking since he hadn't slept that day and I was having problems walking.

I fixed the rest of the meals from the pantry.

I am hoping the weather forecast tonight is good so I can uncover my perennials this week and not continue to have a garden of pots.

We got haircuts while on sale and I noted on the calendar the next time they have their sale scheduled.

My son went to a coffee house and the one worker told him to rinse his paper coffee filter before putting the grounds in and he would be able to use less grounds. I tried it and have been able to cut about 1/4th to 1/3 rd of grounds in ours.

I combined sales and coupons to order the seeds I need to fall planting in late July/Aug.

I juiced some limes that were starting to get old and froze the juice. I zested them first.

Hubby moved our new washer in, I moved my wringer over to the side for now. I timed the first load that was for the longest wash cycle there is. About the same as what I do in the wringer washer but it took 1/2 the time in the dryer so the electric bill will be coming down. Plus I can toss a load in more often and use the drying rack for smaller loads which wasn't convenient to do with the wringer washer.

Did the usual of curtains open and closed, lights and power strips off,washing foil and plastic bags.

Hubby darned a couple of his socks. One of the things his grandmother insisted he learn from her.

My daughter's  been waiting to get moved into her new place. Her and the kids have stayed with friend as the landlord found busted water pipes and an issue with the furnace that stopped her from moving in. Her stuff is there though. He gutted the pipes and replaced them, fixed the toilet that he found wasn't working right after he fixed the pipes and is now replacing a couple parts on the furnace and making sure there is no carbon issues with it before letting her actually live there.Gave her money off next month rent. So we went to the store and got 2 lbs of spag, 2 jars of sauce, 2 loaves of garlic bread, and 3 lbs of hamburger saving over $16 on the total for the family that is keeping them until she can live in the new place. I also got 2 dozen of eggs at 69¢ a dozen, 3lbs of hamburger for $1.29/lb, tuna for 50¢ a can and bread for 59¢ a loaf along with rolls and some cin. bread and muffins that was marked down 50%. We had the muffins and cin. bread for snacks over the weekend and the rolls stuffed with meatballs pizza style (FB recipe) for dinner last night.

We paid on our loans that are against our life ins policies (taken out when Hubby went to 3 days a week working for 2 yrs , thankful his company kept him working those 3 days so we had health ins. and I was out of work). I have been paying more on his as his interest rate is higher than mine.It's the last 2 bills we had from those 2 yrs.

I finished inputting my coke caps and donated that money to USO. I am waiting to see what Coke does next for rewards.

We are planning to plant more in the gardens but not overwhelm me, which triggers back issues, with the upkeep. I would like an asparagus bed that is raised so that's in the plans also.

I have enjoyed the weather we had yesterday, since I was able to walk decent I took the dogs around the perimeter(carried cell phone in case I needed help since Hubby was in house studying for his EMT renewal test). Wasn't sunny but was high 40s so wasn't bad when there wasn't much wind.

What did you do?

Blessed Be

Sunday, March 12, 2017

3.12.2017 Frugal and gardens

I really wished I was in the gardens because I was planting. Instead I have spent the time covering up plants that had come up due to another winter storm coming this week after our spring like weather.

I am actually going to use the aerator spike instead of buying a broadfork for the little space I want to use it in.I might use it to plant to popcorn...we will have to see if that will work.

I used straw from the north garden to cover the garlic, fall onions, strawberries and herbs in the south gardens.

I used old flower pots to cover the perennial flowers that are up by turning them upside down and making sure no holes in the bottoms would allow snow through.

I flipped my son's car back to him when we were already in the area( an hr away) helping move our daughter. Did his taxes and got lunch at his home that we split the price of a pizza and he used his discount.Saved gas and food money.

I didn't go to store, Hubby did get milk this morning at the gas station because I forgot to stop yesterday on the way home. Got it for $1.99... decent price for a gas station.

I turned the humidifier off even during the week and opened up the house.

Did the usual of washing plastic bags, foil etc and reusing. Went through the plastic containers for storage.

Open curtains for daylight and close them when getting dark except the day the wind was blowing with gusts up to 60 mph , then I left them shut to help keep the house warm.

Shared what I have in the pantry storage with daughter that moved to help her get her pantry back up. She just found a new job and a bigger place. She was proud of me that I didn't go BUY her groceries.

We did go out to dinner with friends at the local spot that had fish special so it was a little cheaper than normally it would have been.

We combined errands and appts to keep the trips to town down.

I turned off the power strip to my coffee maker and the one to my computer.

I used the leftovers to make different meals.

I saved all the five dollar bills and ones that made $5 from Feb to now  to put in my savings acct. Side benefit of paying cash for the groceries and eating out.

I mended a pair of pants and a shirt.

It doesn't seem like much LOL