Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd set of pantry pics...herbs and spice closet

Next set of pictures of my pantry.This is the hall closet that is really meant to hold the bathroom towels and such. I turned it into my spice and herb closet. I have over 100 spices and herbs.Yes I use them. I used them BEFORE I became a Personal Chef.I have to organize this closet about every 2 wks otherwise it looks like these pictures. My house ins company just "loved" me when our house burnt( we are living in a small rental right now) and they had to replace each and every one of them. I will warn you to NOT store spice and herbs around heat sources, it's like a bomb when they catch fire( good example throw a bit( less than 1/2 tsp) of black pepper on your stove burner and watch it dance)

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