Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Depression II Clothes

I can sew. I can take a pattern, cut material and sew it on my machine...or by hand.

More...I can make a pattern either from laying another item down and tracing it or the person I am sewing for on paper and make the pattern.

I can mend,alter and remake old clothes.

I haven't had to spin my own thread or weave my own fabric.It's time consuming and hard work but I could do it.

I keep buttons,snaps and zippers off of clothes that are to the point of being used for rags.I have used old clothes for patches of clothes still being worn and my girls have all had jean purses made from jeans their own children couldn't wear and was no longer "worth" passing down.

I've made dresses, night gowns, shirts etc from cotton sheets. Towels, old blankets etc have gone into quilts instead of buying batting.

I have had shoes repaired, repaired them myself (glue, sew, are duct tape)or stuffed card board in them to keep them going.

Add it on, take it off,turn it inside out, tear it apart and put it back together. Anything to keep clothes on the body, keep warm( or in this hot weather cool) and still look good.

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