Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2nd pantry challenge

UGH....I caught the crud that is going around.Woke up with it and WHINED that for the large amount of steroids I am on that I shouldn't be SICK...

BUT I AM....WHINE WHINE WHINE...I did get a grilled cheese to go with that whine LOL


While Hubby ate pie for bfast (low sugar) and I had crackers for bfast....we talked over what was going on the rest of the day for meals since I don't cook when I am sick.

I went with tomato soup and grilled cheese (sop up the whine LOL) for lunch and will have the last of the tomato soup for dinner.Probably with a PB and Honey sandwich or a grilled lunch meat. I have V8 Fusion to balance that.

Hubby is eating the last of the leftover ribs, mashed potatoes and kraut for his dinner and packing a lunch meat sandwich(probably a tortilla wrap instead of bread) for his lunch.

Today is our trash day so I cleaned the kitchen frig out. Wasn't as bad as it looked and I put some things in that freezer so it's on the full side now.

AND this is what it looks now

I seemed to have picked up a lot of crescent rolls for some reason that I am going to have to use up. Salad dressings etc, Mexican items and jelly/fruit butters are back in the storage containers so it's pull one thing out and not a hunt and find. Cottage cheese and yogurt left top next to salad stuff as I toss it with my salads just as often as not.Milk, juices are to the top and right, eggs, bacon and bacon grease to the bottom and right. Hubby's lunch drawer right has his apples, candy bar that he has with peanut butter and the lunch meat for when there is no leftovers for him to pack for lunch. Left drawer is veggies so there is no veggies still sitting on the jars in the doors. Under milk is leftovers and the large container of dark greens I am now suppose to eat regularly. The bottom drawer is CHEESE....lots and lots of cheese and it's not the only cheese in the house. I get cheese on sale and FREEZE it. YEP YEP YEP

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