Monday, March 6, 2017

Frugal note

Eat the food not pitch it in the trash after it's buried in the back of the frig behind the butter and other stuff...SIGH.

I cleaned out the frigs...we have decided to focus on eating REAL food and not preservatives as much.  We are already close to 80 % REAL and thought to try to go to 90 %.So I made a menu of 30 fresh salads with REAL food and dressings and then the grocery list... and then decided to check to see what else I needed.... mudroom frig is usually my stable stock up like butters and lard and such ... yogurt and sour cream got shoved behind it and then covered with the butter... WASTE of yogurt and sour cream and now realize I don't have as much butter as I thought.

That isn't FRUGAL.

I did some mending.

I put my coffee maker on a power strip ( garage power strip). I remember to shut it off but not unplug the coffee maker.

My son uses our mechanic and needed maintenance and tires so while I was done in his area(an hr away) at a doctor appt I flipped cars with him. I'm hoping it works out to flip again when I am down closer to him at our youngest's house. Saves both of us gas money.

Got groceries,between sales and coupons saved 37%.

We are combining errands to keep fuel costs down along with wear and tear costs.

I used the drying rack for 4 loads of laundry 

I bought a pizza and tossed salad the other night while coming home from doctor office that is 2 hrs away. Got home at 7 and Hubby had to leave for work at 8:30... the pizza made 3 meals with the salad making 2 .Not the best choice but Hubby didn't wake up until I called him I was on my way home so the roast didn't get started.


  1. I appreciate you commenting on my blog and your kind words and advice on the instant pot.

    Looks like you did well. I can relate about wasting of food---so irritating and so easy to have happen.

  2. Weeks like that happen. At least the fridge is clean now. That's a plus!