Friday, May 19, 2017

When the day to day rolls over you

Home from the auction and unloaded in front of garage. I got the flowers we wanted and a few more as Hubby did the opening bid on some flats and no one bid against him. Oh well 36 flowers for $5 isn't bad and what I didn't want, I passed to 2 of my daughters. Got tomato plants, bell pepper plants and candy onion plants . I had to pick up eggplant over to the hardware store.

I've put in almost 40 hrs and still have some to plant.... BECAUSE I had a friend give me their extras LOL

I did put in this new flower garden. I will have scarlet runner beans on the trellis as the Hummingbirds love the red flowers on them, the green beans they produce is a side benefit for us. We had a baby hummingbird the other day. I wished I could have gotten a picture.
IF the winds we keep getting don't kill it off is should be a decent garden. We have went from floods to freeze to frosts to storms with winds 30-60 mph in the last 10 days and that train of storms is still rolling through this week. Temps have been to almost 90°.

We went over and saw both set of parents and spent some time with them.

Then made 2 trips down to the kids and realized we forgot somethings so will be going back down.

We ate mostly from the menu which was from the pantry. Leftovers got made into other dishes so I didn't fix a couple meals.

We hauled another 2 loads to thrift shop and 1 load down to kids.There are big holes in the farrowing house.

I should not have to buy any more green onions at the store as mine is starting to come in. The snow peas and Lincoln peas are up and look to have survived the nasty weather. Rhubarb is about to run me over. That's a priority this week.

I got laundry done on the day I could use the clothesline even though the winds were around 20 mph I was able to keep it on the line and not have to rewash anything. Sure did dry fast.

I haven't gotten around to baking...going to have to change my schedule to add that in along with the sewing I want to get done.

Blessed Be

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