Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thankful 21st through morning of 24th.

 Sister in law and her family recovered from Covid. Brother in law and his family down with it now but staying home... 

Son 2 was tested Monday... said he has no symptoms but every single person that has been around him in last 3 weeks has it. He waited until day 7 to be tested.

MRI of hip done, struggling to walk thanks to it.

 Food supplies to daughter 4 along with some old magazines for her to read. She sent back 2 cases of canning jars.

Have chiro this afternoon. Which I hope with easy some of the pain of the MRI of having my legs in one position for 30 mins. . 

Daughter 4 oven had quite working, she bought her self a roaster, then a burner went out (glass top stove that is 20yrs old) so she gave me a heads up to look for used stove. HER daughter texted me that Daughter 4's frig has been freezing things on the frig side with no rhyme or reason and she had lost some of her fresh veggies she had just bought. SO I check out used appliances came up with the cost that was equal to brand new when on sale. Hit a sale of a stove with coil burners and knobs along with a decent size frig for the total price LESS then the two USED. We are picking up the stove tomorrow and we will haul the old away. Frig is coming in next week. Daughter 4 decided to keep the old frig as second freezer and is having her kids move it to the other room. Said she can keep water bottles and stuff that doesn't matter if it freezes in it.  Thankful granddaughter got ahold me and that I hit a great sale. 

I am thankful the election is moving forward 

I am thankful the vaccine is moving forward

I am thankful for the tomatoes in the grow cart turning red so I can finish canning them this week.

I am thankful Hubby has picked up some work between our appts as he is working on paying Dec bills for the business.

I am thankful that all the kids are staying in their "bubbles" for Thanksgiving. We were invited with the note that we had to wear gloves, masks, glasses  and sit in the dining room by ourselves LOL. Daughter 2 was going to be serving everyone, mask and gloves. 

We will just stay home. I have medical procedure next Wednesday and Grandson's wedding Dec 20th is still on with 7 ft social distancing from each "bubble". 

Blessed be 


  1. How very kind of you to purchase a refrigerator and stove for your daughter. That's why we're frugal, so we have funds when our loved ones need it.