Wednesday, September 25, 2019

October goals


Take Hubby to Lock 16 steak house in Lima for his 61st birthday.

Start the new budget and not have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Have the money saved for Christmas.

Place order to King Arthur Flour for specialty items we are low on.

Place order to Amazon for kitchen pans needing replaced.

To have pantry fully stocked.

To have pantry inventoried to base menu on how much is there ..First note I do not start eating mainly from the pantry until Nov 1st. Just a habit from childhood most likely. Hubby's mom said that is how she did also when raising the kids.
Example I have 80 pints of pickled beets, that's at least 1 per week or 1 every 4 days (yes I can eat that much). I have 150 slices of green tomatoes for fried green tomatoes. We eat 8 slices per meal , that's 18 meals. So I can serve it every other week for 9 months or every week for 4 1/2 months. I have 10 cups of corn in freezer that is 10 meals, that's 5 months...(I have corn to process still to add to this). I want these amounts so I can use them up instead of buying something else at the store.

I want to have the bedroom winter curtains done.

I want to have to railing to the deck done. Which means I have to decide how I want it done. I know I want 4x4 posts... I just keep thinking about what I want between the posts as the deck is 3 ft off the ground and I don't want Wilbur and Rascal jumping off and getting hurt. Charlotte is still young enough to handle that jump... she jumps 5 ft high sideways as it is.I think she has springs instead of  legs, must be the terrier part in her.

I want 80 % of the energy audit items completed... and that is on me as Hubby can't caulk worth crap and of course there is tons of caulking to do. LOL.

I want to wash the winter clothes and get them in drawers etc

I want to get the summer clothes in storage.

I need new tennis shoes, not want but actually need.

I want to build a closet in the laundry room.

I want to have summer curtains down, washed, dried and stored

I want to have winter curtains washed, dried and hung

I want to decorate for the fall.

I want to complete 15 things on the punch list.

I would like to make some homemade preserved lemons, roasted red bell peppers and balsamic reduction to add to the pantry.


Take scrap metal, old appliances and old trailer to junk yard which should pay for his tags for the bike and the one trailer.

Last mowing/trimming

Garden down

All vehicles including tractor,mowers etc ready for winter

All air barriers listed in energy audit done or at least started (can't be in attics until it cools down) but the bottoms of porches can be done now.

Sept Goals status

Sept goals done:
4 rooms repainted but still need put back together LOL

deck (Hubby's part) will be done by this weekend

tractor mower fixed

truck maintenance done

green beans done

cucumbers done

beets done

butternut, acorn sq,spag sq.,  pie pumpkins and jack be little pumpkins rinsed in bleach water to store until late winter when if not cooked by then I will cook and freeze. Butternut and acorn do not need to be cooked to be frozen.

green tomatoes (wasn't on Sept goals) done

I have cabbage in the garden, apples, corn and tomatoes waiting for me to get home and do this weekend.Cabbage will be last since they are holding well in the garden.

We still are sitting at 45% on propane so not needing winter fill YET.

What a week...

 First. Charlotte has a clean bill of health

Second Wilbur had a light stroke that only affected the left side on his mouth a little... which means I now sit with a towel on my lap as I know he is going to wipe his drool on me. I also wipe his mouth after he eats or drinks or that slime gets every where. IT seems to be getting a bit better.

Third, Rascal... yes has a tumor, BUT with where it is Vet could not tell 100 % if it was a fatty tumor. Asked me to monitor it as he would like it to be removed like in Nov when Rascal isn't likely to be out running around as much. Said to really watch how he pees as that will show faster if it is growing that the lump it's self. He had a hard time finding it but I didn't have any problem finding it even with Rascal sucked his tummy in .

MY OWN blood work came in good...don't need to take potassium pill or B vit  etc. I will have to take Crestor 3 times a week as my cholesterol is 250. Good cholesterol is maxed out (LOL) but both my parents have/had numbers over 200. Hubby's was good. I will have to take my vit D during the late fall to spring. After my bone test in Nov we will decide if I need to go back on meds for that.

4 weeks ago I had no beets, not many was going to have beets. B is a dear sweet young lady planted beets last month so I could have some. They ran over both her and me in the last 3 days.  I now have canned 80 pints of pickled beets and she was still canning when Hubby stopped over to deliver a message to A. Told Hubby she has more coming in late Sept/early Oct and he told her good as his mom was looking for 25 lbs of beets and we have another friend that might also be looking for beets.

I also canned 16 pints bread and butter pickles 32 pints dill pickles, 8-12 oz of bread and butter pickle relish, 8-12 oz dill pickle relish,9-8 oz jars of turmeric banana peppers and 8 jars of apples slices. I simmered the skins and cores to cook down later for apple butter since I have 3/4 bushel to cook yet. I have onions for onion marmalade and pickled onions yet to do.I have to wipe all the squash down with bleach.

Pie pumpkins and butternut squash are in. I got acorn squash, jack be little pumpkins, spag squash and a couple green tomatoes at Hurley farm. I also got a dozen ears of corn to eat this week, Hubby got fresh cider.

Hubby was making a delivery and was told tonight that we have 125 lbs of tomatoes coming tomorrow from N... M told me today that while she is gone this coming week to harvest what ever tomatoes ripen. Hubby's mom then called a few minutes ago looking to tomatoes. She needs enough to make 14 qrts of juice. I think we can cover it LOL.

Hubby has gotten "blown up" with calls of everyone and their brother looking for a ride (like 1:30 in the morning when the Amish family south of us driver didn't show up to take them to the train station,Hubby almost took them but they found someone already heading that way and was within 5 min of being able to pick them up), 3-4 English wanting to know if he was going to be over to the eastern side of the state (Holmes Co  was one) as they wanted stuff to be picked up and the a couple "can you haul" calls. He finally just started saying I am booked you need to call someone else.... He now has 3 that changed when they needed him TO WHEN he can do it. Produce will be slowing down with mid-Oct being the end of the harvest so that is 2 jobs that won't be there. At this point I think Hubby doesn't mind as since the truck was in the shop 2 days he was able to get some work done on the deck and he is making a list of things to do this fall and winter. He even was called while we were at Menards and the Amish guy had been at the house and the truck wasn't there so he used the Amish neighbor cell phone that is kept in the barn to call and find out where Hubby was as he was looking for someone to remove wood to go to another Amish BEFORE he had church this coming Sunday.  The guy laughed when Hubby said I am with my WIFE running errands... told Hubby that was okay  still laughing. When Hubby hung up all I could say was GEEZE while we both laughed.

On Sunday I cleared and prepped laundry room (after I did Monday laundry)for the painters and then cleared the other 3 rooms. Was told it would take them 4-7 days to paint all 4 rooms. Wished I had the two show up when we first painted the house as the ones that came Monday as they did all four rooms in FIVE hours.They said first we cleared, and prepped the one room but also Sherwin Williams provided the top paint they had so 1 coat  was all that was needed. They usually have to have things moved etc before they can even set up.I haven't used Sherwin Williams due to price but after seeing this paint and how it went on I will suck it up and pay for the top paint, even their flat in this top is washable. Not only did it cover nice, it dried to touch in 1 hr and the fumes was very little with the house closed up and the AC running. We figured I would have to leave due to fumes as it triggers my asthma NO PROBLEM !!!!.

Now I can do the fall cleaning, caulking and outlet/switch insulators starting Friday since I am cat sitting and paper work at Son 2. ON TOP OF PRODUCE.

An Amish family this morning met him at another's house and brought tomatoes and canning (yellow) corn for us as they couldn't use it and knew we would take anything. If we don't want it, we pass it to who does.  BUT I can use the corn. Right now we have 10 cups of corn in the freezer.

I put 150 slices of green tomato in the freezer that I floured for fried green tomatoes. Not bad since I have no broccoli or cauliflower in the freezer.I also put in 2 loaves of bread sliced so we can get a few slices and not end up throwing away bread. I froze raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I did this yesterday before coming to cat sit.

When running errands Hubby decided to get some staples he wanted stocked in the pantry that I normally don't get much of.We did very well staying on budget until we walked passed the bulk candy and it was about half price.... sigh. Still he was paying for it and even though I said "we don't need that" we got it. BUT we decided to put it in the frig in the basement and just take a few of each in the snack drawer in the kitchen frig. For what ever reason if it's in the basement, he thinks 2-3-maybe even 4 times before going down after it where I go to the basement for our meals usually daily. I am not taking his candy up for him.

Hubby said he has been blown up this morning with work and turned it all down as he trying to get "his" section of the deck done so I can do "my" section which is railing. He has a 3 hr job tonight and a 3 hr job on Friday morning. He might have a job on Saturday... an auction of building supplies.. which he was being iffy about going to himself because of it being out of state, he wouldn't mind being paid to go to it LOL.  His next week is full already.  One job is about to go away beginning of Oct. Two of the drivers that had been off work (both medical) are back which will help Hubby as he won't have so many calling for help. He hates telling someone no when he knows it's causing them a problem.

I am going to sit down and figure out where we are with the punch list, check to see where we are at with our goals , house and finance and figure out a better system of the pantry.

Have a great day
Blessed Be

Monday, September 16, 2019

Busy week...

Monday morning

Hubby has been working an hour or two on the deck off and on all week. Yesterday he started laying the actual decking.He laid some across at the French doors so if I had to go out that way, the dogs have something to walk on until they get to the edge. Which I would have to lift Wilbur and Rascal down as it's 3 ft off the ground and they can't jump that.

Contractors start painting next Monday so this week is take things off walls, move furniture, wipe down walls so they are painting a clean wall. If I have time I will sand 220 grit as that was part of the problem is the paint used needs to be lightly sanded between coats and they didn't do that. I don't think the staff that sold them the paint really knew what they should have.

Hubby lit the oil lamp this morning for the dining table for our morning coffee.

Leftovers for dinner tonight.

I down loaded statements from our ins. My primary keeps telling me that I have a deductible and my deductible and out of pocket is paid in full. Hubby's isn't.

Hubby is on his way to an auction. There was some things he wanted to look at and a couple of the Amish wanted to go also they are splitting the cost between them  of him driving even though he was going anyways. Nice as that cost isn't coming out of our pocket.

Rascal was acting sickly this morning so I checked him out... he has a lump...sigh ... probably cancer, we have lost a few to cancer, lump in same area. Will take him to vet later this week as they charge more for appts than walk ins.. He is only 7 but is acting like his is closer to 10.

I might get a pup when we lose him.Charlotte is only 2 and Wilbur is 8 and he can't play so much with her as he has hip and leg injuries. She gets in trouble when she doesn't have anyone to play with. Son 2 got promoted to E6 military side and will be changing drill units (he is in reserves) but will stay in state and go over to Whitehall in Columbus instead of Chicago like they first told him. Means I won't have to go cat sit when he has drill weekend.

Laundry is rolling and will be hung on the line.

zucchini ready to be shredded for freezer.

Cucumbers next to be turned into relish and canned today.

Beets to be cooked, pickled and canned will be today. Might have to finish them tomorrow as there is 40 lbs.

I will start clearing the dining room and part of the kitchen since it's an open area.

I will check garden to see if there is anything besides the cabbage which for what ever reason is growing decent.

Hubby will haul produce to auction for S .. S is paying us with pie pumpkins and butternut squash.

I scheduled chiro appt before primary doc appt so we are only making 1 trip. Will also slide a stop at the store as I am almost out of milk.

I will finish beets if I don't get them done today along with clearing the dining room and wipe down walls if not finished also.


Hubby has to take his truck to get serviced.

He will remove boards off basement ramp  so we can pull old frig out

He will make a block for staircase that goes from hall to basement so dogs and be in basement but not get upstairs while painters are here.

I have apples to make applesauce and apple butter

I have peach juice in freezer for syrup and jelly

I have pie pumpkins  and butternut squash to deal with.

I have onions for onion marmalade and pickled onions to can.

I will clear the mudroom, wipe down walls for painting.


Take Rascal to vet.

finish any canning

clear area in basement for grow light cart and for frig that was in kitchen that has been sitting in front room (kind of nice to not go to basement for produce that needs canned) that will also go to basement.

I will start clearing front room.

I will start prepping meals for next week. I am thinking calzones, pot pies and lasagna, maybe a roast. The lasagna and roast would make 2 meals so that's 6 meals to get us through the week. I think I have everything in the freezers to make it except the cheese for the lasagna. That would save the $68 Hubby was going to spend on meals.


Hubby produce auction

finish clearing front room and wiping down walls

finish prepping next weeks' meals


do laundry

Clear laundry room


Move washer and dryer and wipe down walls of laundry room.

prep bfast and lunch for tomorrow, thaw tomorrow's dinner


move dog food and water to basement. They have water bucket out side

I will be cleaning the basement and working outside the whole week while the painters are here except for the overnight stay at Son 2's to cat sit while he is out of town. He has a class pop up since he was promoted. I will take my fabric for my winter curtains for my bedroom that I didn't do while at his house the last time. He said he now calls his dining room "Mom's sewing room"

What are you doing this week?

Friday, September 13, 2019

lowering the budget to match Social Security income

In a year Hubby will be 62... we have debated on whether to take social security or wait

Why are we looking at it now?

First he decided to not go to ODOT for the winter. If they could have promised him 3rd shift I think he would have but they couldn't.

Second , the RRA his company put aside for him that pays our health ins runs out next Oct. That's $1200 a month that will have to come out of our pocket. His social security would cover the mortgage (which is more than the health ins) freeing that money to pay the health ins. BUT not sure that is the answer at this point.

Third,  a friend suggested we leave the annual payments in the IRA until they are due and then  month before pull that extra amt. Our finance guy suggested  put half in a savings acct we already have that pays more in interest than our regular bank and leave the big ones like propane in the IRA.

SO We decided to live on the "budget" of social security and see if we could do it and how much we would still have to pull from IRA... looking at what he earned hauling in a year (that will be late April minus costs as it's a paying hobby not a business but still we do all of it) and what we can pull on top of SS and earnings and not take the hit on taxes

SO digging through the budget

1/1/2019 the budget was set at $8794 based on 2018 (2 homes for 6 months)

8/1/2019 the budget came in at $6123 (even after 100 degree days)

9/10/2019 the budget hit $7695. I paid off some extras that incurred while doing this home and moving just to get them out of my hair and not incur interest.

Last night 9/12/2019 we set the budget at $5883... we would have to pay the mortgage and truck from IRA at the budget. Social security would cover the rest.

That really limits us in some areas that I am not sure we can go as low as we set it.

What it affects?

I will not be putting in a garden next year as it would cost us $2500 to finish bringing up the soil at this point to have it ready for next year. Hubby talked to 3 of the ones that send produce to Produce auction and they are willing to sell us what I am looking for in the amounts I want based on what the going price at auction was. AND they are basing it on Tuesday auction where they actually get more money at Friday auction. They judged we would be spending close to $400 including canning lids according to the one that actually just set up her youngest and new hubby as they didn't have a garden this year.One heard I was looking for beets last month so she planted extra to come in later this month. I will buy soil for my grow bags to grow a few things I want. I can get the soil at the end of Sept/ Oct when the stores are clearing those items.

I will buy frozen yellow corn, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, peas and peas with carrots during Kroger's 10 for 10 sales.

I will get my acorn squash from the place I usually get my squash. The rest was grown by Amish so I don't need anything else. I only got pie pumpkins this year and no regular pumpkins.

Son 2 is military. He is going to check out his commissary to see if they carry things that I normally buy at Sam's club and if which is the better price.

Right now I save more that my prime membership at Amazon costs me.

It's going to be an interesting year.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

choosing to be frugal

Sometimes it's a habit... like washing out freezer bags that didn't have meat or grease in them and reusing them. Washing foil also. Mixing dish soap with water... any soap with water. Bar soap scraps go with water.Making my own laundry soap, using vinegar for the rinse.Using the clothes line or drying rack over the dryer. Washing in cold water short cycle if not real dirty.It's combining loads to make a full load..

There are lots of things we all do automatically... but what about the other things?

Hubby and I was talking about trash bags. We know our Amish neighbors have MAYBE 1 every couple months... ONE and that is usually broken glass or something they can't reuse or have used it to the point it can't be used AKA cool whip containers that have cracked.

I asked M how they do that... first we are in a burn barrel community. M doesn't have one, they keep anything that can burn to use in their stoves or for E to burn to heat water to make milk for calves he raises for cash crop.They don't have magazines or newspapers. They get a couple "news" things that are for Amish etc that they use for lighting fires. Envelopes are turned inside out and reused for mailing letters to family and friends. Any paper that can be used for notes is done so. She cans 90 % of her food. Flours, etc either are in paper (burned) or cloth depending on where she gets it. Plastic like cool whip are used for storage, some will use them for carrying food. They use thermos for lunch boxes and cloth bags or butcher paper for sandwiches. They have dishes for "left overs".Milk is put in glass jars.She uses disposable pans for when she bakes for neighbors but that is the only time. She uses rags not paper towels, cloth napkins not paper napkins, and rags for cleaning  not paper towels or wipes.

Then she added "they respect their resources". They don't change styles of clothes,nor do the change what they wear according to season except the men go from straw hat to leather hat. Men might wear a white shirt more often when in the fields but it's not something just for the warm season. When clothes are out grown they are reused either for someone smaller or taken apart and made into something else. OR even into rugs and rags. Even the grocery store plastic bags are made into rugs. They are not tossed in trash or burned.

Then she mentioned men cleaning their tools and putting them away Her cleaning the home daily and then from top to bottom on Saturday, cleaning her tools she uses to clean and putting things away. If you take care of what you have it will last longer and that is respecting the resources. She talked about not running water down the drain when brushing teeth, showering, rinsing dishes,etc. Reusing gray water to water the gardens. Being very careful about what type of cleaners she uses (vinegar and soap is her main cleaners) They don't have a lamp (she uses kerosene her mother in law uses oil) on in every room when it's dark. The family gathers in ONE room and they use 1-2 lamps. She does her sewing and mending in front of a window that the sun is coming it.

She really tries to not have leftovers (they have a spring house that holds at 36 Degrees year around) as she feels that's an easy way to start wasting. Something I need to focus on. When she is baking she starts with breads as they take the highest heat then pies cakes and cookies, some time custard. She bakes 4-6 loaves at a time DAILY except Sunday. Saturday baking is HUGE. 18 to 24 loaves of bread, 3 cakes , 6 pies  and a couple custards as she won't be baking until Monday.IT takes 4 chickens to feed her family ONE meal. She might have a little leftover to go into noodles or a dressing.

I must have looked over whelmed as she patted my shoulder and told me "yes we get tired but it has to be done. Winter is easier and more time for rest. ROUTINE is the only way to get it done but at first it has to be a constant reminder to do it. She follows the routine she was raised with and there are a few times her mother in law mentioned she did it differently to make things easier. Mother in law raised 6 , M is the 13th child on her parents.

Her oldest girl in back in school and the 6 yr old (they start school at 7 yrs old) is now having to "watch" the littles, get the eggs, help mom with laundry and the daily cleaning. I can tell you the 6 yr old is happy to be helping, no whining about having chores and not having to be told to do her chores. She even went out to bring the milk cow up so her mom could milk... regretfully the cow didn't want to go and got away from her because she wasn't tall enough to get a hold of the halter when she turned away. BUT SHE TRIED because she knew her older sister used to do that before she went back to school so she thought she could. She is now watching baby A while Mom does that and she feels good because it helps Mom and she is now responsible for making sure the pup doesn't follow the rest to school as Hubby had to go get the pup down the road because the kids couldn't get it to go home and they didn't want to turn on out the other road, pup definitely would have gotten killed on that road.

Looking at my home, there is WAY TOO MUCH. Hard to clean, hard to know where something is or if I need to buy it, or worse , know I have it and can't find it and have to buy it wasting money and time to go get it. Too much paper comes in so I am canceling magazines I don't read or can get on line. There is NO routine in our lives except Sunday being the day of rest.

Something for me to focus on... routines and getting rid of the extra.

WHICH now is a good time with the contractor coming in to paint the four rooms the 23rd and Son 2 is going to paint his hall after that so I chose to get the same paint he is getting for a room we will paint( not contractors) so if I have extra he can have it.

Thoughts of changes ... respecting our resources

Monday, September 9, 2019


GI cracked joke that since everything was NEGATIVE... my crap must be worthless.... AND SHE IS SO THANKFUL...

Definitely agreed that my thoughts it was the diverticulitis meds and too low of residue diet was the issue. For me to do what I feel is good for me with my diet and slowly increase the residue. It's now noted in my record that med can cause me sever diarrhea and mess up my Crohn's. The GI I am being transferred to, sent me the message that once again I was correct and he is willing to LISTEN to how I feel about things.

Going to go take a nap since I had a "big" day yesterday of 10 hrs between drive time and family reunion... it was a bit much. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Okay, I am going to just bang my head


On the frugal side. I have green beans and cucumbers in the front room waiting to be canned as Hubby bartered hauling hay for the veggies with butternut and beets to come later. He also got a deal on tomatoes in about 2-4 wks when N closes up his hoop house, we will help clean it and get at least half off or more for helping on the 100 lbs I ordered from him. He might have some beets also. HIS wife said her sister might have more beets in a couple weeks and to check with her, sister's neighbor sent message to also check with her also. Friend is going to try to get some extra apples for us. I have a bushel of apples I got half price. The orchard we used to go to sold and the new owner asked if I would help pick some for the bushel to be half price. Their picker didn't show up. If I felt better I would have taken the job as it's not that hard, trees are not that tall and it's just when and what ever seasonal. I got beets, onions (for sauce, beets and pickled onions) and butternut , a few small zucchini and a couple green tomatoes from another market marked down as it was the last they had at the farmer's market

I am still looking for decent price on apricot jam for cake coating.

We got a handicap helper for the toilet when Hubby's parents are here.It can be used as a walker if needed, just need to raise it up higher.

I cleaned and filled the oil lamps. Hubby found out that some of the Amish use mineral oil/spirits to burn in oil lamps for the same reason I do ( I prefer unscented due to allergies) so he is going to ask E's Dad where to get some and how much since I already priced what it would take to get us through the season. Five gallons each yr not counting what ever candles I burn.

We sat down and reworked out  the routines. I now put Hubby's work here at home on his work schedule so he doesn't over book. E came over with his horses and hay mower and cut around the pond so Hubby didn't have to do it by hand . Said it was because they hadn't sent eggs over for about a month, chickens are starting to lay again. He is also going to cut the ferns down on the asparagus when he cuts his down.  While here he asked Hubby if he could help him with a couple jobs next month so that's on our calendar. E is going to help a couple evenings on the deck after he gets home from helping his brother in law.

Hubby has one area left on the house to use Great stuff on the foundation. Will still put insulation board there during the winter. He found 2 air vents ,to crawl space, that go right by the heat vent to the dining room and front room. The vents are not insulted them selves. SO those are on the list for next summer.

Saw my GI, she thinks they misdiagnosed the diverticulitis( she thinks parasite or virus) so ordered stool testing since I still have diarrhea (I always do have it for a couple months after the med they gave me but she said STILL)... to keep me IN NETWORK I had to go to a lab instead of the hospital. I picked up the "hat" for the toilet and the test bottles. I can tell you after having a tube down my throat due to crap come up the wrong way that spooning diarrhea in a test bottle is GROSSER. Along with Zofran dissoluble  taste worse than that crap. SO after 145 mile round trip twice for this freaking test I am waiting for the results (looking for virus or parasite) which should be in a day or two but I expect a week as I know this lab.. 2 days LOST to being on the road etc and definitely no energy what so ever as I sat down on the kitchen  stool today after getting home and fell asleep and landed on Wilbur when I fell off the stool. Neither of us hurt but the 3 dogs and I just went to bed and slept 4 hrs. IF there is nothing in the results then she thinks, meds ( like I said )along with too low of a low residue diet. IF there is something then another 145 mile round trip and possible hospital for IV. She listened to my stomach and had tears on her checks and kept saying your poor lady, you poor lady and then really broke down balling when I said it wasn't as rough as the weekend before. I really hate it when a doctor cries on me especially when I was feeling decent. She was so upset that she forgot to tell me that she was leaving the practice (she just got divorced and the time she was working was part of the issue and now she's a single parent of 2 teens so the time element is now a real issue). I got transferred to the doctor that prescribed my biologic (GOOD FOR ME) and the PA I always asked for but seldom get is now listed as my PA. I listed a second PA as the young lady has stood up to 2 GI as the hospital on my behalf to get things settle for me and she is usually the PA that does the rounds in the hospital.

Meantime... I can't eat more than 1/2 cup at a time or I get nauseated or sick, cramp up or what ever. I have blood work Saturday morning  ordered by my primary as his comment was I looked like a zombie walking around and decided to check Hubby's blood work also. The only day off this week for Hubby is Saturday.It's hard to sleep any when ever time you turn around you are running for the bathroom.


I finally slept all night (except when daughter 4 text me at 4 that she had popped her knee out of place at work) even went back to sleep after reading it. Not that I can do anything when I am 2 hrs away  and she's already headed home from ER and going to bed so she can go to work tonight.

I even ate 1 whole cup of mac and cheese and had no problems HAPPY DANCE.

No results in , doctor called lab as it's usually within 24 hrs. The one test they have to send out and it wasn't back yet and warned it might be a week before it's in....WHICH IS NORMAL

I canned 16 pints regular green beans, 16 pints French style green beans, froze a quart of green beans and canned 8 pints of dill green beans. Might not like dill green beans , never tried them but I figured if nothing else they would be close enough I could use them for 3 bean salad that we have at least every other week during the year.

We ate leftovers for dinner.

Hubby called our internet and home phone provider because it went up in price. They offered to lower it less than what it started, we kept the home phone and they made the price permanent. We wonder how long is permanent but we took the deal.

Had a little nagging session with Hubby as he OVER BOOKED this week and didn't get finish the foundation with Great stuff. We will have to go either very early Sat or mid morning Sat for blood work FASTING BLOOD work to top it off because he OFFERED to go get concrete for one of the guys whose driver had a  heart attack. I am fine with helping someone but we have FASTING BLOOD WORK that has to be done GEEZE.


up at 6 am wide awake, feeling decent. By 7:30 I had 16 pints of regular green beans in the canner, another quart in the freezer and 8 pints (last of green beans) prepped to make dill green beans. This batch I am putting a grape leaf in.

Cucumbers are after lunch

Rested after lunch...

Moved what was in canner to mudroom counter to finish cooling 24 hrs.

Did 8 pints of bread and butter pickles with grape leaf.

Wiped down the jars I did yesterday and took to basement and put in correct areas.

Brought up more jars.

I might get another load of pickles done but I doubt it as I am dragging now and probably over did it.

Picked 2 poblano peppers and 1 very small ear of Japanese hullless popcorn. The  bugs are eating what little squash grew...M's Guiana hens are eating the bugs...

They still don't have my test results back so NO biologic this weekend.My doctor is flipping but the one that is going to take over as my doctor told me to eat as I felt up to, rest a lot and stay calm, if I feel like Crohn's is starting up, take the biologic and if I have other issues I will be in the hospital with iv... I can handle that.

Hubby said he would update me about tomorrow's schedule when he gets home. I called doctor and asked for last day we could take blood work... it's Wed. AND that's the day we have to take dogs for check up and Rascal needs rabies shot so that might work even better.

Freaking tired... just freaking tired.


before bed last night M sent over 1 gal of green beans and several small heads of lettuce ...

I dealt with green beans this morning with my 1st cup of coffee. at 6 am  They went in freezer. Dishwasher unloaded that I hadn't done yesterday. Reloaded and ran. Rest of dishes hand washed.

Got family reunion stuff around to load tonight as we leave early in the morning since its' 2 hrs away.

Drinking my 2nd cup of coffee 4 hrs after  I normally do waiting for this last load of laundry so I can get it on the line, then check the tablecloths for the reunion and pull the crock pot that the mashed potatoes will go in. Hubby got the water and pop and is going to wipe down coolers when he gets back. Didn't think I should mess too much with them as they were in barn near old insulation he had found.

THEN I have to rest for 30 mins. so I don't over do it like I done a couple times.

THEN wipe down yesterday's canning and put it in pantry.

I am not sure if I am going to do any canning today. The kitchen and dining room is a wreck and I don't want to start Monday dealing with it or try to do it after 4-5 hrs on the road along with 5 hr family reunion tomorrow.

Blessed Be

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sept goals

First house goals..

One year today we woke up for the first time in our new home...
 Still a work in process but love it dearly.

we want to have the 4 rooms repainted and out of our hair and I can tell you our contractor feels the same.

Hubby wants to finish the deck , get the tractor mower fixed and his truck maintenance done. (Tractor mower fixed Saturday night, truck schedule for 18th at dealership (under warranty) )

After talking to another contractor about the energy audit issues that  he specializes in insulating he gave us this advice. Great stuff outside foundations and  roll insulation work since not in attics and the insulation board of doors of pump house and attics during Sept. Outside caulking with silicone paintable caulking, Flex seal late Sept/Oct. Air barrier work Oct to mid Nov.INSIDE caulking AFTER CHRISTMAS as that's when the inside is the driest so the gaps will be their biggest and use silicone paintable caulking.. It actually made sense.
Broke this down on to post it notes and taped each section to correct month on calendar. Listed what was needed from Hubby on his work calendar so he didn't over schedule work and not get this stuff done (silent nagging)

I want to have the 4 deep freezers defrosted and organized by end of Oct. Put on my new wrote out routines to do one a week or every other week. E asked if we wanted to barter, he cash rents 3 acres from us...would we take meat instead of cash... YES. BUT that means I have to have room. He came over and looked at the freezers and told me more than the small deep freezer maybe 1/3 of the bigger ones.

I would like to have green beans, beets, tomatoes,cucumbers and apples ...maybe some yellow corn in the pantry. Hubby is going over to produce auction today to see if there is anything he can pick up. I NEED apples as applesauce/apple butter are daily on the table during winter. I have 2 jars of apple butter. Our one apple tree was stripped by coons. The other will probably take a hit next. E lost 3 acres of corn to coons and deer.

UPDATE. Amish guy took an order of cucumbers, green beans and beets for us. Will do what he can to find and get the amounts we are looking for.  Green beans and possible cucumbers on Tuesday. Got a few candy onions from A and B.  I will use stock up funds for these

 N has tomatoes and his wife E said to stop over and mid week and see when we can pick them up, she might have a few beets after she cans for the "church" day as her family doesn't eat beets. Payment out of stock up fund

 The old orchard we used to go to has apples coming on so I will stop there to see if what I need for chunky applesauce and apple butter is available. Payment out of stock up fund

Even with my health issues right now this makes me very happy.Mother in law can come help can if Hubby can't help me.Might have her come over anyways to get her out of the house. Had to order handicap toilet stand for her to be able to get up off toilet. Father in law has the same issues.... at least this way it will be here when I get to that stage so not waste of money since they don't visit anyone much now days.

UPDATE LOL... I have a few beets and a couple lines of where more will probably be in 2-4 wks.

Hubby wants to have the deck on and the garden wrapped up and fertilized/composted by end of Sept ...we have a few tomato plants that are producing and I need to pull the cabbage and make freezer slaw.But he could actually do the north garden before the south garden as it's pretty much dead.

Credit cards get paid in full every month. I have Amazon on a credit card so if it's hacked I have better chance of getting my money back where with a debit card connected to the checking isn't as good let alone they can wipe out the money for our bills.Hubby uses a credit card for fuel due to skimmers for the same reason.

We have $260,177.05 mortgage and will be paying 1 extra payment a year as we will be 90 when it's paid off otherwise.

We have $48,275.68 left on truck (7 yr loan)... Hubby's hobby of hauling (doesn't make enough to be a business as he is just even breaking even but gives him purpose and is needed in this community) is being paid by his hobby along with paying maintenance and tags etc on trailers and truck.So at least none of this is coming out of our budget. Might a bit during slow season of hauling.

We have $10,454.50 loan (taken in 2008 crisis) on Hubby's life ins. We will pay the $91/ month interest so he won't lose anymore of his life ins.

We have $6, 093.65 loan (taken in 2008 crisis) on my life ins. We will pay the $75/month interest.

We  are short $13,600 in medical funds to get us to 65.

We have $3,537.11 in credit for propane (doing things on energy audit should make this last longer than the 12 month I ordered  I set is $275 to savings to pay for next year's)

We have 2/3 of one month out flow in our checking combined together... we would like this to be at least equal to 1 month AFTER all bills are paid

We have 1/4th of one month out flow in savings accts joined together we would like this to be at least equal to 1 month AFTER all bills are paid.

We have equal to one month out flow with our credit cards since they are paid off before due ALWAYS.

GOAL this coming year is to get the checking and saving up to equal a total of 2 months and get the medical savings up closer to where it needs to be... I figured we are $22000 short of where we wanted to be at this time... Hubby got a really strange look on his face when I told him that figure... then told me that was the last 2 trailers that he hasn't made enough to "pay" back to our savings... okay, so it's not been frivolously wasted, he is making some money as a hobby. And we just have to be focused on him making "payments" as possible (because there is no rhyme or reason for whether he is hauling or not) and truck payment, maintenance and tags etc come first.  We have been told that slow times are winter...late Oct to March. Might get a load here or there of lumber/pallets/ or taking someone to doc appts. March it starts cranking up with plants and produce to the produce auction. SO we know the "extra" won't be there during those times. Hubby thought about working ODOT again, I really wished he wouldn't. We have things that need done that takes 2 of us to do during the slow times but I left it to him to decide. Another summer of NOT having the deck on and he is kicking his own butt because he just" sat" on days he didn't have anything to haul. Told me I was lousy at nagging LOL

Daughter 4 messed up her finances, didn't pay some bills in full that came due or shut off, paid them wiping out savings and forgot to make her car payment so lost her car. Can't find a car to borrow (no we can not go 2 months without our car and she lives almost 2 hrs away so I can't take her to work) and is short of making the car payment up as they want 3 months total to give the car back (she doesn't blame anyone but herself). Did find a place to get a car, know what her temp tags would be (her birthday is next month so going that route for cheaper to give her time to get tag $$ up) and the down payment and I asked if that included tax and title, she thought yes but is checking to make sure. She is having her daughter senior in high school, sit down weekly with her to read bills and stay on budget. Also helps daughter to learn how to run finances of her own place which most likely will happen next summer when she turns 18.

UPDATE NO it did not include tax and title, she just got a promotion at work that will put her in middle management and was looking at losing that job with benefits because SHE DIDN'T READ HER WHOLE BILL as it's in her email on her phone and would have to down load pdf. She read current usage and paid that amount not total bill which included part of the bill where she was on some plan that let her make a minimum and then the rest at beginning of heating season.SO she is on the budget for heat and electric and her daughter to now monitoring the bills and budget. We lent her the difference between what she had and what she needed. Her daughter is redoing the budget to reflect a payment monthly to us and will send us what to expect and when next week as she knows her mom's (daughter 4) car ins will go up as this is a newer car....UPDATE... her ins WENT DOWN. with newer car, full coverage and her teen daughter on it. WOW.. she got Progressive

We went to store, formula for M as she forgot to put it on the list when E went as she was focused on stuff for church tomorrow.

I got 1/2 gal milk saving 20 cents
I got chip dip saving 30 cents (found new recipe to try for onion chip dip)
I got 2 butters saving 60 cents
I got cottage cheese saving 38 cents
I got 2 lunch meats saving $3.50 (all most 1 free)
I got 2 breaded shrimp saving $8.50 for buy one get one
I got chicken breast (frozen 3 lbs) saving $19.50 (one free and savings on 2nd)
I got 2 bacon saving $3
I got 1 pork butt on sale saving $5 off price and another $2 with buy $10 get $2 off in meat dept.
I got 2 packages of  hamburger *73 fat* paying $1.59/lb instead of $2.99. lbs saving a total $8.40

SO I spent the last $20 for this month and half of next month grocery budget.

Told Hubby we might need produce or dairy at end of Sept but that would be it... That's about $60 if I buy it at Kroger's. Save a lot is cheaper and he can pick it up when he is getting fuel for the truck around the corner.

Hubby also was told today that the one place he hauls from stays constant until Tday week and Christmas and then goes well until Englisher summer shut down at July 4th. So that's a good solid route for 1 day every 10 days.  Guy just signed the contract and thought he best let Hubby know so Hubby wouldn't be just going south for the winter.