Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Frugal maybe

 We got Norton 360 with Life Lock. I went through Rakuten and got a nice rebate for it. Why did we? We have a family member that just got arrested for using another  family member's Social Security number. Even with the shock everyone immediately dealt with it to protect them selves . Stupid was they used a number that was already under Life Lock. The family member admits they went through stuff in the homes when there for family meals for the last couple years. Better safe than sorry as we already had another member mess with us over 20 years ago that took five years to get completely out of.

I spent a day unsubscribing from "ads". IF I do not see it I will not want it or want something like it. 

I cleaned out folders on my google accounts so to keep the amount in the "free" zone after I got my photos downloaded (Google sent it as a zip file) and on a thumb drive (old term  LOL).

I checked to make sure that paying for Amazon Prime is still worth it. It is. 

I unsubscribed from two "newsletters" that is no longer related to how we live ... that's a savings of time. 

We looked for dental insurance. After a week of hunting we have found we are in a OUT OF NETWORK area( unless we drive 50 miles where we never go to) including for AARP, for pretty much any insurance we could afford. SO I went and asked several seniors in our area how they cover those costs, four had dentures, two had bridges. Our dentist for regular care, cavities etc. , they take care of Amish also, and two other places for bridges and dentures including snap in dentures. Hubby's Social Security alone is over 200% poverty line so we do not qualify for the community health/dental program.  I nearly lost my Aunt as her entire system because infected due to bad teeth. Hubby's parents use Aspen Dental even for their dentures. 

Hubby needed new work tee shirts, he was down to 2 and they were pushing rag bag time. I found a sale using Rakuten and got him Hanes Beefy (which last years instead of months). I pulled the ones he has for "dress" and moved them up to work and the new ones will go into "dress" drawer. The lighter colored ones he wears during warm weather is now in spring/summer clothes in Rubber maid in barn loft. Earned $8 digital on the orders from Amazon.

I mended Hubby's work pants.

I turn the heat down from 72 to 70 during the day, turn it up at bedtime and turn on the fan to ON instead of Auto when Hubby comes in as it helps warm up the front room. By doing this our propane has lasted 3 wks longer than it did last year (temperature average the same).We turn it down to 65 when we are gone for longer than 1 hr. The upstairs is 54, the basement is 62 and the pump house on a separate gas heater is on 37,just enough to keep it from freezing the pump. Our water heater is instant ready so it only kicks on when you turn on the hot water.

The electric bill is still below the amount we budgeted with a week of Christmas lights on it and with more usage of the airfryer than the oven. The outdoor and 1 inside Christmas lights are on timers, 3 hrs. in the morning and 3 hrs. in evening. The only time they will be on all the time is Christmas eve morning until Christmas Night.

We did not go to the grocery store this week during errands. I have plenty of milk and just harvested enough greens for salads. 

I have found by lighting 4 candles at the dining table we "feel" warmer and the thermostat also goes up by 3 degrees. It's not that close to the table LOL. I have plenty of candles, yard sales, auctions and family that must think I burn a dozen a day over the years.  An oil lamp (our go to during winter) does not "warm" us as well. 

As usual I used homemade laundry soap, cold water wash and short cycle in the washer and dried everything on the racks. If  I need to wash bedding or table linen., I wash them at night so they are the only thing on the drying racks.

I got 2 $10 Amazon gift cards from Pinecone and 1 $5 gift card from Swagbucks. 

We decided to eat at a sit down restuarant after 2 back to back doctor appts. We ordered the specials and then immediately asked for take out containers and put half in the container. IF I add salad or fruit we might get two more meals out of it. Pretty good for $30

Hubby is supposed to get tested for damage to his left wrist (surgery in 1976) and I now need a EEG that the neurologist has ordered . Both his doctor and mine are trying to get us in before the New Year since the out of pocket amount has been met. We figured it will be next year due to the covid spikes around us.

I canceled my Real Simple magazine. Even though I read it, and two others of the family read it. We jointly decided to cancel it after seeing the renewal costs. The other two can read it at their library. 

Hubby has picked up a couple hauling jobs he normally wouldn't take to make sure he has enough in his business account to cover next month, Supply chain problems affect the Amish that he hauls for that build pallets for the supplies to be transported on. If you don't work in a job it affects you don't realize who it affects.

Due to kids struggling with on and off wages, they have all asked for cash instead of gift cards. Four of the six of kids (adult grandkids don't care if we give them anything or not as long as we text or call at holidays) have said they are using it on the groceries sales after Christmas and New Year's  to stock up for Jan as they all are figuring things to be bad.

We had 2 appts changed to Tuesdays as that is our errand day and we combine that with Appts. Our chiropractic floats our time so we can work that in also. So less gas bought for truck and less miles put on truck.

Blessed Be