Thursday, January 6, 2022


 My Amish water bath canner that holds 19 quarts or 36 pints with the shelf added is in. 
I am not sure it will fit on the canning stove as well as the kitchen stove. It is stainless steel (my copper and brown back splash reflecting onto it makes it look brownish).

Meals have been the following

1st Pork and kraut and mashed potatoes and pickles

2nd sausage gravy with left over rolls, mashed potato patties and asparagus

3rd Spaghetti with homemade sauce using onion, fresh garlic, mushrooms, bell pepper, home canned tomatoes and home canned pasta sauce and hamburger. 

4th Due doctor appts one at 10:45 and then my EEG at 2:30 we had leftover sausage gravy, leftover mashed potato patties and the last of the leftover rolls for breakfast (neither of us eat bfast often). At noon, we ate at Perkins (pancake restaurant) as I had to eat a meal before the EEG. I brought home half of my meal.

5th I took Perkin leftovers of 2 pancakes, 1 French toast, 3 sausage links and 1/2 cup of home fries and diced up the link and chopped up the home fries and put them in to a big egg aka frittia. I cut the French toast in half and split the pancakes between us. Hubby got some toast as he was still hungry. Then M sent over dessert so we had that.. vanilla cake with mini choc chips and some kind of topping baked on it. 

Today we have chiropractic so we will have the leftover spaghetti with bread sticks and salad ( I planned that to have dried fruit in it) and the last of M's dessert.

Friday we will have roast ham, sweet potato, and apple sauce

I am not sure of Saturday, depends if Hubby works. I might do a scalloped potato ham casserole. We haven't had that in awhile.