Sunday, November 29, 2020

Menu to Dec 8th

 Hubby loves Wendy's baconator sandwich and fries. I have what is needed to fix it for him tonight as he finishing putting up the outside decorations before the nasty cold and snow comes in.

Monday. We have a bag of tortilla chips that is down to the "crumbs" I have some tomatoes (still) we can use and I have taco meat from the freezer, so taco casserole(from my kids public school days over 20 yrs ago).

Tuesday. In Sidney (1 hr one way drive)Primary doc appts for both of us. I will get the lecture (again) for my bad cholesterol again, some more, what ever. Both parents ran over 200 WITH MEDS. BUT anyways we will be in Sidney so decided our Christmas present to each other would be a Al's combo pizza and two chef salads from Al's pizza. 

Wednesday In Sidney (1 hr one way drive) My procedure on my veins in left leg. Left over pizza and the second salad (we split one between us... I will boil some eggs as they only put one per salad.)

Thursday, In Sidney (1 hr one way drive) My appt to go over results of MRI of right leg/hip.  Leftover one pot green beans, potatoes and ham and cornbread from freezer

Friday HOME .... HOME  Leftover potpie in freezer.

Saturday Home ..Tuna noodle or fish patties, boiled potatoes with peas in a cream sauce.  Both meals are something Mother would fix the first part of Dec.

Sunday Pork Tapas (Milk Street recipe) veggie tray and snacky food. 

Monday 123 pasta (1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups veggies with 12 oz to 16 oz pasta)

Tuesday IN Sidney for chiro. Leftover broccoli cheddar soup in freezer with rolls or bread.

Note, I need nothing from the store for any of these meals. IF we don't get the pizza and salad from Al's in Sidney we can get a different one from the local pizza place as we grew up with the pizza restuarant (the original sold to this one) so it's like having our childhood pizza.