Monday, February 25, 2019

wind wind and more wind PS Lana

We have survived the weekend of 50 mph winds. Had some things blow around, cover off generator after Hubby started it as we were out of power, tree limbs Hubby had cut out of the apple trees, some pots that were in the perennial garden etc. Cover off the garage in the box, boards and metal roofing over basement ramp took a nasty hit and will have to be totally redone. Hubby went out and made sure it was safe because the dogs do go down that way. Maybe tomorrow we will deal with it better.I listened to it BANG ALL NIGHT long for 2 nights now. Dogs paced, barked and paced more last night. Hubby and I have our butts over our shoulders to keep them from dragging on the ground after 2 nights with little sleep.

Amish neighbor stopped over this morning and advised me to not hang clothes out. He had to go get a couple diapers out of the tree after his wife hung them out on the line.They weren't damaged but she had to rewash them.Figured I would be fishing mine out of the pond. His ice slide got wrapped around one of the pine trees. Another something to fix on his to do list for this summer. Hubby said he would take a look at it when the winds calm down and see if he can fix it for neighbor as he is expecting more milk calves... baby calves that are still on milk and not grain feed.

I got up at 5:45, easing into my new routine. Not bad so far even with the lack of sleep. I'm pretty much on task. We did chose a couple things that are my priority for the day which are to finish Feb winter sowing (waiting for potting soil to absorb water in containers) bake pound cake (waiting for butter to come to room temp), so some cleaning in the pantry and start the spring cleaning.... Going to start in the south and north lofts. I will be timing each area so I know to plan for the fall cleaning

I used your recipe for biscuits except I had only dry buttermilk, I made the buttermilk and put it in the frig for the day until I made the biscuits in the evening. Hubby said it was a SCORE but I needed to put buttermilk on the grocery list as he wants to test it also LOL. I'm waiting for him to ask for cat head biscuits, he lived 2 yrs in Alabama. THANKS for the advice