Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eat From the Pantry Challenge

With coffee in hand at 4 am as I tried to pry my eyelids open, I read this challenge. Followed a couple blogs and decided this was my ticket for the new year.

Check these sites out and read all about it.

At Thanksgiving my kids were thunking me over how big my pantry is in this very small house, that I could feed them and their kids( not hardly as it would be 22 of them) and us for a year.

Even though I got my "stock- up"( a nice way of saying pack rat of food) ways from my parents, they mentioned I should use up what is available. I grew up where the garden was the main source of veggies thru the year.So a years worth of food is what I am use to seeing and having. In these times , going to the store is now a habit I am trying to break and eat from my pantry.

What didn't help was I told my oldest daughter I would give her my old freezer since it would be empty by Thanksgiving since I got a new one.I reloaded the freezer . Okay it was filled with veggie broth using the recipe Gayle Bryant published over at and turkey broth from all the turkeys we deep fried and roasted including the carcuss that was my older daughter's and the 2 hams I was given for Christmas from friends.I didn't have room for any of it in the new deep freezer or the freezers to the 3 refrigerators. I did say pack rat correct????

SO my goals for Jan. is to

#1 to not throw food away due to being too old, not ate or what ever reason I can make up

#2 Only buy dairy and fresh produce for the month

#3 only shop twice for food items

#4 to clear out the old freezer to give to my daughter as promised

# 5 to shop once for non food items( our biggest costs so far)

I will start putting pics up of my pantry.Remember pack rat

If you are going to take this challenge go over to read all about it and link up with her.

Blessed be

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new to blogging

making a MckLinky work..I think LOL

one of the things of starting a blog for the first time is trying to figure out all the new gadgets and things you can work with.Especially for those like me that aren't into the computer, internet world that much to begin with.

so in my head...I've put this as I would when starting to make a new recipe...a bit of this and a bit of that and taste and see or taste and throw out

so please be patient with me as I work this out

Blessed be

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to everyone, may your holidays be safe and bright

go enjoy the day

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

winter solstice

Thanks to Gayle at for the picture of this tree she had on her site.

shortest day of the year...YAHHHHH , why does that make me happy??? because it's over with today, the days will start getting longer and longer one minute at a time. The worse is over with after today. Hey if you tell yourself something on a regular bases you will believe it after awhile.LOL

I think I will make a sheppard's pie ( or hamburger pie or chinese pie depending on which kid of ours you talk to). Nice earthy root veggies on top of left over sloppy joe that was shoved in the freezer. Some cheddar Bisquick biscuits to go with it.

meantime, it's time to load of the car and deliver the first load.

Blessed be

Monday, December 21, 2009


the holidays are in full swing. I am finishing up the grandkids afghans and making the last of the candy . Hubby and I did the cookies over the weekend. Tomorrow I will deliver to 2 of our kids, the others still need to work out connections.

every morning and every night I stop and remember why we have this it pagan or Christian.

now if I can just figure out where I shoved my fudge recipe LOL

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thinking about being frugal

The winter holidays are upon us. Most of us are running around like we are chickens with no heads....sigh

Old man winter is giving us our first taste of the season here in OH.I can tell you this old body isn't ready at all BUT food wise I am ready.

I did go to the store yesterday for fresh veggies which are all nice and cozy in my refrigerator after being cleaned and cut with the peelings in to a gal freezer bag that went into the freezer to make veggie broth later when I am baking cookies for the kids and grandkids later this week.

I was asked what the hardest part of being frugal was...I would say that it would be time. Being frugal takes time. Our pioneers didn't have the time a lot of us think they did.If you think about what a woman did during the normal day of milking cows, churning butter, preparing 3 meals along with the bread, cookies,pies and cakes. cleaning without a vacuum. Dishes washed after every meal because they were the only ones. Fire for the fireplace and stove. grinding coffee beans by hand, dealing with the kids, schooling the kids, medical issues as they came about.Not talking of washing the laundry,by hand and drying it on a line outside or across furniture in teh house during the bad weather,making ALL the clothes etc....I could go on and on. Their dutch ovens was the forerunners of our crock pots.I still use my dutch oven when times get pushed. Frugal meals come out of it easily, a tough roast with root veggies. a soup or stew with or without dumplings. My kids,including the sons use the crock pot for the same things.

some thing to think about as we run around this holiday

Blessed be