Friday, June 23, 2023

Yep I broke down.

 Hubby thought she was cute.

Hubby's work truck now called the 350 (it's a F350 Ford ) to separate it from the Silverado that I drive that is falling apart at the frame. ANYWAYS I sidetracked.... dealership let him know the truck will NOT be fixed before JULY 20th. Parts are slow coming in. They also let insurance know that. Insurance will extend the rental. They also are sending the check for the wrecker FINALLY as he battled them over it for 3 weeks.

Hubby said he is going to start making the phone calls Monday to start closing down the business. Goal is to be completely shut down by July 31st. As it is we are losing $1800 a month without anything coming in. He already called about the pay off amount on truck. He got enough back from the flatbed being totaled to pay the truck off.

I was suppose to get my last IRA check from Daddy's IRAs this month... NOPE... it was last month.  My finance guy suggested he close 2 of the small accts that Daddy had to get me the money to cover this month since he could get it to me in 2 days.. So that's $1200 not coming in for now on.  

We have the same finance guy, Hubby is staying with his withdraw as he wants us to pay off the mortgage. My other 2 accts are earning almost 12 % so we aren't going to pull from there unless we have to. Finance guy suggested just pulling the earnings maybe quarterly as he knows we are trying to pay the mortgage off.

I finished stocking up the condiments, scored at Aldi's in Marion, more in that store than Sidney's. Came home to what I had ordered from Amazon sitting on my porch. As we were putting it away , Hubby asked if I had ordered a couple things as there was a couple empty spots in the loft (dry goods). I checked... we are low, not out but lower than either of us like.

I was in Urgent care as I was worried I had broke my foot again, no... just a bone spur that my podiatrist made a couple suggestions I could try at home to see if it would help before coming in. I am relieved it's not broke but I've had bone spur surgery on my heels as a child, this is actually at the base of my big toe, not hurting (yet) but I thought I had broke it at the joint (again). 

Since we are finally getting some rain *has by passed us all week*, I started moving things around in the basement pantry. 

Hubby came in and asked if he should hit the resume button on the dishwasher.

I couldn't figure out why he was asking that. Both of us are looking at the dishwasher,  light shows it is on and second light shows it is in the dry cycle. I stopped him from pushing buttons and realized it was the brain glitch.

I broke, held it together during his testing (only half of results back and they are normal), held it together through his accident (Crohn's hit though), held it through the financial crap, held it through his mother call that his dad has to have surgery to remove tumor in bowels and it might be cancer on the way home yesterday (see surgeon Monday and his sister is going with them), held it while dealing with changing the budget and still trying to pay the mortgage off . BUT totally broke and cried over him being confused over the dishwasher. He started laughing and said it that is the only thing he does that makes me cry than it's not bad. 

I keep in mind it was a blessing he held steady with the finances and with his the results of his  Dad's testing. He's right, if I can handle all the rest and not the dishwasher... it's not horrible. I have found he does better if I can print off directions or diagrams when he is working on something. 

He went out today and took grass off where the red maples are going to be planted but didn't want to do the apples and crabapple until I checked out where he thought they should be planted. He doesn't acknowledge shade when the tree has grown. He doesn't want me out in the rain, I have some congestion. He even turned the furnace back on , okay it's 68 in the house right now and the temp is to drop tonight. Weird weather for June. 

He did tell me that after I told him I wouldn't probably be buying blueberries as I am not paying $5 for a pint to make blueberry preserves... he ordered it along with cherry preserves. I checked what he ordered... it's exactly what I would have ordered but twice as much but that is okay. It won't go to waste.

He wants to put row cover on at least 2 of the garden beds for late fall, winter crops. I am thinking maybe 4 of them. Two for late fall and 2 for winter.  

He brought up that in 2007, he really was against me stocking up or gardening much and we paid for it when he went to 3 days a week for 2 yrs. He doesn't want to repeat that. SO I am thinking that since that is worrying him I would write out what we need to stock, what we want to stock including holistic and have him mark it off for me (he needs to feel useful) . Maybe he will feel more secure with where we are. 

He ran a message over to E's dad four times the other day and twice today, charged 2 dozen eggs for it. LOL. He knew we were low as I hadn't gave Charlotte any boiled as I was using the frozen like I do for baking or omelets. 

He is going to HAM radio field day tomorrow. The head guy knows he is having is having issues, they had picked up before he told them he was in testing. He assured me that at least him and 3 others would be with him. If something happened they would let me know. They already set the rule you have to younger than 60 to climb on the tower. That took the 3 that usually is the ones working on it OFF the tower. .

I am thinking of taking a nap with Charlotte.

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be