Sunday, December 11, 2022

Planning for 2023.

 Planning to declutter and organize the house, garden shed , barn and property. WITHOUT paying extra to get rid of it. Tempting to hire it done just to not deal with it ????

We kept a lot of stuff, everything from cabinets to dishes to to tools to crafts and to what ever through the years . I have Daddy's, Mother's, Pop's, late Husband's, Hubby's grandfather's, and things from all 6 kids and a few things from the grandkids that their mother's passed to them that they don't want now either.


Son2 is doing happy dance over that plan as he is in charge of our estate and us if we need care. EVEN though we have put in the will to have an auction (noted for him to go to E as E's dad deals with the auctions for the Amish).He would rather see it gone before we get to that stage of old age or die and stick him with it. At least he no longer threatening to just burn it down.

I found on This Old House an idea of knee wall dresser. Knee wall( Hubby calls them half walls) is a wall that comes up to about your hip and then goes into an A frame or like ceiling. There was a built in book case also. Both thoughts would help in the loft bedrooms. I can't even put all my bedroom furniture in my bedroom but the dresser is too tall for the knee wall loft bedrooms.

In the old homestead I had a cabinet that was my baking center. That cabinet is now in barn surrounded by other stuff and not being used. BOY do I miss it when I have to hunt for what I want as my baking stuff is now in 4 places.

I decided we had to have a list and broke it down to 40 areas ( I multiplied it by 3 for 120 as it's 3 parts to the whole) and a plan of when to get it done as we decide to declutter, organize (what will make it easier to take care of also) and clean. 

Hubby's first thought was how to get rid of it. 

April our township has a clean up day and we can take "trash, non hazard stuff, to the township hall and they will haul it for FREE. 

Our trash company takes 6 kitchen bags a week. Our usual is 1 a week so that's 5 more bags that can be gotten rid of without extra charges.

We have a Habitat Restore in 3 place near us, 1 Salvation Army store, 3 Goodwill and 1 Fish thrift shop and several churches also taking donations.

My thoughts went to time to get it done.

IF I started now (even though we said we would do nothing until Jan 2nd) and did 8 to be done by the beginning of April for the township clean up day.

If I start Jan 2nd I have to do 10 

IF I start Jan 2nd and focus on doing 1 area and do all 3 parts in 1 wk. I would be done Sept 30.  Which means we would be storing some things that can't be ran through regular trash until the next April or we would be paying to have it hauled. 

Cardboard boxes (not used to cart stuff to thrift shops) and paper items can be burned in burn barrel. Bubble wrap goes to the one thrift store along with extra plastic bags that the Amish don't take during the winter months. Amish use them for their veggie market stands. Couple grandkids said to not get rid of any kitchen stuff as they plan on going out on their own next summer. I am okay with holding stuff like that. 

We are flipping it back and forth how to do it but by Dec 31st the choice will be made. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace