Thursday, December 31, 2020

Update on Daughter 4 cancer battle and her plans

 She is at week 12 of radiation so they did an ultra sound scan to see how the cancer was.

One spot (the largest) is dying and smaller, the other two spots are the same. Her doctor and her looked at this as good news as it was NOT spreading.

So the next 3 weeks she will be on chemo alone. Since she has bad veins they are doing a "nasty make you puke horse pill" ... that was her doctor's words. She will be taking Abrarane. 

THEN she will take Abrarane for 3 more weeks with daily radiation. 

THEN another ultra sound scan and IF there is any cancer left they are doing surgery. This puts her through everything about the same time her granddaughter will be born in April instead of July.

This plan is replacing the 12 wks radiation, 4 wks off and 16 wks chemo and then possible surgery. 

There is concern for her immunity system as her lupus along with her bipolar is starting to flare up. Her county is extremely high on covid.

SO since she is not working at all and trying to social distance and stay in her bubble.. she decided to figure out how much food "we" needed in the pantry for next year. She also decided the majority should be in by mid September instead of late Oct (or Dec this year with tomatoes and I don't have the pumpkins or dried beans dealt with yet)

Please notice the WE as she really meant ME and our pantry but she was counting in feeding her as she doubts she will be able to find enough work to pay her bills and feed herself. Her goal is to be able to at least pay her own bills by August where we budgeted supporting her until end of Dec 2021.

Here is what she came up with...

Fruit   1643 pints 

Veggies 2190 pints

Grains 822 lbs.

Protein 548 lbs. ( legumes is 1/3rd of that weight)

69 gallons of milk

69 gallons of yogurt

104 lbs. of cheese

I did ask if she had a broke down account of per fruit or veggies etc.

She said no. She figured if I didn't grow it or the Amish didn't grow it, we could go without it or find a seller that supplies it.

She stayed with pints since it is two of us in this house and her in her own house. That way if she didn't need our help, it was canned in a way that worked for us.

Makes me wonder what other things she will be figuring out for me