Monday, January 8, 2024

Frugal week update

 We ate 5 days from pantry and two with take out. First take out was due to medical appts and grocery store, second was we were worn out from dealing with stacking wood for 6 hrs.Still have another cord to stack and 4 cords to split. Plus E told hubby there are still 2 if not 3 logs in the woods that are for him.  I need to move soup to Saturday as that is the day we move the most wood.

We saved $23.67 in cash back, $14.87 in coupons,$15 in discounts and $640.13 in sales. I bought a $799.00 vacuum for 99.00. Company did a model change and discounted the old model. My vacuum can't handle Charlotte's hair and I've been sweeping the rugs at the doors (we have wood floors) with the broom instead.I am not thrilled it is battery operated and only runs 30 minutes but takes 4 hrs to charge BUT a friend has it and she has the same type of dog hair to deal with and felt it was worth the $799. she paid last summer. So we will see how this works for us when it comes in. Daughter 2 said if it doesn't work for us, she will buy it from us as she has all wood floors and her dogs don't shed.  

So 50/50 between mortgage and savings $346.83 to go on each this week. The penny left will go in penny jar.

We have to find a new dentist. Our closed the local office and their other office is an hour away. I told Hubby to go ask E's dad as he will know who it taking the Amish so we can go there also. Actually that's how we got the dentist that is now closing this office.

Propane tank is still at 40%.

Water heater kicked off again. Hubby called our repair guy after he kicked it back on. Repair guy said next time check what code it is showing AND when he comes down (we are 45 minutes from him) that he would also do the annual check of AC and furnace to save us that cost. PLUS look to see if we can get a bigger pressurized tank for well pump. He would like to see the solar pump as he might install one at his cabin. 

How is your new year starting?

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be