Friday, September 28, 2018

A bright morning

and the light at the end of the tunnel as we moved the last load and finished cleaning the old place. NO more spending $$$ for gas for driving back and forth any more.

I had a bit of a worry as Daughter 2 had shut 2 of the dogs in her bedroom while she was staying with us and they did this to an 100 yr old door
We weren't very happy with her but like always in her mind she can do what ever she wants and it's always right.

I got Restor finisher for dark oak and now it looks like this. Landlord's oldest son asked for what it was because he now wants to redo all the doors and woodwork with it.
He hadn't realized that the door was 2 different woods.

We came home the other night and was a bit worried as Charlotte wasn't in the yard with the boys... we found her in the house which bothered us until I found muddy prints on the back storm door and the mudroom inside door had muddy prints also. Hubby didn't make sure the storm door was shut and Charlotte definitely knows how to get in and out. Wilbur tried to get in to her as every single window had his muddy prints on the newly painted siding.

SO now it's 118 things for this HOME and over 100 boxes to sort and put away.