Monday, June 20, 2011

getting ready for winter

Yes,I said winter.

The weather hasn't work with me over the garden, figure it is going to bite us in the butt this winter.

I walked through the house, even the upstairs that we don't use so much with just being the two of us and made a list of things to take care of this summer making a deadline of being done by the end of August as my focus will shift to my older daughter's wedding(I am doing the catering).

Cauking the windows inside and out was number one followed by actually hanging heavy curtains instead of just sheers across the windows.Some of the windows need new seals.

Insulating the duct work to the furnance( you can lose 10-30% of your heat with out insulation on the duct work) and water pipes along with sealing the gaps in the basement windows and where the foundation meets the house will be a hugh project.

I still have to check the insulation in the attics.

Putting insulation foam behind all the outlets and switches.

Moving furniture this fall so where we sit the most is actually the warmest part of the room.

Things I have done so many times in the past that wasn't on my mind when we moved in this old farm house at Christmas.

Right along with preserving the bounty of my garden and what ever else I get my hands on.

Have a Blessed day

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day

Happy Father's day to all the daddy's out there. Happy Father's day to the ones that filled in for the daddy that wasn't there...whether you be a man or a woman.

Enjoy the day.

Blessed Be