Thursday, August 4, 2011

Needing a pantry

Most say they don't need a pantry because they can go to the store or call for take out or go to a restaurant...reality does hit occasionally and then those options go away very fast.Ice storms, blizzards and tornados just to name a couple.

I always strongly suggest (my children will tell you I threaten)you to have at least 7 days of meals in your pantry. Complete meals,including breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks for each day. Have some that you can cook and some that needs nothing more than to be opened.

Cold cereal can be eaten with or without milk for a meal or a snack.

I keep popcorn that I can pop on the stove or over a grill (microwave popcorn is high in triglycerides).

I have dried fruit.Some I buy and some I dehydrate myself.

I keep assorted nuts in the freezer and we usually have sunflower seeds because I make granola bars for hubby's lunch.

I always have eggs,beans,flour,corn meal, yeast,evaporate milk, dried milk,assorted pasta and rice and some cans of meat such as tuna,chicken etc.Potatoes if you eat them regularly is also good. With these items you can make dumplings, noodles, bread,biscuits, gravy, cream sauce for pasta or rice.

My parents ate bean soup 2-3 times a day most of their childhoods.Both are in their 80s and can give the MY grandkids a run for their money on being active,I won't mention they put me to shame also.

To survive a time without income or the ability to go to the store or fast food joint you first have to have a pantry.

Next post....meals from the pantry