Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hubby brought up

 some different things he was thinking about buying.... He had a car dealer send him a notice they would buy his truck for more than value so he thought to go get the same size truck newer and get a loan for it

We don't need a Ford 350 for personal use which we have since it was for the business, a truck yes as we have to tow the tractor to repair shop, a Ford 150 would be okay, a Ford 250 would be the biggest we need. 

I brought up that if we still was paying the mortgage and one of us dies, the other is going to struggle to live on what is coming in. (I won't because I can do the work around this place, he will as his brain disfunction will require him to have help which is why we are talking finances again , some more, what ever.) I then added we have a 2005 truck that is falling apart and can't be driven farther than 20  miles from home that needs replaced. I haven't found anything I am willing to pay for to replace it.

The house is going to need a new roof in 7 yrs. AND it will be metal not asphalt as they last 50 yrs instead of the 15-20 yrs of asphalt. That money needs to be put back now. 

We priced pavers ($2,000) for the area needed for walker with wheels or wheelchair needs at the end of the front porch ramp. E thinks he can put cement in it for less since he owns his mixer. He was going to come over but Amish had 2 funerals back to back so he was busy with that. His in laws are in (M's brother's wife was one that die of cancer) so he will be still busy the rest of this week playing catch up with his own work.

Hubby grumbled around some and then came back with... if we went back to like when we were in the bankruptcy, what would the time frame be for paying off the house and what changes would we have to make to do it. I can tell you right out,I got the 5 yr banruptcy paid off in 4 yrs ONLY because he worked with me... as a farmer growing up and early 20s he got used to living on loans, if the farm didn't make enough to pay it off, it just got rolled over to the next year's loan. Until the government came down on that practice.That's not how I was raised. My parents didn't buy anything on credit until they were in their 50s.They even paid cash for their first home and car.

I told him we could start in Aug paying off the mortgage as I wanted to get some money back into savings and pay for the pavers or cement so his parents can come here to visit. Order more heirloom seeds for next year AFTER the last payment for the taxs is paid.

I will set up a monthly savings for items like the roof,once a year house insurance, once a year propane,car maintenance and house maintenance  I already have Christmas and birthday money done that way.I will also set aside an amount to fill in with meat. I need some pork and poultry and both are on sale in the fall in this area. 

I have enough beef for the year. I just finished restocking the pasta. I have most of the veggies except winter squashes (if mine don't do well,I can get them from the Amish or Mennonite around the corner) I specified we had to eat healthy and eat our colors and I did NOT mean M&Ms. Eating healthy means less doctor bills and even though those costs are a lot less than what they were before Medicare and Medigap, I want to keep it that way.Medications are cheaper AND both of us has came off a couple meds with the change in diet.Hubby has been able to stay off Gout meds (which rip your system up and you live in the bathroom , he said he thought he had my Crohns) by drinking dandelion root tea once a week. He drinks it daily if he starts having a flare up which he hasn't for a couple years now.

Instead of rotating through, beef, pork, poultry, vegetarian, seafood for meals. I can do beef, pork,poultry, vegetarian (think green beans, potaoes or fried cabbage and fried potatoes), seafood (canned tuna, salmon and mackerel), Eggs/ cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese pizza), dried beans (I have 90 lbs of different beans and some of each canned) and pasta (1 onion 2 cups meat or beans and 3 cups veggies) and soups. Hubby is NOT a soup eater and is barely okay with pasta.He grew up eating steaks and pork chops and hams. I grew up with bean soup, boiled cabbage and fried potatoes (fried potatoes at every meal) with some cheap meat when Brother was playing football. Many time he got the meat and parents and I didn't. I had pasta only when I stayed with Nonna who came from Italy. Daddy didn't allow Mother to fix it. When he remarried, my stepmom told him to be thankful for what she put on the table and put spaghetti on it every week. He finally apoligized to Mother for being so picky. My stepdad got him to try Chinese food. Daddy loved it. 

I can bet that with a month or so I will be having the same conversation with him. He did suggest that he not go to stores by himself since he doesn't just buy what is on the list. I suggested he call me if he sees something that he realizes isn't on the list but we need or is at a great price. I know in time he won't be able to go by himself let alone drive. He made a comment to the one doctor about he had heart attack and was using it for the reason he has brain issues (which is due to head injuries and loss of hearing) , doctor pointed out I had a stroke and have CP and wasn't having the issues.  HUM... I told the doctor we call it glitching He does better with using that term when he struggles and if its a "bad" struggle I will tell him we are both glitching and need to take a bit to calm down and get on same page... so far that works to calm him down and get him refocused. I have to work in the world he is living in and it concerns me I might slide right in there with him. Mean time... it's pay off what is owed and keep explaining how we are doing it over and over.

Stay safe

prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed Be

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Choices, another Amish death in area


Heat index is running around 100 ℉ Charlotte wanted to watch Hubby but didn't want to go out with him as he went to the barn to get somethings for the HAM radio field day he will be attending on Saturday. 

A.C. is at 80 ℉. Weather forecast just extended the heat index over 100 until Sunday. This is not normal for this area especially this time of year. Curtains are closed to keep the sun out. Hubby opened the north window curtain and moved his laptop there instead of turning a light on or even light an oil lamp*which gives off heat* our usual go to for light. That window gets some shade  

We had lunch meat in tortilla wraps, chef salad (75% from our gardens) and egg salad (free eggs from Amish neighbor). I made strawberry ice cream using strawberries from the gardens. We picked up some Gatorade to keep electrolytes up after mine dropped after working in the gardens even though it was mostly in the morning otherwise it's mostly water. We have pulled some leftovers from the freezers to keep from cooking. We got a pizza from the local small store that serves lunches also. They got a new owner and he was tired of driving 20 minutes to get a pizza so he put in a pizza oven and expanded the store. It was good, thin crust was not soft so it held up well to the 4 toppings we had. On the expensive side if you are already in  town, the one gas station has good pizza same size for $11 . This was $18 and had 2 more toppings than the gas station one.

Hubby checked out an auction around the corner from us. They had a knee hole desk, 2 wood boxes (for storing fire wood) and some windows. Windows were too small, desk was bigger than what Hubby has and the wood boxes were pretty old and repaired a lot. So he didn't stay for the auction.

E came stopped in late last night to tell us a 14 yr old Amish boy lost control of the horse and buggy he was driving at the railroad crossing while a train was going pass. The buggy side swiped the train after the horse broke the cross gate , tossing the boy out and then landed on his head. He hit the road face first.They think he die instantly.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Heat stress


90 degrees she's sunbathing.... Hubby timed her, she was out for 10 mins. then came in , drank water and went to her den in the basement for an hour. 

I on the other hand spent 2 1/2 hrs, 3 bottles of water drank, in the gardens and in by 11. Went back out at 11:30 to finish the 4 beds covers to protect the lettuces... should have waited until evening because my BP dropped low, pulse went up after I came back in... we had turned on the AC and set it at 80 degrees. Gatorade, and rest brought everything back to normal including the lecture from Daughter 2 (her boys did 2 a day foot ball practice in this type of weather) and Son 2 due to Iraq. We won't mention (oh yes I will) that Hubby retired EMT drew a blank and went over to E and M's asking what he should do for me...M came over to check but I was already doing what I should be doing.She told me to take an umbrella to the gardens the rest of this week even in morning. Doc told me in by 11 was good(he gardens also) but don't go back out into the heat (index was 105) until after 8 pm.and only if the index is below 85.

So I rewrote my to do list and in middle of night added this.

Next time I will turn on the light and put on my glasses as neither of us could figure out what I wrote... I figured it out later it was supposed to be mosquito (mosq) pellets 4(for) pond. 

Hubby dealt with it and we picked what few berries was ripe... before 8 am. this morning. Laundry is on the line, he is in barn checking on the generator he might have to take to HAM radio field day on Saturaday. The barn is 80 degrees.

We  had chef salad last night and egg salad today. Probably will finish the egg salad at supper.

I am resting as required by my body, let alone everyone else.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity (common good sense also 😜)

Blessed be

Saturday, June 15, 2024



Toad in the middle of the deck but decided it was not the best place for him.

As for finances, we decided ours wasn't the best place for us either.

I asked Hubby over lunch what our goal was now... 

He drew a blank...

I started it to finish paying off taxes on the loan.. That will be done Beginning of July, 8 months early. 

 I brought up he priced pavers vs pouring cement for the area at end of ramp. Pavers is cheaper, easier to replace, so he gave me that figure to save (forgot to add taxes so I did that).

Then it was pay off house.... 

I brought up that both of us are having problems with our cell phones, they are about 10 yrs old. So we researched those. THEN we asked the kids, grandkids and a couple friends for their thoughts. When those come in we will look at what is best for us. BUT that money needs to be saved.

I will need some fresh seed(heirloom/open pollinated as I am moving that way and harvesting my own seeds) for next year's gardens, we have 2 fruit trees that need replace also. That money needs to be saved.

He was still blank of what the goals is now.

I told him the goal should be to live only on his Social Security. He asked why.

If I die, he won't have mine. I pay the groceries and medical.

If he dies , I will get his but no longer get mine which pays for groceries and medical... on top of we can't make the mortgage or a car payment on that amount. 

We don't want to use all of our retirement funds either. So we need to focus on running the house just on his Social Security ( I wondered if his congitive disfunction was going to create an issue with what I was saying, it's like flare ups of mild dementia).

He thought about it for awhile and came back with a 5 yr. plan.

SO durig heat wave I will look strongly at his 5 yr. plan and see if it is doable. 

He finally agreed to set limits on his spending on his credit cards and save the money for the items first then charge it.

I will add our propane being $1.899 is 10¢ a gallon cheaper than last year. I am also lowering what we order by 100 gallons since we have more than enough wood and coal. That is a saving of $204.

He picked up 4 fans on sale while at Menards with E as he knows that running a fan is cheaper than AC. I don't like how cold he likes it and we have 4 rooms that use the AC (no way to shut vents) that we don't use on a daily bases. Will probably turn it on during the heat wave but not for normal usage. 

I figured up what it costs for me to make English muffins, bagels (including fruit), plus cost of propane to bake it etc. Really helped when I was at store and could  figure out if I was  spening money I could save. I wrote the cost of everything on my grocery list, went to cheaper store (Save a Lot) and compared those prices to Walmart and Krogers. Hubby also saved $18.75 in fuel at Krogers Gas. One pound sausage was cheaper at Krogers than the other two. I figured Save A Lot would be cheapest.

He was made at himself as he forgot his check book when he went to get truck tags and license and had to pay a charge for using credit card. I need to remember to remind him to take it with him since I know he doesn't carry it with him.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity 

Blessed be

Heat wave coming.

 The purple martins are having a reunion on our barn fence. We have two houses for them.

In late afternoon until around 8 pm, the sun comes in strong through French doors. I hate closing them because we usually get a nice breeze and that is right across from stove. Hubby went out to barn and got Son 2's old patio umbrella he gave us when he put a roof over his patio. Works until around 7 pm.  Charlotte decided to move her blanket so she could lay on it in door way. 

Son 2 Gold Wing trike as having issues. So he traded it in and got a Harley triglide.  He offered to let us both test drive it. As I thought of getting one so I could take Hubby for rides since he can't hold his balance any more and sold our two wheel bike. Guess I could look also for side car.

Hubby is mowing around the gardens this morning so I can harvest in a couple hours. I will be pulling the peas as we have 54 meals now in freezer not counting what ever I harvest today. If we want fresh peas this fall I will plant fall peas end of July, beginning of Aug.

I will be planting zucchini and yellow squash . I always wait until I no longer see the little white moths that turn into squash bugs. 

Hubby asked what we were going to do during heat wave... 

I told him he didn't need to be mowing. He has some boxes sitting by his boots (in the way) that he can go through. I figured we could do some decluttering. Barn stays cool usually so he could do some cleaning out there. Maybe early morning work on wood but stop before the heat rolls in. Barn usually stays cool. 

I will clean the basement... nice and cool. Will wash the bedding, throws etc since it's a good solid week of no rain. 

We will water the gardens in late evenings. 

We can go visit his parents. 

There is a Produce auction on Tuesday (inside) and a Household auction Thursday morning. I have umbrella we can use to keep sun off us. 

Stay safe.

prayers for peace and sanity 

Blessed Be

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Busy day

 Our wood wagon (holds almost 3 cords) should be full of what is called blocks , end pieces of what Amish cut off while making pallets ...should ready for pick up today or tomorrow. Hubby thinks that he has enough when he finally gets the last 3 logs cut up for 2 yrs of heat. He will be a week unloading it and cutting it to fit our stove.

E asked if we could make room in our freezer for them to make 2 blocks of ice (using square kitty litter bucket that was cleaned) through the summer to make ice cream. Perfect timing and I made sure we could fit the bucket just incase M ran out of ice this summer. We put the first one in last night, Hubby is checking to make sure it's completely froze before starting the second one.

Hubby built new steps to the south end of the kitchen porch. We have been using 2 rail road ties and 2 cement blocks since we bought the home in 2018. Original punch list of what we wanted done for this home when we bought it is now complete. We have added a couple things like extending the cement pad at the bottom of the front porch ramp and changing out windows (will have Amish do it) but those will be done as money is tight this year do to the tax crap.

Charlotte loves it as she can lay on the top step and be in the sun and watch E and H when they work their fields, or when H's buggy horses his son trains plays in the back field.

I am tired of picking strawberries and preserving them. About a month after they stop I will be wanting them again.

Peas have started about 3 wks late. I got 3/4ths of a cup for the first picking.

Sent pic to Daughter 2 and told her I missed her... she was my "sheller" as she always thought shelling peas was relaxing. She sometimes is weird LOL. I got a I love you Momma back.

Charlotte is ready to sit out on the kitchen porch and watch the sun rise.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be

Monday, June 3, 2024

This week

 Hubby needed equipment to run drain tile correctly. He usually borrows from Amish. It was in use with a waiting list. I had him research what he could get and then check Amazon. He found it but told me to wait a week, in a week a friend of his that does constuction told him to change it to another brand that was just as good but cheaper. It was half price. 

We ordered security cameras. Besides security, one will be to show weather coming this way. Three times we have been hit with bad weather without warning. There are 3 radars from 3 locations, we are too far away and on down side of highest point in Ohio ( have micro climate) . This way we can see what the sky is looking like, Hubby can turn on Ham radio (he is VP of local Ham radio group) and check in with another group (that he used to belong to) west of us. I did tell him to set one so he can see the hummingbirds. UPDATE, we caught weak tornado forming on the camera that we had not been even alerted to tornado watch. We let our sheriff dept know it plus put it across the Ham radio.

Hubby loves Heinz 57 steak sauce. It's hard to find and we were told they were going to stop making it. Since he saved half the $$ on the equipment I found a case of it reasonable priced.That should last him at least 6 months. Mean time I found a recipe that is supposed to be close but I have to make raisin juice/puree. We grow grapes so I might let them go to raisins. I will be doing some testing to see if I can match it for him.

Hubby prefers Jiff peanut butter. He was down to the next to last jar. He priced it at local stores and they wanted over $5 for 12 oz. I found Jiff  natural for less than $4 for 16 oz. on Amazon.  I ordered 12, that will last him 6 months.

I froze snow peas, I froze more garlic scapes.

I froze large strawberries (strawberry grower down by kids lost half their crop due to rains "melting" the strawberries) and very small strawberries. We have had about 1/3rd "melt" due to rains and then hot weather. 

I canned 9 pints of strawberry jam. I pureed the strawberries and we decided we liked it better than just smashed or pieces. I have another pint of the "foam" and the extra to put with icecream and pancakes,waffles and French toast.  

I dehydrated more white rose petals and red rose petals for tea.

We went to chiro, dropped off donations, and then took Charlotte to vet (around the corner from chiro) for nail trim (takes 3 to cut her nails) and to get her meds for anixiety. She's had really bad anixiety even with just rain since the tornadoes hit Indian Lake. I also ordered her a Thundershirt as Vet is not thrilled with her on meds if the shirt will take care of the stress.We tried the meds Tuesday with the storm that went through. She still paced like crazy but wasn't drooling and panting. She calmed down faster also. Her "dog dad" wore a thundershirt, her "dog mom" had to take the meds. We got the thundershirt the morning before a storm. She did good (still some tremors) without the meds. She also woke me up in the middle of the night wanting it off... storm had passed and I think since she wasn't in the basement she was getting too warm.

Our Dairy Queen opened, it closed last year due to a car missing the curve and going through it. I got my "it's now summer" footlong coney


Hubby got a black raspberry blizzard. His "it's now summer". 

I finished harvesting the garlic scapes and the snow peas. Pulled the snow pea vines. I harvested more strawberries. 

Finished all 5 deep freezers of defrosting, inventoring and organizing. I found I was out completely some things and more than needed in others. I wrote out how many times they need to be on the table to bring that amount down.

I started cleaning, inventoring and organizing the 3 refrigerator freezers. RULE is now no leftovers put in without what it is and the date. SIGH. Hubby said he was sorry but he really couldn't remember what it was or when he put it in. Not a lot to toss but I did toss it. I also suggested he just put the leftovers in the frig and I would deal with them going to the freezers since I have a spot for leftovers to freezer so we use them up.

I updated the budget, still waiting on the propane costs for this coming winter. 

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be