Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What I did this week

I cooked 2 17 lbs turkeys over the weekend.

Monday morning I deboned the meat and made broth out of the carcass. Got 14 -1 lbs bags of turkey in the freezer and 2 gallons of broth. Did laundry and hung it on the drying rack. Ran the dishwasher and put those dishes away. Ran the dust mop. Washed out the outside dog water bucket all by 10 am. At 11 we left for my back injections that is a 4 hr round trip not counting the doc time. We stopped after my injections at a local restaurant, the cashier let us know if we waited 7 min we would save $6 as we were senior citizens. We waited. We have found I do better on the 2 hr ride back home if I eat within 15 min and stay PUT for thirty. Eating at this buffet works. I will now plan my appts so we stop after 2 pm. I came home, did the ice routine and went to sleep at normal time.

Tuesday... woke up at 3 wide awake, got up at 4 to let dogs out which meant Hubby got to sleep longer. Made coffee, started laundry, unloaded dishwasher. That will be the work for the day as I am LIMITED the first 24 hrs as the injections make my cerebral palsy flare a bit. No risking messing anything up. The  pain is way down. My hands did not go numb while I slept. We are having leftovers to clean what is left in the frig. Started listing what Christmas decorations we used in what rooms while living on the farm. Then started looking at that list to see what can be done here. We had a lot of decorations that died and are wanting to stay mostly LED. Jan 1st to Jan 31 is the highest electric bill we have of the year. Even beats 100 degree heat running AC in the summer.

Wednesday ... I slept through the night, woke up  to let Charlotte out, she went to Hubby's chair (he left early to haul a Styrofoam ice house to neighbor's family) so I went back to bed. Woke up at 8:30 feeling like a zombie and it wouldn't take much for me to go back to sleep. Laundry is rolling, 1st cup of coffee is sitting by my side. I researched Christmas decorations. Ordered undies for myself since they are no longer making the style I prefer. It looks like I might be making bras as I will not pay $30 each for that and I am very hard to fit. Did some cleaning in the mudroom . Moved the airfryer off the bfast bar to the mudroom by the sink. I use it often enough I don't want it in basement but I need the bfast bar for baking. Mudroom was the original kitchen and really small. We ate leftovers. Have one more leftover to use up before I cook again.

Thursday....  I got laundry washed and hung on drying rack. Got ready to go run errands before my appointments. Called the local shop for price on a full stick(log) of deli pepperoni (from Italy). They wanted $5.50 a lb. Decided to stop at the old IGA store where I used to get it when we lived on the farm. They gave me $2.50/lb OFF the price for buying the whole stick.  I carry a cooler when I am stopping at stores.

I went to Aldi's and got 6 butter and 6 boxes of brownie cookie (has choc chip cookie dough on top of brownie) and 2 boxes of graham crackers. I have not found a recipe for a brownie we like, either too dry or too moist. Wouldn't be hard to make my own choc chip cookie dough. I have that recipe.I got a rosemary tree... Hubby thought first it was a small pine until he looked close and realized it was an herb. I will probably kill it off before spring but for right not it looks nice on the bfast counter.

I had a mammogram and dexa study (bone density test). Thankful the hospital spent over 1 million dollars to get the new 3D mammogram (I have dense tissue and always end up with an Ultra sound also because of it) and bone density scanner. NO CRUSHING ....

 I stopped at CVS and got last of OTC meds we were missing.

Stopped at Walmart and got cup hooks for the front room curtain ties, clear 3M hooks for Christmas stockings, 3 small strands of lights (one for pumpkin decoration that died, one for a gallon jar for the laundry room and one white strand because I remember we needed white but can't remember what for). 2 dry mixes of oatmeal cookies I use on fruit crisps  or I should say Hubby does when I am down and he wants fruit crisp. I also got 3 choc chip cookie mixes for gifts for the one that does not cook from scratch. A 3 pack of caramel apples. I did check to see if they had my undies...had 5 pairs , none in my size and at $15 a pair. I was glad I found them on line for a lot less than that.

We do not have clothing in the budget at all. We buy if we have extra money and then we try to buy enough to go at least 1 yr.

Stopped back at Aldi's and got 6 more butter (still 24 lbs short for the year, I did decide to switch completely to unsalted (might be repeating myself) even though I prefer salted for food, no sense having both and then getting upset when Hubby uses the unsalted instead of the salted). Six more of the brownie cookie mixes, 12 of the brownie mixes (M needs them) 2 boxes of graham crackers (M needs them), 3 blueberry preserves, 4 boxes of golden raisins. (I want to make my old recipe of fruit cake) 4 boxes of ugly sweater cookie mixes for some friends that wear that type of sweater to a Christmas dinner every year. Bananas, milk, fresh cranberries,orange juice and pomegranates . Turkey cranberry dressing ravioli ( if we like it I will figure out how to make my own) strawberries, mushrooms, cucumber (to go in cream cheese dip) pumpkin roll (as Hubby requested it) prosciutto(my Italian adopted grandmother pops in to my cooking  at this time of year) and cheeses.... SIGH... I knew better, I really did. I just needed some shredded cheese as we are real low due to casseroles and soups as Hubby puts it in what ever soup we have for what ever reason. I needed ricotta ( pasta and calzones) and parmesan, mild cheddar (cheddar biscuits) mozzarella and Mexican style. We are completely out of sliced provolone so I got 1 package. Picked up 2 of slice Havarti cheeses as it is Hubby's favorite. Got a small block of colby my favorite... I really know better to even look but I did. This Aldi's brings in different cheeses for the holidays.  I got Brie (will go in puff pastry), spreadable cheddar cheese with horseradish (Christmas ham?), spreadable cream milk cheese with garlic and herbs,goat cheese crumbles, sun dried tomatoes with basil goat cheese crumbles, Boursin garlic and herbs ( old favorite of ours but I won't buy it at when it runs over $4 and really look for it at $3 if I have a coupon, this was less than $3.) Cranberry white cheddar cheese round, mini ash brie round, 2 blocks of Havarti Jalapeno for Hubby, 1 block of champagne cheddar cheese (New year's eve), 2 crimson cranberry white Stilton, Blue Stilton ( which I do not like but like a cheese ball that it is in so I bought it) AND as if that was not enough I started in the goat cheese rolls >>> 2 small rolls of plain goat cheese (put in soups or eat) 1 small roll of garlic & herbs goat cheese (soups or eat) 1 small roll of truffle goat cheese (Christmas day) 2 medium rolls of cranberry cinnamon goat cheese (cranberry or cinnamon bread toasted?) Large roll of Chevre Mollie goat cheese ( culinary class recipe of tomato soup with it) and 4 small rolls apple cinnamon goat cheese (apple pancakes, apple bread toasted or as French toast, apple cake, cinnamon bread), I lost track of everything Hubby named he thought he would like to try it on, I might have to get more just for that reason. I will admit we are cheese hounds. We don't go to the cheese factory for that reason.We also like a lot of different cheeses. I told Hubby Merry Christmas when I told him what cheese I bought.

I had pulled a jar from the freezer, looked like thick pasta sauce. It was, I warmed it up, put it on sub buns that needed used up and topped it with mozzarella cheese. Hubby said it hit the spot. I still have a bit left so I will melt Velveeta in it for a dip over the weekend to go with tortilla chips.  Called it a day about 2 hrs before normal and went to bed and passed out.

Friday... ugh... Slept a solid 6 hrs (haven't done that in awhile) got up, saw Hubby off that was going with a friend to get hay. Went back to bed and slept another 5 hrs. ZOMBIE ... Got the laundry washed and on the drying rack.  I need to get the golden raisins into jars and into the pantry. Deal with the pomegranates and fresh cranberries. Makes something for dessert for this weekend. Need to slice and freeze the pepperoni or I will just chunk it and have it gone in a month. IF I slice it, it will last about 4 months if not longer. Replace the lights in the pumpkin decoration, wash the gallon jar for the other lights. Put the cup hooks up for the front room curtains and hook the ties on them. Instead I am sitting here drinking the fourth cup of coffee (usually only drink 3) not wanting to move at all.   Still doing National novel Writing month so need to do some catching up on that. Looking around knowing I should be doing something even though Hubby just checked in on me and told me to rest. Maybe I will make pizza for dinner. I have pepperoni LOL

I did not do anything except work on list of daily until Jan 6th and writing...Hubby grabbed a $10 pizza on his way home from the gas station. It was loaded with veggies.

Saturday. Hubby off and running. Yesterday another hauler went in the hospital sick , has pneumonia and everyone else split his work load until he gets back out.

I got up with him to have a cup of coffee and talk over what we had going on today. I did get laundry done and on the drying rack so if I fall back to sleep it is done. Having omelets and ham for dinner.