Wednesday, September 19, 2018

trying to set a new

It's starting to be every other day we have this sight in the morning.

The routines seems to be settling in some. I changed a couple things in the kitchen drawers since I kept walking to one drawer for the can opener and it was in another. Easier to move the can opener than retrain me LOL.

Mornings are started with us sitting either on the kitchen porch or at the dining table drinking our first 2 cups of coffee, talking about what needs done, who is doing what etc. I start a load of laundry between cup 1 and 2 and then I hang that out on the kitchen porch clothesline. It's 8:45 ...the Amish kids walk by to catch the buggy ride at the end of this road at that time.

I then unload the dishwasher and put that away.IF I am going to the old place I leave for there. Usually around 2 I will head back here with my car looking like this.
Yesterday it was both my Jeep and my Ford. Ford blew the muffler on the way here and since it's heading to the junk yard as the axle is going bad I won't be fixing it. Hubby was kind of shocked that I was driving it even with him following. Not the first time the axle broke with me driving that car.

When I get home it's fix dinner, load dishwasher and set to run after bedtime. Put out what ever needs thawed for the next day's dinner. We spend some time either on the Kitchen porch or sitting at dining table. If we can we will watch the news for the weather in the front room. I will do some computer work,balance the budget, update punch out list for both places and then read until bedtime which is around 8:30.

If I don't go over to the old place I do something in the gardens or on the yard work in the morning and again in the evening. I unload the car and put it away. Continue to work my way through the boxes that are here and moving furniture around to work better during the day until dinner time. Our morning and evening routines are pretty much the same.

Breakfast is usually toast,cupcakes, cake, cookies (as we had some left from the reunion last Sunday), Hubby does cold cereal few and far between. I know when it gets cold it will be oatmeal or cream of wheat...maybe grits for him. Milk gravy and bread or biscuits. We prefer warm breakfasts when it is cold. Pancakes,French toast and waffles are more of a weekend or breakfast for dinner item.

Lunch is leftovers or lunch meat wraps except on Wed or Thursday then it might be Pfieffer Station lunch of meatloaf(Wed) or beef and noodles(Thurs).

The last couple nights for dinner we had leftover fried chicken my brother brought to the reunion along with the leftover mashed potatoes son2 brought for the noodles my cousin brought ...which I didn't get any of  noodles🙁🙁.  Tonight is 123 pasta using smoked sausage (freezer), onion( I grew) and bell pepper( neighbor gave us) with diced tomatoes the I have canned. We are eating mostly from the pantry or what we are given.

I've pretty broke the routine of going to the grocery store(Kroger's) every week. Last week Hubby spent $4 getting milk at the gas station when he got fuel because he figured it was cheaper than him going into the local Walmart and spending money on what we didn't need. I then reminded him that Save A Lot was a block from that gas station and the milk would have been less than $2.

I would like to get a cleaning routine set but right now it's clean as needed and focus on the moving etc still. Every Saturday morning I do dust mop the dog hair (HA HA) off the floors.

Blessed Be