Wednesday, August 11, 2021

canning jars and lids

 Over 1500 and I messed up and didn't order enough quart wide mouth or pint regular mouth. I walked over to M before the semi driver had pulled away to let her know I had jars. That was at noon. By 4, two of the kids was over with the pull wagon to get 6 dozen of the regular mouth quarts. E had been to 3 places and got ZERO jars. 

 More than once I went to check on Wilbur. More than once out of habit for sure I would call "I am going out, Wilbur do you have to potty?" and then remember he isn't here. The tears still come, I just remind myself he is with his mom and being happy and free. Charlotte and Rascal hardly ate, Rascal clingy more than normal. Charlotte kept nosing Wilbur's collar so I put it on her and she settled down pretty good. She took it off her self(easy to do as his neck was bigger than hers) and laid in on his blanket that he always wadded up to sleep on during the day. I left it there. Probably won't mess with it until next week if then as I had just washed it a couple days before.

We got decent rain so I won't be watering. I will be canning. 

Wilbur is over the rainbow bridge

 back together with his mom

Weebels and his siblings as he was the last living of her litter. 

Born May 3rd 2008 on my Daddy's birthday. Died August 10th 2021. Exactly 1 yr and 1 month from Daddy dying.

Found a softball size lump on his neck last night that hadn't been there that morning as I check all my dogs for lumps.  Emergency vet said cancer and it was crushing his wind pipe and in his lymphoid.

Hard day today as Charlotte has never been without him. She kept nudging his collar so I put it on her , seemed to comfort her. She took in off herself a couple hours later. Rascal looked for him last night and this morning... 

Heart breaking through the entire family as he was originally Daughter 2's dog and from her older dog's litter. 

Blessed be everyone