Sunday, July 22, 2018

3rd week of July and being frugal

Just a ramble each day so I could remember by the end of the week.

I was given zucchini  and sweet corn to process for pantry

I was given a red tomato for our salad and a green tomato that was fried for the next night's dinner..

I loaded our box trailer and we took it to 209 when we went over to check on other stuff. Hubby brought it home the next day after he went over to work on moving fence posts and I stayed home to deal with corn and zucchini.

I went and got canning jars and saved $ 4/ case between coupons and sale.

I stopped at CVS and got Hubby's allergy meds and saved $12 between the coupon, sale and Extra Buck rewards.

I went to the grocery store and saved 31% plus got double fuel points.

I bought my soon to be granddaughter a gift card for Target her favorite store at Kroger's and got double fuel points. Score for both of us.

We used half of my Kroger fuel points  on gas,I have $1.20 but you can only spend $1 off per gal so Hubby used 60 cents saving the rest for the next fuel up in town.

We have used Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas when we were at 209.

Using the herbs I have grown I mixed a batch of Italian seasoning.

We split a sandwich and drink while working at 209 and came home earlier than usually for dinner.

Dinner is what ever veggie I am processing with what ever is quick. By time we get to dinner time neither of us has much energy for even eating.


Hubby was given a coupon for 50% off for the local pizza shop so he got calzones that provided us with 2 meals.(Tuesday)

Hubby reserved his flight and rental car for his trip of deep sea fishing with his friend for next month. He checked several different places and compared it to cost of driving including wear and tear of car before deciding to fly. He used our AARP and his Enterprise discounts to get a price lower than what the gas would be. He reactivated his Delta sky miles card that his employer had got him when he was flying south for a couple years several years ago .His friend is using his discounts to get the hotel. This is his "retirement" gift from me and his friend but they are thinking it could become a yearly get together for them. Our son gave us his old carry on bag as he is now required to use his military one when traveling for work.(Tuesday)

I super glued the end of my "paint" shoes so I wouldn't catch that little piece and trip and fall. (Wed)

Our head contractor okayed us throwing our old paint in the dumpster he has at 209, we weren't sure if it was for hazard waste and it is. Saved us close to $100 extra , of course we are already paying for the dumpster anyways but sometimes a construction dumpster does not allow hazards like paint or asphalt roof shingles.(Wed.)

The contractors working on the house have turned off the AC when it is cooler out side and the humidity is low enough for paint to dry. They only turn it on when the humidity is over 60 % .(all week)

A sub contractor damaged one of the doors on the kitchen cabinets and they installed the pipes to the sinks wrong. I filed a complaint with the head contractor, the carpenter that was there reported it also. Sub contractor is now paying for repairs and the fix for the plumbing plus he gave us 5% off his final bill.Head contractor told me most wouldn't have bothered to say something to him so he could get it fixed, would have just bad mouthed both the sub contractor and him. (Thurs)

On the not so frugal side of money but frugal side of time, I bought the ingredients prepared for a cook out instead of preparing them myself. The recipes I choice were based on the fact there are food allergies and diabetes concerns at this cook out. Saved me 2 hrs of prep time.(Sat)


I made 123 pasta onion, 1 cup of meat,2 cups of veggies and 3 cups of pasta. It made enough for us to have 2 meals from it with the 2nd one being a reheat.

Our neighbor at 209 gave us more corn to process for the pantry.

A friend gave us some fruit salad she made that they weren't going to get ate. We had it with corn on the cob, cheese and crackers and called it dinner.

The company that is installing our water softener offered to change the plumbing so we are only softening what is being used in the house instead of all of it. The sub contractor thought he had it so we would only be doing the house but the softener can't be installed where he thought it could. They said they weren't going to charge us for the change because they told him how to set the plumbing.The guy doing the installation let us know today as he thought he could be there to install Monday but it looks like next week now as he needs some things to come in first.