Monday, September 13, 2021

savings last week

 All the bills paid on time, credit cards due paid off. 

I was going to go back to the grocery store and get dairy and some freezer stuff... I didn't.

We ate from the gardens... ours and other peoples that was giving us stuff like 3 butternut and 2 acorn squashes and filled in with the pantry. I am still harvesting peas, onions and tomatoes.

We bought local honey from Amish. We got discount as Hubby hauls for them off and on.

We bought 4 pumpkins and got a discount as Hubby hauls for them twice a week. After they spend some time as decorations I will cook and dehydrate, then grind that to powder.

The front porch is getting redone on Thursday. We cleared it and I painted the bottom face boards using white paint left over from when we painted the house. I also painted 4 posts. If they can't be used on front porch (we can't see if the posts is actually the bottom feet of the porch floor) then they will go to the kitchen porch which makes me ahead on that project.

I planted 36 different variety of seeds in the fall garden. Hubby already had the hoops for low tunnels over the boxes. Now it's wait and see what comes up.

Doc sent looked over our blood work and let us know we are low in some of our vitamin areas and what they were. He wants us to eat the food not pop a supplement. 

I canceled Sam's club membership.

We open windows in morning and again in the evening. If it's about 85 in afternoon we run the AC for Rascal. He is black and gets hot and then throws up... I guess we are doing it for us to not have to clean throw up. ;) Electric bill was still below budget.

Blessed be