Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love this time of year. I remember the smell of burning leaves, cool crisp mornings while walking to school and warm afternoons of carrying the jacket or sweater I had to wear that morning.I love the colors of the turning leaves. I love taking down the summer decorations and lighter weight and color of table linen,curtains, blankets etc. and putting up the ones to celebrate this coming season.

This time of year also is the busiest for me. Harvest coming in,planting some fall cool weather crops, fall cleaning (yes I wash walls and woodwork, one room a week which is one wall a day), starting to put the food together for Thanksgiving and cookie dough for Operation Thank You (sends things to deployed troops) and cookie dough for Christmas in to the deep freezer to keep the work load down to manageable.

I hated seeing summer end when the kids were little, I always enjoyed being with them and the relaxed summer schedule we had BUT I enjoyed the shopping for school clothes and supplies because it meant I got some new things also.

I enjoy the foods of fall more than summer, hearty soups and sandwiches, casseroles and roasts.I even plan to go back to baking my own bread.We don't eat much sliced bread for sandwiches anyways, more of tortilla wraps, sub buns and thin bagels.

So here is to the next season coming in and this one going out.

Blessed Be