Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Heat Index here has hit over 105° on several days, not the norm for where I live. Hot yes, 90's yes but not the index of that. My tiger lilies usually bloom during the Dog Days of Summer ,called such because the dog star Sirius raises with the sun from July 3- Aug 11 ...or something close to that, not because the dogs lay in front of the AC vents and block the cold air from you.

I've been out of town off and on the last couple weeks while Hubby kept the home fires ...out , I started to say burning but he was definitely making sure the house,dogs and himself stayed cool even when the Central air broke down and the landlord couldn't get anyone in for a couple days to fix it. Over 20 yrs old but as long as it is maintained it works good, landlord's thoughts are if it's not broke , ignore it ...SIGH.

I want to plant some lettuce for fall but as hot as it is right now, it would be wasting seed.

Still I was able to harvest some zucchini that the bugs hadn't ate alone with an eggplant, tomatoes, onions ,and a lonely cucumber for fresh eating. IF the bugs isn't killing my plants(probably the only moisture they can find) the heat is even with watering.

I dehydrated basil, choc mint, peppermint, apple mint and spearmint. I'm not going to be lacking in mint teas.

I updated the pantry list, what is needed not what I have (I keep more than a year's worth of food) and printed off that list. Goal is to have it completely stocked back up by Nov 1.

I appealed my denial for my back injections, and got approval.... YEAH. Now the doctor is checking to make sure WHAT exactly was approved so I don't end up with any bill afterwards.SO, it's approved but not scheduled yet.

I  mended a full laundry basket of hand mending that was scattered through the house.

I shared a carry out Chinese dinner with my son when he got back in town, and I bought extra  to feed Hubby and me for a couple days, I think with the stuff I am adding to it we will get a 2rd day out of it.That's probably good since we are getting a bit tired of it but with what is left we can freeze if needed so it doesn't go to waste.

What did you do this week?