Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rambling... new clothes .

First this is what I bought...from J Peterman as my birthday gift for myself.
This is definitely my style though way more than I usually spend. I can tell you it will definitely keep me warm in the cold months as it is lined and the lace is attached to the liner.  I can take tucks in the waist if I ever lose any more weight ( I really hope to stay stable there as if I lose more weight and have a Crohn's attack I will end up being underweight with in a week) another bonus, is I could make a simple pattern from the skirt.

This is close to the hoodie I used to borrow from my one grandson. He passed it to me after he out grew it and I wore it out after wearing it 5 more years. I wanted something more dressy than a sweatshirt type hoodie Once again, more than I usually pay.

Awhile back I bought jeans on sale with a couple gift cards that I had been given... Faded Glory boot cut and a couple pairs of this that has became my favorite jeans
Levi Strauss Signature curvy boot cut... (this is the model for Walmart)

I already checked I do have plenty of warm weather clothes so won't need to be buying anything. I do hope HA HA to have time to do some sewing of skorts and aprons but with doing the house and everything I am doubtful of that being done as I will be making curtains for the house warm weather first and cold weather second.

I already bought "summer" shoes when they were on clearance at Walmart. I got winter dress boots at Goodwill.

Now on to 209