Monday, February 5, 2024

February to do list

 Call life insurance and find out why payment wasn't pulled for my and 3 of the kids's insurance. 

Calling our HVAC/plumbing and electric repairman as the water heater has dropped temperature. Not only needs fixed (probably replaced) but we want a bigger pressurized tank in the pump house so I don't have to take 45 minutes to fill a soaking bathtub when on solar power. 

Deal with the turkey carcuss that I roasted yesterday and could not bring myself to just toss it in the trash so made more broth SIGH.

Print copies of medical reports from other doctors for primary, cardiologist  and GI that is not in same network.

Call local dentist and see if they are accepting patients as our dentist closed their office. I've called 2 they recommended and they are full. 

Print off directions for quick oats, regular oats, minute rice and long grain rice I gave to Daughter 2, grandson wants to post it so he knows how to cook it.

Pick up cover for grow light cart being made by Amish tarp guy.

Check and process the winter squash in storage.

Prune fruit trees, berry vines and roses.

Fertilize raised beds, cover 2 beds for early spring planting and order strawberry plants.

Go shopping for dining table and chairs for Daughter 4, Son 2 and maybe us as the table we have is falling apart and the Amish guy said the veneer need replaced  and with the style of legs it's going to be very hard to do and expensive. The legs are also dried out to the point they are splitting in half.It's not stable any more. It's over 100 yrs old. I think we will move it to the barn loft to be used for sorting stuff.  

We are contacting our home insurance agent and making sure we are up to date.

Making sure our will etc is up to date. 

If I get 1/4th of this done I will be happy 

Daughter 4 update

Daughter 2's granddaughter had to have her shunt replaced as it stopped working. Surgeon said because she grew and as she grows it will have to be replaced so more of those happening but a normal thing for children with shunts. Scared the crap out of the family as they didn't remember that part.

 Daughter 2 found her a house to rent and helped her get a copy of her license so she could get a car. Local Buy Here Pay Here cut their down payment to help her. They are where her son bought his car which broke down at the time of the fire. He got it towed in and they are fixing it and just putting that bill on the loan he already has so no money out of pocket since I paid for the tow. 

Her landlord helped her find renters insurance, the agent went through the rental and not only made sure she was going to be covered , a list for the landlord of things that needed repaired (handy man already fixed most of it and will be working on garage when the other renter finishs getting his stuff out)was made  AND gave them the number for Red Cross to come put in smoke detectors. Salvation Army is also helping.

Daughter 2 started the go fund me plus got a local restaurant to do a fund raiser for her. She got a percentage of the sales that happened last Wednesday. 

Son2 had been gathering clothes for them and gave her 50% of his kitchen stuff.

Hubby's brother was clearing his rental house that his granddaughter was renting from him and donated beds her kids didn't want when they moved out and side tables, couch, and dishes from it. His sons own a church that donated cleaning products and bath towels and wash cloths. Daughter 4' s daughter also got a twin bed for her older daughter. 

MIL donated two sets of dishes, glasses, silverware, cups, coffee pot and filters, cooking utensils and casserole dishes.  

Daughter 4's uncle on biological side donated more furniture to her that had been her grandparents before they went to nursing home.

We dug out the old dog cage and cleaned it up (I cured onions on it) for Mace her surviving dog. They cage him when no one is home or when a lot of people are in the home. He doesn't like a lot of people around him at this time. We call it his den as she covered it so he could hide from people and feel safe. His mother was that way about at that age. We also gave some dog toys Charlotte does not play with but I kept from Rascal.

Tomorrow we are going to go find her a table and chairs for 6-8 people. They have nothing to eat on and she misses having family dinners. Her daughter only has a table for 4. There is 7 in the family. We do have a banquet table we can lend her until we find something. She said chairs do not have to match... Geeze I never had chairs that matched anyways in almost 50 yrs.

She has to be cleared by her doctor to go back to work (appt is today) and have the fire report (it's done but for some reason they can't get it to print, they say) and have her license.She ordered birth certificates and Social Security cards. Since she had her bank's app on her phone AND had her phone when she got out of the house. Habit of grabbing it when she got out of bed. She was able to do change of address on the app and then order new checks and debit card through the app. 

She is in therapy and going to meetings so she doesn't "toss away" (her words)  almost 10 yrs of being clean and sober. 

She has put aside some of the money coming in as she knows without a paycheck coming in for half the month, the next two months will be rough. She has bagged up what she knows she is donating and is dropping it off today.