Monday, January 17, 2022

UPDATE Day 9???

 My crohn's has went back to where it was when I started Humira two years ago, even though 1 yr ago this month I was in full remission with out signs of damage. They are thinking the hip and it's replacement triggered enough inflammation to retrigger the Crohn's as it triggered inflammation up my entire back causing headaches. That is the bad news.

The good news according to my Doctor is we know Humira will work so it's back on the original schedule of one shot every two weeks instead of once a month like it has been the past year. AND remove chemicals from my diet AND increasing anti inflammatory foods. WHICH is more than I did two years ago. 

Told me to look at my garden as my drug store and the food as the medicine. Can use it as practice when I hit Medicare and they don't want to pay for the Humira. His wife and him garden and can a lot of their own food.

What am I doing?

Still in pain that rolls through on a 2 hr time frame instead of a 10 min time frame, still cramping goes with the pain and chilling. Have the shakes (might be a drop in caffeine as I am drinking ginger tea and white tea instead of black tea). I am able to eat 1/2 cup of food at a time and then have to wait 3 hrs before I can handle eating again. I've lost 8 lbs. 

MEANTIME I have finished hunting for seeds and am now planning what to start when in the grow cart. 

Hubby has ran 3 people to the ER in the past week including one today. Medication is taking twice as long to get filled. 

Things are not good.