Saturday, May 5, 2012

I did not die

but I have been fighting my health.My son in law asked how I was doing, I told him I woke up breathing, he said that was a good thing.I told him it depends on the day. He didn't think I was funny.

I am starting the hoop jumping for what I hope is the final surgery for YEARS. I have issues with my sinus cavities being broken and not healed correctly that I have put off getting fixed for about 30 yrs. I had part of the surgery done when the youngest was one. She bashed my face the day after surgery with her hand when she was trying to crawl up on me while I laid on the couch recovering and it hurt so bad that I didn't go back and have the rest of the surgery. I know that is a really bad excuse but it's the truth. It's okay, go ahead and laugh, I do.Since it now hurts all the time like a really bad toothache, I figure I can deal with it.

In the mist of everything else, I talked hubby into letting me get a puppy with the line our older dog would help potty train it. Rascal was only 6 wks when we got him. His mom was pregnant and abandoned, starving so much she didn't have any milk to feed her 11 babies when they were born. ALL of them are fine now and His Extended Hands Sanctuary in St Paris OH has done a great job.  .Rascal has adjusted better and faster than we thought he long as he sleeps against me. Since he doesn't stay "dry" all night, I have taken to sleeping on the front room floor or couch with him. I wake up faster and get him out side (saying the words repeatedly potty outside, business outside, like he understands that)hopefully in time to not have to clean the carpet. I should have stock in carpet cleaning products and steam cleaners.Our older dog, Kira has done very well with him.She's never had a litter and has spent most of her life in a shelter but has shown motherly actions towards him....until he takes her food or chews on her too much or won't let her sleep ...then she takes a FIRM stand. Oh wait that is also being a mother....SMILE. Her and I cuddle together when he finally passes out for a nap and coo over him like we are new parents. LOL.

Meantime, the garden needs to be put in (repeatedly as Rascal digs up what ever he sees me plant).There is work to do on the house, walls to paint, woodwork to refinish, more weatherization (have caulk gun, will travel) to bring those heat bills down more.


I have decided I waste too much in the kitchen and the grocery budget was up to over $600 (food,non-food, and eating out) and that to me was unacceptable.

I think $225 should be good, especially with my pantry and the garden.

We will see.

Blessed Be