Friday, January 12, 2024

Wood in

 Night time wood(heavy and larger size) and 160 LBS of coal in wagon

Day time wood 

Daytime wood sitting in wheel chair bathroom (HA HA). He will move it when he goes to put his clothes away LOL

Odds and ends of small or thin wood(kindling??) and heavy blocks of wood under trash can

Day time wood with wood scraps in bucket

Night time wood

It should last us 4 days with what is in house and what is on porch is another 3 days of each without counting coal as we only add a couple scoops to the night time wood or when we are going to be gone for the day.

Last night weather report was 55 mph gusts with 35 mph winds with temps in SINGLE digits, at least one day at ZERO with the winds. I had already showed Hubby on my phone yesterday morning the forecast for single digits. He shared it with E yesterday afternoon. After the weather forecast of the high winds. Hubby went over and told E as he won't want his horses out in that. 

That means wind chill temps will be from -15 to -30 starting tomorrow with this weekend being the worst. I put beef stew on the menu for tomorrow. I will bake bread today. Probably a custard and cake. We both know with winds like that Charlotte will be pacing in the house and trying to get her out to potty is going to be ME going with her. 

Today we have 95% chance of rain with temps in high 30s.

We need the rain. Amish is looking for a pond to cut ice and it's not going to be ours. Neighbor down the block had water delivered to his pond so E is hoping he will let them cut ice. 

Even though we have gotten some rain, it's not be enough.

I closed the upstairs off. One has a door but the other stairway has no door but  I have heavy curtains hanging and binder clipped them shut along with towels at the bottom tucking them into the stairs. Usually with the wood stove we leave them open. House was already dropping in temperature when I got up at 1am this morning to feed the fire and let Charlotte out (deer was in the driveway AGAIN).

Stay safe

Prayers for peace.

Blessed Be