Tuesday, March 10, 2020

when you think you weren't frugal all week

and realize you really were more than you thought

Hubby is dotting i's and crossing t's for his hobby turned business. He ball parked it costing $6,000 to start, I said $8000... it's closer to $10,000... almost to the dollar of the trailer he paid off last year.

He called our farm ins guy and asked for referrals for a business inc..... Our guy came back with 8 quotes... he marked 3 that he felt offered the best coverage. We chose 1, and paid for the year (ouch) to save us over $1000.

When Legal zoom called to verify all they did (which saved us $2000 compared to local lawyer) they offered to do the state stuff... Hubby turned down the offer saving us $1600, he has spent 8 hrs so far doing the state stuff himself.

He still have to get a DOT physical and drug test.

He still has to have both trailers and the truck inspected.

He has to change the plates on the one trailer to commercial , tags are due in June anyways.

He has to finish his UCR  (some registration) and the IFTA (fuel stuff)..it's in process. When DOT called him, to go over what was needed , they were surprised he had so much done or in process. Said it normally takes 4-6 months to get someone through it. They did send him an email so he can check it off and then send them back the info they need when he is finished. Might be because we both have been self employed and know what needs done. He got his business bank acct.Now I am running 4 checking and 4 savings on top of the IRA. He hate paperwork and I do better at saving than he does.

Hubby took pet screen that we bought to replace a window screen and cut it and made covers for the ends of our rain gutters... there is a screen over the top to stop birds from making nests but they didn't put end caps on it so the birds just wiggled in through the ends. We figure if the dogs can't cut it with their nails the birds can't with their beaks.

I washed all the towels, bedding, dog blankets aka beds and throw blankets and dried them on the yard clothes line when we had a warm breezy day yesterday. I dried 2 pillows I washed from the couch (Wilbur lays on them) in the dryer.

We sat down with the punch list we created when we bought the house 2 yrs ago. and updated repeatedly through those two years. We have 163 still listed.

I cleared the blue berry bushes pots, made a note for Hubby as he is usually the one to make the coffee for us, to not toss the coffee grounds to use in the blueberries.

I cleared the black berry vines , need 2 more trellis added as they have grown past the trellis that is there.

I cleared the 12 rhubarb mounds, E told me to take the manure that is he spread in the pasture last month if I needed if for my rhubarb because it would be well rotted by now and next Feb to use 10-10-10 fertilizer before they come up.

I cleared the flower hill and the small lily patch at the mudroom door.

I cleared the herb garden that Hubby mowed over 3 times last year. Since they came back up Hubby has requested I move them to a sq ft garden.

I cleared the strawberry patch and I requested they be moved to a sq ft garden as the grass in that area is over taking the strawberries.

I cleared the walking onions patch. Looks like I might be able to start getting a few this year.

I started a rock garden in the cubby area that grows weeds and the dogs run through. I used weed barrier we already had that Hubby took up last fall and gathered large rocks out of the gardens and where ever I find them around here. E told me to walk the back field after he plows as there are several back there.

I started clearing the flower garden on the north side of the house. I have some bulbs I am going to plant there that did well on the north side of the old farm.

We cleared a 6 x 6 ft area in the barn to put stuff we are giving to Daughter 4 (she takes our donations and passes them to people that are in need) PLUS she figures her daughter who is graduating this year is probably going to get her own place, she's talked of a studio or a 1 bedroom as she doesn't want to have a room mate at first.

Clothing budget came in under.

New phone came in a bit over budget but I needed ear buds so I can be hands free for our law in state. I am going to have to learn talk to text and how to voice command my GPS LOL.. Son 2 can help me with that as he uses it all the time. Hubby connects through his truck radio. I might do that also. I usually just don't bother to answer it if I get a call or text but I have clicked to check GPS which means it is in hand... I bought a weather tech phone cup holder as I don't have any place to put a phone on my dash that won't block my view.Nor will the vent clip that Hubby uses work with my vents.

We ate from the freezer in the kitchen... All that is left is fish patties(4 for 1 meal) ice cream, orange zest, 3 small packages of lunch meat to wrap around pickles with cream cheese and ice packs. I will have to reload it from one of the other freezers for this coming week.

I have to straighten the spices and herbs, can winter sq, and do the ironing. Not sure what I will get done . I woke up buried in dogs and my back is complaining about it. I think I heard a rumble of thunder while I was sleeping. Charlotte and Rascal don't like thunder. Rascal hates wind I definitely heard it. Might have to take a nap instead LOL

How is your week going?