Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is it just women

that run around the day before surgery and clean everything, prep food and do the laundry?
 I can add on deal with the 1200 sq ft gardens and my great grandson's afghan that I need 2 hr to complete.

A neighbor (in his low 20's) came in last night and mowed the largest part of the yard and is coming back to deal with a mole we discovered yesterday after he mowed. Hubby will have to finish around the house and trim as the neighbor's mower was too big to get in some areas around my gardens. But he cut down a 6 hr job to a 2 hr job for Hubby and we made sure he knew we were very grateful.

Let's Hubby work in the gardens with me and cuts MY time down.

Hubby told me to do the afghan first as doing it with a arm in a sling is time consuming and difficult (yes I tried to just to see if I could do it) and he isn't willing to learn to crochet. I could ask one of my kids to finish it but I am going to block out time to finish it myself. Anything else he can deal with himself.

torn muscles ( they located 4 on the MRI,) bone spur above bursa hurts now but Hey I can still use it unlike a couple years ago I couldn't lift my coffee cup out of the microwave and put it on top of the microwave.

I've looking forward to having the surgery and getting this fixed... I am not looking forward to the IV. I have very small veins that roll, blow out and disappear.I've made nurses cry because of how it goes.

MEAN TIME water and water and more water... try to pump it up as of midnight the liquids are shut off and surgery is at 2: 00 pm.

The good thing is even though I had to buy some clothes to wear, I bought mens elastic band shorts in my son's size because I tried his shorts on and I could make them work and I bought 6 shirts that my son fondly calls Hawaii shirts for a total of $50. My son is buying the shorts and at least 2 of the shirts if not 3 of them off me after I am done with them so I will get back $35. Thankfully I have a lot of slip on shoes so I didn't have to go buy any.

I best get back at it.

Blessed Be