Tuesday, April 6, 2021

We have started planting!!!!!

 I got the Little Snowpeas White in and the First 13 peas in. I cleared as best as I could as I still have trouble getting up and down with the hip the north flower garden. 

We had a zucchini noodle with Angel hair pasta with garlicy yogurt sauce that was on Sara Moulton's weeknight meals. The dish was okay... too much lemon for our taste and I cut it in half to begin with. FYI I love lemon pie and we drink lemonade. Definitely not what I would do for a weeknight meal as it took over 30 minutes to prep and took 3 pans to put the one dish together. 

Today after laundry and dishwasher is unloaded. I am going to spray the asparagus patch with neem oil to help keep the bugs off when its fully light  around 8 am. I will take the organic weed killer and hope this one actually works as I have weeds in the asparagus patch and the north garden that just keeps coming back. So I will do those two areas. 

I want to clear the rhubarb. 

I want to get spinach, radishes, carrots, turnips and parsnips in today or tomorrow... some lettuce in pots as it's still iffy about growing them in the garden. In pots I can bring them in to the barn or the pump house.  I might do some beets, a bit early to start them but the ground is 50 degrees.... dandelions are up and they come up when the ground is 50 degrees.

Washer buzzing... to the clothes line, unload dishwasher and on to work