Friday, November 20, 2020

Frugal Friday

I reused the inserts in cold cereal, bisquick and such boxes. In fact I am still using ones that Daddy had used that are over 3 yrs old. I wash them, dry them, roll them up and reuse. They hold up better in freezer when flash freezing than parchment or wax paper. 

Hubby reused the foil off the lasagna he washed (SHOCK) and put it on the brownies, then used it to cover the pot pie after he washed it again. Said last night it was beyond washing as it fell apart in his hands. Believe me it took wanting to pay the mortgage off early to get him on board of washing foil and plastic food bags

I washed freezer bags and sandwich bags and hung them on the kitchen porch line to dry. I used silicone covers on some containers that do not have lids. I put them on the clothes line to dry also. I've been known to use a saucer on a bowl and a plate over a serving bowl also.

I froze brussels sprouts, caramelized onions and hamburger rolls. I am still canning tomatoes that are ripening in the grow cart trays. I am tired of tomatoes LOL

We did not go to the store even though Hubby thought we should check out the sales.

I saved the crumbs from a box of cold cereal to put in the fruit crisp that is on the menu next week 

I  put 1 meal of leftover broccoli cheddar soup and 1 meal of chicken pot pie to go with the leftover green beans, ham and potatoes that are already there. Those are on the menu for first week of Dec due to 3 medical appts back to back. 

We set the budget for buying Christmas decorations and live trees. Hubby pulled the decorations down from the barn loft so I don't have to climb up and down stairs to carry them down. I can start looking at one container each day. This is the first year of decorating the deck.

I have combined 2 blood works, 1 MRI, 3 vet appts and our chiro appts into 2 days this coming week as they are an hour away from us. 

Except for Thanksgiving, meals will be simple with plan overs (instead of leftovers) . For Thanksgiving we are smoking a turkey breast (cutting legs and wings off whole turkey as Hubby was not paying that price triple of a whole turkey just for a breast and roasting them for another meal and bones for broth). Home grown sweet potatoes, home grown brussels sprouts, Amish grown pumpkin into pie and homemade bread or rolls.  Extra smoked turkey will be froze to make what I call blue plate special... turkey over bread dressing (rolls or bread if not dressing) or mashed potatoes, green beans or corn gravy over all of it and cole slaw and some dessert. 

Thankful 20th

 I am thankful I have extra stock that I can take to Daughter 4 ( no one else needs anything) 

I am thankful that I have more tomatoes ripening and being canned, even though I am tired of seeing tomatoes.

I am thankful of another small harvest of volunteer kale and mustard. I wonder what it will take to kill since we have had a couple freezes.

I am thankful that due to the colder weather, M won't need as much ice and I will have room for at least two hams in that freezer. 

I am thankful my health ins is doing a 3 day turn around on approval of medical testing so I can get it done this year when it's not costing me anything since I have maxed my out of pocket

Blessed be