Saturday, February 6, 2021

Update on Daughter 4

 This coming week is her last week of radiation and chemo. 

She gets rescanned on March 4th to see if the cancer is still active or restarts. THEN she will have surgery. 

Right now insurance is only willing to pay for the ovary to be removed even though the Doctor feels ALL  should be removed as the cancer could start else where. PLUS  I brought up the fear she is dealing with triggering her PTSD and bipolar, she brought it up to her doctor... or I should say she showed him my text. Then her Lupus doctor chimed in that it could trigger her lupus to flare up when she's had in under control. It's starting to flare now with her off all medication. 

She is handling all the stress by taking her 5 dogs outside to play in the snow several times a day. 

Son 2 dropped off a couple yoga dvd's he had for her. As her doctor will not release her to work with weights or walk in her steel toe shoes but told her she could do some relaxing yoga. 

She earned enough extra money being taxi to some elderly to buy  a crib and some sheets for her grandbaby. 

She is also now getting her dog food for a huge discount thanks to the vet that she takes the dogs to. 

She is planning on having a baby shower for her daughter in March. Not sure if it will be virtual or in person. She knows several have things for her daughter and she is waiting to see what all that will be. 

pantry challenge 2/1/21 to 2/7/21


 Lunch chocolate chip angel food cake

Supper chili (home canned) with cheese and tortilla chips


Lunch Pizza rolls

Supper Bacon cheese burger, FF


Lunch. Pizza rolls

Supper. Pork ragu with broken lasagna noodles


Lunch cottage cheese and crackers



One meal at 3 as I spent the entire morning and afternoon in pretesting at hospital.

Smoked ribs, coleslaw and fruit salad from Davis Meats in Sidney