Friday, November 1, 2019

When a simple thing is a major milestone.

Hubby is definitely one for eating out or picking up take out.
Yesterday we had our chiropractic appt and I knew he would complain he was hungry and needed to eat afterwards SO I made an early lunch of odds and ends and made sure I pointed out we had leftover roast and veggies or could eat bfast items for our dinner.

He did ask when we left the appointment if we were still eating the roast or bfast for dinner and I said FIRMLY yes. MILESTONE he didn't bring it up again like he usually does.

I told him I have a menu for Nov.  Every other Sunday is sausage gravy and biscuits. The other Sundays is bacon.  Mondays are oven baked meals. Tuesday is breakfast for dinner, Wednesday is pasta including his requested mac and cheese and smoke sausage a couple times. Thursday will float between chicken, turkey, beef,beans and pork. Friday is pizza, French pizza, calzones or appetizers. Saturday also floats between beef, chicken, turkey, beans and pork.  I don't bother to plan bfast or lunch as it's something we can always find to eat without much cooking. He did call me last night and said "I know pizza is on the menu for tomorrow but we have a free pizza coming so can I pick it up tonight since I am already here getting fuel for the truck, gas and kerosene for E ? YES, that just moves the beef and noodles (M's homemade noodles) and mashed potatoes and cole slaw to Friday. As we bumped pasta night due to leftovers from roast.

I told him I would like to make the 2000 gallons of propane I ordered for this coming heat season (plus we have propane water heater and cook stove) to last 24 months... I got 1600 to last 17 months and feel that if he gets done with the air barrier this month we should be able to get it stretched that much. I just ordered our first tank for the heating season. We averaged 10 % of the tank during the heating season last year so I do have a bench mark to go by during Nov through April. He asked how I thought we could do that as it's dropping fuel by 400 gallons a year. Getting the house insulated better. Multi dishes in the oven. Using the air fryer over deep frying or for small baking as our electric is cheaper than our gas. I also did not do any canning outside like I did the year before so I can go back to that using the grill tanks for canning (which runs cheaper in the summer) We didn't have a place set up for it this year at the barn so that needs to be set up by spring when the asparagus comes on.

He put insulator board up at 2 areas that was allowing cold air to come in at where a heat vent was in the dining room and took a board to the pump house in case we need it at that door WITHOUT me nagging. Called Son 2 to find out if he could come up the 9th and help him put air barrier in.

I rewrote the punch list with the thoughts of doing 3-4 things a week. Going through boxes in the barn is going to be a long time of dealing with. I have found a couple places to put Daddy's bedroom dressers. I just need to do some changing around to get them moved in. Not the priority right now.

I spent  2 hrs putting insulators in the switches and outlets before I ran out. Ordered more to start again on Tuesday since Monday I have a doctor's appointment for my back pain. I have no other errands to run with this appointment.

I started inputting the pantry inventory on a spreadsheet. I will finish doing it this weekend and start monitoring what we eat and what we need to eat. ANOTHER MILESTONE as I have inventoried before but never put it in a form I could monitor it other than look and go OH WE ARE LOW. It should help me look for sales better and not over spend other places. I have a clip board that I am going to rig to hang with a pencil in the basement stair case  to mark off what I bring up to use AND what I take down to stock.

While he was checking to make sure we had what we needed for air barriers as he didn't want Son 2 to show up and then have to go get stuff... Hubby found 2 holes in between the kitchen porch roof and the roof to the house that was letting tons of air in. He shoved some loose insulation in it but is going out tomorrow to see what we have that he can use to close those holes up.

Hubby stopped over to E and M's to drop off some fish we had in the freezer from his fishing trip. His buddy had packed too large of amount for us and Son 2 didn't come up with his bike buddies for a fish fry. I don't want it getting freezer burn and going to waste. M said it was perfect as they would be gone all day Friday but everyone was going to be home on Saturday. Hubby mentioned he thought they would be gone longer as she had 8 loaves of bread rising...until I told him they eat 5-6 loves a DAY. I will add when they eat sandwiches,there is only 1 slice of bread. They eat open face sandwiches most the time. She bakes 12- 15 loaves depending on what is left on Saturdays. He didn't remember we ate 3-4 loaves a day with the kids all home with a couple of us not being much of bread eaters.

I am doing NANOWRIMO ... AKA Nano... National novel writing month during the month of Nov. It's 50,000 words in 30 days.  I try to do it every year, haven't always made the 50,000 words due to work load. This year I am keeping the work load down, working on a routine and writing.