Monday, September 28, 2020

Daughter 4 with cancer and credit card fraud.

 Start of my Monday was letting my youngest know I am thinking of her as she was in the waiting room at the Oncologist to start jumping the hoops to get the stage 1 ovarian cancer dealt with. 

12 weeks radiation, 4 weeks break, 16 weeks chemo (iffy on whether she will lose her hair) and then maybe surgery. Her lupus is affecting her treatment.

The Oncologist gave her the number and name of a company that hires those going through this stuff a part time job and works with them. AND his office is helping her get medical coverage as Amazon warehouse let her go so she has no income and no ins. The Oncologist changed her diet... she has lupus and the beginning of Crohn's and now cancer... Nothing processed, canned (glass jars ok , metal not) fresh not frozen best, no deep fried, fried, microwaved or fast food. Unbleached organic flour (bread and pasta). ORGANIC everything. In season for a price... well , it's OHIO there is cabbage, brussels sprouts kale and some beets. Winter Sq and pumpkins. Maybe sweet potatoes and potatoes but lets get real, give it a month if that and it will BE NOTHING in season. Even if she hadn't lost her income , living expenses with medical expenses (she had a 70/30 plan with $2000 oop) isn't going to leave much for organic food where she lives. She can't live with us (her 5 dogs won't get along with Rascal or Wilbur. Charlotte would be okay as 4 of the dogs are her parents and siblings) because our income stops her from getting assistance on the medical side 

We already know due to a friend paying her adult child's rent on a regular bases that if the money is regular it is considered income when they try to get help. Her daughter was in the hospital off and on for 6 months and couldn't keep a job because of it. 

We can't chance Daughter 4 not getting the assistance. What we can do is put food on the table and in the dogs bowls. We can pay the vet bill that happens ever 3 months. Her daughter is taking over the laundromat costs. I can pay for the gas in the car as it's MY car. She already contacted her utilities and they asked for her Oncologist to fax them a paper so her electric and gas are down low enough her 15 yr old and 13 yr old are going to cover it . Her trash can go to her daughter's also. 

That leaves rent, water, and car ins. We will figure it out. AS she will do better where she is as our nearest cancer treatment center is over 45 min from us and her's in 15 and they have a program that they have a nurse that will stay with her IN HER HOME for 30-60 min after treatments to make sure she is okay.

While dealing with figuring out diet and getting her bills paid, my credit card texted and asked if I had made a purchase to Modere... I didn't even know what it was so the answer was no.

Credit card fraud, Then found out my credit card was missing. I know where I used it last and the moron that stole it... actually had what they bought sent to their HOME. so it's not going to be hard to nail them. They had to have pulled it from my purse while I was at Walmart I had it in my wallet, I didn't zip up my purse until I was walking out the door because the card was with the receipt I showed at the door. I remember wrapping the receipt around it and putting it in the outside pocket of the wallet in my purse but I don't remember zipping my purse. Lesson learned. I am glad they caught it wasn't the norm for me and I did find 2 other charges I didn't do which is how they got the address of where the packages were sent to.  IFI hadn't been buying medical stuff I wouldn't have had my card out to begin, I'd paid with cash. 

I need to go deal with produce though at  this point I would rather take a nap.