Tuesday, August 27, 2019

ONE year coming up of moving in the house/curtains

and the freaking furnace was broke down again. We tried to turn it on last night, house was on the chilly side and I was sick (feel better today, think it was allergies and mix of meds) so Hubby wanted to take the chill off the house... pressure switch AGAIN. HVAC guy down here AGAIN. This time instead of blowing the hose out as the MFG suggested, he replaced the switch and said since it's only a year old it shouldn't be having hoses issues so he replaced the switch and the hose. AND thank me that we turned it on last night not the first frost which is what others do and he gets tons of calls...happens on the first hot day also for ACs. He had 4 calls in route to us (we are 45 min from his shop) and 5 calls while here for 20 min. I would hate to see what a bad day was.

the photo of the house when we started looking at it

Stove pipes gone from roof, skylight in, fence in front of house was on the side of house that you can just see to the left of the first pic

We love the house and are very happy with the first floor even with somethings left to do... basement has a few issues with the ramp that we are still trying to figure out.I would like better storage for dishes that I use but not often in the basement. I haven't really worked on the four rooms upstairs or the barn. A lot of thoughts and ideas but nothing really happening. We decided to maybe add ramp also to the front porch and not just the deck...not sure we can do one ADA code as of how tall the porch is and the driveway.

HVAC guy is also coming back to install the whole house surge protector and do a couple checks on things that showed up in the energy audit that came from work his company did. Thought middle of Sept.

Painting to fix the bad paint is going to be the week of the 16th or 23rd of Sept which means the 4 rooms of the house need to be cleared for painting SIGH

We want to have all the energy audit stuff done by the week before Thanksgiving.

I want to have all the deep freezers defrosted and organized by the week before Tday. BUT I first have to take the stuff we brought from Daddy's out of my coolers to do that.

Hubby wants to gather all the metal including broken appliances etc to haul to the junk yard in Sept.

I got all the curtains done except the winter curtain for the bedroom. All summer curtains are hung

bedroom ... Daddy loves roses and this reminded me of him. I have sunflowers in the laundry room that reminds me of Mother.

Hubby picked this fabric out when we lived on Church st.. 2005. He actually preferred the wrong side of the fabric which is blue (other side is fuchsia). When he went in during the evening it had turned purplish due to the sun setting (faces west) and he LOVED IT, the room is a light periwinkle so it turns shades during the day also.

I fixed the kitchen French door curtains... guess this also reminds me of Mother as she drank wine. We love the fabric, reminds us a bit of Biltmore estates and the kitchen on Church st.

Winter curtains will go up Oct or early Nov. I'll take pictures of those then. I still have to put some grommets in some of the curtains and finish tie backs.

We didn't have to have a summer fill on propane. in June saving $430 (same price as last year).. we also have by passed the winter fill in Aug... MIGHT not need it to Oct. unless we have to kick the furnace on more than just morning to take chill off as we are sitting at 48%. I prepaid for the YEAR getting us a 20 cent reduced fixed rate for 2000 gallons. That's $400 AND if the propane is CHEAPER per gallon they use the cheaper price. I ended up with a credit at the end of the heating season to pay for a full tank that only cost me $100 instead of the $400 that was the usual price.

We don't have the deck on...nor is the smoker put together , sore point between Hubby and me.

I showed Hubby my Aug to do list ...only thing not done was the winter curtains for the bedroom AND the energy audit things I am waiting on him to bring home the stuff I needed in the livestock trailer.

He did look at his Aug to do list that HE CHOSE TO DO ...zip, nada nothing done on the list. Decided he was taking on too much work when he needed to focus on getting stuff for me and doing his own work around the house so this month that is his focus. SO today he worked this morning and was going to Menard's 11% rebate time to pick up the stuff I asked him to pick up LAST month. SO that means I am getting the stuff to do MORE on my list.

We have bounced ideas for Sept .... haven't finished working that out.Figured it was something we could talk about on the 2 hr drive to my cousin's funeral and 2 hr drive back home.