Sunday, September 10, 2017

Where is the Energizer Bunny when I need him???

Because my batteries are definitely running low.

I forget what I have canned this week but I know today I did 24 -1/2pints of butter, 5 pints of pickles, 6 pints of peperonata, dehydrated 3 dozen eggs, 4 bunches of celery,20 lbs of roasted tomatoes for olive oil and fire roasted bell peppers to put in freezer for Brandy's Red bell pepper soup ( I also cooked some orange tomatoes to strain and cook done for sauce tomorrow.  I put some onions that were cured in the hose to hang in the basement and picked some of the coriander off the dead cilantro.

Dishes are stacked, dinner is over due to Hubby bringing Wendy's home after he worked 36 hrs straight himself ( at the plant, then security at 5 k and the Ham Radio operator at park )

I did start working on my monthly goals. Straightening the pantry is one of them. I got this shelving unit dealt with and took a picture. Side benefit was I realized I only had one shelf of applesauce (we use 2 each year). And there is next to none of cherries or apricots.

Since this seemed to be a good way of looking at what is missing or what I have to much of  I did this shelving unit.
This one looks good, or at least will until Thanksgiving and Christmas then half of it will be gone.
To the left is another shelving unit has bare spots that need filled in. ONLY 8 more shelving units to clean and straighten.

I went through Hubby's clothes. He does NOT need socks LOL... I forgot I ordered him a case as he takes a unusual size.  The rest he pretty much needs. He found hiking boots half price so I talked him into buying 2 since finding something he can wear with his ankles is hard. I found tee shirts with pockets in different colors on sale as he likes different colors but has worn black,dark gray or dark blue for work. Figured since I could afford them with this sale I would get him a nice variety of COLORS since he is retiring.

I went through my clothes, or part of my clothes and I NEED socks LOL. I wear a girls size but have a hard time finding them heavy enough for winter. My feet get cold but sweat easy. I am thinking about trying to crochet a pair for myself and see how that works , I can always wear them in bed if it doesn't. I need pj bottoms, I have flannel and I have a pattern I don't have the time right now as the garden is overflowing.

I caught a sale at King Arthur's flour and still had a discount coupon so I ordered all that I could and keep the shipping at the same price.

I've scored my Swagbucks goal twice this week...probably because I've been up at 3 am canning.

Did 2 Pinecone  surveys

I turned the furnace on twice for about an hour to take the chill (62°) off. I've been opening the bathroom curtain and the kitchen door to the mudroom to let the East sun come in and warm the house.Once it starts getting cold I won't open the kitchen door to mudroom as we don't heat that area.

I did the usual of opening curtains in the morning and shutting them at night, turning lights off, turning computer and printer off. Turning my coffee maker off at power strip so even the clock on it doesn't run.Turned ceiling fan off in bedroom.

Got rid of dehumidifier as it was only working as a fan now. Landlord will replace next year. Got stuff on sale with rebate also to set up humidifier when we start the furnace full time.

Use short cycle, tap cold with laundry with homemade laundry soap. Used the drying rack for light weights since I still can't hang clothes out on line...arm is cranky...better but cranky.

Added water to dish soap, shower soap and used the "rinsed" out shower soap to refill sink soap. Just have to shake it before using.

Continue to use turkey fryer bases for cold packers while doing water bath canning which in turns actually lets me get 3 times more done and doesn't run up the electric bill.

We are "interviewing" different financial advisors about investing Hubby's retirement money.... I had one tell me I didn't know a thing about investing and staying calm for the long haul  etc...Hubby actually started laughing out loud. Needless to say, we thanked him for his time and started to leave when his boss stopped me and asked what I would invest in and I rattled it off with the reasons why.. Told me to remember I did know about investing and asked to see the one that was so sure I didn't know anything in his office.We see another one tomorrow that a friend's parents (who did investing on their own most the time) used while they were alive.

Guess all those years of reading the Morningstar for Dad has paid off, just not what I really want to do but frugal wise I'm not willing to pay someone 1 %... example..if we take 4% to live on, and we pay the broker 1%...that's 25 % of our income NOT INCLUDING the cost of the stock/bonds etc that we would be buying.... I'll do our own financing for that price. BUT man do I hate reading the Morningstar. To those that don't know  the Morningstar evaluates funds (stocks, bonds etc) for up to three time periods: three, five and 10 years. It's like watching the Dow Jones which I didn't like doing either.

Meantime back on the home front , the garden is running over me and I can't even give the produce away as everyone else's gardens are running over them.

To those that are dealing with Mother Nature at her worse....I'm praying for you

AND thankful I'm not dealing with her.

Blessed Be