Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Frugal crohn's attack

yeah, I know not really but really...

Had a great last week at Son 2's and finished curtains, table cloths , napkins and 1 apron.

Got home Friday.

Saturday I reorganized the pantry and cleaned it (except for the floor). Made a list of what needed filled in .  Hubby washed his clothes and hung them on clothes line.

Saturday night we met with other classmates for a 60th bday party, we had a 59 yr old but we let the "baby" in anyways  😉. Mexican restaurant and it had food I could eat as it was not spicy.  Wonderful time,

Coming home I made the comment I must have ate too much. An hour later I was into a Crohn's attack...SIGH... decided to wait and see sometimes they calm down when triggered by over eating. 6 AM it's nope, now it's sever, BUT I want to take my biologic before going to the hospital since I would be in the hospital when my injection was due.... 15 min after taking the biologic I was like, nope don't need to go to hospital. Biologic kicked butt. Still hasn't been an easy ride but not as bad as it has been.

I did realize it wasn't from over eating , well it is but it's from over eating yeast dough and my system takes 4 days to process what I eat . Yeah really they were freaking out when I took the camera test and hadn't passed it in 8 hrs... took 4 days to pass it.  SO I looked back and realized I had pizza, 2 slices for lunch, 2 for dinner, 2 for bfast and last 2 for lunch BUT nothing with it. I thought by limiting the amount at a meal it would be okay ... 2 months ago I had a flare up from eating 4 slices and not the usual salad we eat with pizza. Last month I had 3 thick slices of M's homemade bread, had a flare up.

Lesson's learned... eat salad or fruit salad with 2 slices of pizza and not back to back meals. ONE slice of M's bread is plenty. AND don't miss injections like I did 2 wks ago.

Savings $7000 is what the hospital bill would have been not counting the stress on Hubby trying to be at the hospital and doing everything else. I have slept like a zombie for 2 days and could easily go back to sleep now. I didn't call my doctor to order any pain meds as I used what I already had on hand which is pretty mild compared to I usually take 2 shots of Morphine before it get kicked down. ALL AND ALL it was a good run as I now can say YES MY BIOLOGIC IS WORKING.

Hubby pulled a couple zucchini, a patty pan and a spaghetti squash from the garden with some cherry tomatoes. He is eating what ever he finds as leftovers in the freezer or eggs.M told Hubby chickens weren't laying, they think because they changed the feed so we didn't get eggs this week not a problem for us as I still have some.

Not much else has went on. Too tired to do anything