Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Heavens what a week.

 Squirrel is way up that tree... she will still sit and wait and look up the tree even though squirrel is no longer there.  We are strongly looking at the possibility of a puppy in late spring.

We went through below zero for about 3 days and then up to high 40s AGAIN. See another roller coaster of it coming at us. Hauling wood, feeding the stove and hauling more wood. We decided to wait on using coal as it gets warm within a couple days and stays warm. I really don't want to put wood plate in and take wood plate out every couple days as it makes a mess.

My brother and I dealt with a mess with a cousin that tried to forcibly move in (along with her boyfriend and son that were just released from prison for gang activity) to the home of another one of our cousins that is disabled. Disabled cousin called Brother , he called the law and his daughter called me. I will give the guys credit, when cousin said no, she was selling her house and moving , the guys walked out and sat on the porch even though they knew they weren't suppose to be around each other.  I dealt with hauling brat butt cousin out of my cousin's home over my shoulder after she tried to hit me and I broke her nose *yes we gave her a rag to hold her nose with *. Cops saw her swing at me.  Parole officers where notified  by cops and had all 3 arrested in violation of their paroles. Found out they were looking for the 3 as they had tried that crap on another cousin and her 3 siblings.  Her older brother showed up and just laughed. He told the cops she must be either high or plain crazy as the family has always brought up about me knocking him out when he was 15 and I was 10 for hitting his stepmom. I totally forgot about that. My parents taught me to defend (and how to fight dirty) the weaker ones. News made the rounds with in 1 day and I don't think any of the other of the family is going to bail her out AGAIN. She was not raised that way at all and not one of her siblings do drugs or drink. I did mention to her parole officer that mental illness runs in the family and he didn't know that but would make sure she was tested for it. 

Cops mentioned it was nice to see someone younger defending an older person with disabilities. Then didn't understand why we were all laughing. Cousin is a lot younger than me. She was not happy about the comparison LOL. She has brittle bones. I would rather have my heart failure, cerebral palsy and Crohn's than that.

Took me 2 days to quit shaking. Adrenaline rush does that to me. I am glad I got to my cousin before they hurt her. I don't think I would have stopped with just a broke nose if she had been hurt. I've been praying over that one.

I fixed mushroom wellington (Sam, coffee, money and Thyme) 

Hubby was glad there was extra filling as he used it with leftover mac and cheese and then I put it in omelets. Was more than filling.

Then my cell phone quit working on making calls or incoming calls... of course the company want me to call them so they could back door it GRRRRRR. 

Son's boss suggested I reset it . His went down a week ago same way. Different providers and types of phone... it worked. Son took him a 6 pack of coke a cola as a thank you. 

On a the calmer side. I wore the earrings the kids bought me for Mother's day 1989

They all got a kick out of it that I still had them. Daughter 2 has the pair I got her when she got her ears pierced in 1992 at the age 13. 

Hubby and I went through our supplies. California having such sever storms I can only imagine it will affect the supply chain (again, some more , what ever).

We are down on condiments that is mustard based and medical supplies. Gelatin... really, I went to the store and couldn't find lime, orange or lemon. Amish bulk store said they only got in strawberry, raspberry and peach (which I got some of). I got it ordered at Amazon. 

I made sure we had food that would help keep us healthy. I focused on only buying what I can not grow or find amongst the Amish. 

We decided to replace only some of the garden beds this year unless prices come on down. I want a medical garden on the north side and move the strawberries to the south side.  We will see. 

I am trimming the raspberry and blackberry vines this week even though that is early. I can see them starting up late Feb with how the temperatures are going. 

Hubby made enough with the business to not have to take it out of the house budget. It's a worry with work being so slow. Amish have had several deaths... old age with pneumonia. It's been a worry for those of us in our 60s let alone late 70s and early 80s. This type of weather makes it easy to get it. Hubby caught the one elderly man needed to be checked when Hubby took the wife in for pneumonia. They were thinking just a nasty cold or the flu going around. They shut down their school for a week (not something they do) and the school house and out houses got scrubbed down good. We donated Lysol to help with the germs. The teacher is now spraying every night when she leaves. 

I pray everyone is well and safe.

Blessed be

Prayers for peace.