Monday, February 13, 2023

January finances



IRAs $6800.78

Social Security $3634

Son 2 loan repayment $100

Interest on savings $16.24

Business income $802.

TOTAL  $11,653.02






TOTAL $10,704.88



It's not going to be pretty this month or next.

 Hubby has 4 large bills coming out of the business and he has had only 2 hauls this month that don't cover anything but the fuel and one smaller regular bill. The Amish have had 4 death's this past month so no one was building pallets or going to auctions to buy equipment. Maple syrup is starting with the weather that has came in so they will be in the woods gathering what they call maple water (we call it sap) to cook down to syrup so not much hauling will be done

I used the money I saved for a  large March bill to pay his business bills.  Not including paying for the taxes to be done. It's going to be a robbing Peter to pay Paul to pay Jane SIGH

I will add that we sat down and figured out how finances would be if one of us died. Wouldn't be horrible to deal with except with dealing with social's always horrible to deal with them and according to my late cousin it's horrible to work for them as she did for 45 yrs.

Daughter 4 another round of cancer

 This time it's uterine cancer... endometrial type, she is having experimental surgery March 28th that will only keep her off work that week. She had to pay $900 (well, I did as she doesn't have any money saved) for her share of the surgery. Better than the $9000 her insurance wanted her to pay since they consider her cancer precondition. SIGH  The doctor that did the 1st surgery removing the ovaries wanted to take everything but her insurance wouldn't allow it.

I loaded her up with food last week, so she could save her grocery money for her April rent. I will take more to her if she needs it. Her son that lives with her said the other two kids(not living at home) sat down with him and they divided up who will be doing what during that week. If they need help they will send the SOS.

Hubby is working on getting the wiring done for the pump house. He has had a couple small jobs with the business and has a few lined up towards the end of the month. Last year there was NOTHING in January, February and most of March. OF course he forgot to put money aside during the "good" months for the 4 large legal bills that come due. Definitely bringing up the getting side track he constantly says happens when he doesn't do things when we see Doc.

We decided we would plant the gardens even the ones that are falling apart. Not sure what we can get in. I didn't grow any plants but we know where we can get plants or produce at reasonable price.

Hubby is continuing the wiring on the pump house from the solar panels. He now has everything inside and has 4 more "steps" to do to complete it. He didn't think it would be this much work to do but glad he has done it. He is videoing what he is doing to a friend that is an electrician. So far he is doing the wiring correct. The friend said the paperwork sent with the solar pump was very well written, even if you didn't understand electric, you could safely install this solar pump. 

Enjoy your day, be safe

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be