Sunday, November 28, 2021

Thanksgiving for two, menu for 14 days

Thanksgiving dinner for two. 

We had leftovers for two more meals and then decided on meatloaf to finish off the stuffing, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce. Turkey went in the broth pot.

We sat down and made the menu for the next 14 days. Twice we will be out for doctor appts etc so those are eat outs.  We then decided on the other 12.

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich (bread or wrap) with soup (something in pantry)

Brat's patty sandwich with soup (something from pantry)

Fried cabbage with fried potatoes and cornbread

Haluski (use leftover cabbage) with smoked sausage and peas

Leftover turkey with apples and sweet potatoes skillet

Pot pie

Hamburger pie (like shepherds pie)

Turkey and Dumplings

Cuban black beans and rice

Philly steak either sub or pizza

Pasta e fagioli


Last menu we ate 5 out of 9... I forgot to list Thanksgiving LOL.

We have everything we need for these meals in the pantry/freezers.