Monday, April 27, 2020

ER during Covid 19

I had Hubby call to make sure we could go to the ER....

I wasn't feeling right yesterday so took my Humira early...good thing I did as at 5 am this morning I had pain, diarrhea and dry heaves AND I passed out twice.... I NEVER have passed out and do not care to do it again.

Second time Hubby found me on the bathroom floor, he thought I had died as my body voided.... aka I puked and crapped when I passed out. That happens when you die and they call it voided. When he stepped in I moved my hand. He is an EMT so he dealt with it and helped clean me up. AND BLESS HIS SOUL

took me to the ER and then had to sit in the truck for 5 hrs when they released me. Crohn's not blocked just cranky, possible food poisoning from the turkey I roasted the day before, bruised diaphragm, dehydrated and orthostatic hypotension. Er doc thinks my heart failure meds needs to be changed as it's a diuretic and  I keep having problems with dehydration. Summer will only be worse.   I was tested for several things, 3 flu, Covid 19, congestion heart failure, kidneys, liver, red cell and white cell counts, Hiatal hernia flaring a bit. I should get my covid 19 results within a week. So I just need to stay in until then. If I got it, Hubby gave it to me.

SO I'm home, not painting or doing much of anything. Both of us worn out due to the day.

In the gardens Friday

We had transplanted about 6 strawberry plants to the north field last year. They didn't do well but there was 12 last fall so I decided I would dig them back up and put them in a sq ft garden (this was the old sand box). There was over 2 dozen when I was done digging. They are too close in this box but it will be better than the grass they were growing in.

These are what was left of the old sq ft gardens. We made them out of vinyl decking a co worker had given away when he replaced his deck. I now have snowpeas, peas, beets, carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, kale, mustard greens etc in the first 2. I will wait a bit before I plant the other 2.

This year's onion patches. 425 (as 25 is in sq ft gardens) of candy onion, big daddy and red candy apple onions. Hubby was a little questioning until I mentioned use 2 a day for green onion for 3 months... that is 180 onions. That leaves 270 onions for storage.... for 270 days so it's only 1 onion a day.

I cut 3 asparagus and diced them to put in the tuna noodle casserole and cut one of the patches of rhubarb and cooked it. What ever is left on Tuesday will go to freezer or into a crisp.