Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan 2nd 2014 Blistery cold out

with the wind chills hitting 15 below here on this farm out in the boonies. The pup was wanting to go out and play more than our older dog or I was willing so he got hyper on me, took him out to play ball (we call it 10 because I throw it 10 times) and at 6 he wanted back in...reminded me of all the times I bundles the kids up to go out and with in less minutes that it took to dress them they would come back in and be done playing out side.

 Hubby had some issues getting the Ford out of the garage, but that was the worst part of our lane which is 1/5 of a mile long. Up around the house with all the barns and buildings around the garage usually is the worse.

We ate from the pantry today...actually we ate from my son's pantry, he gave us some of his canned goods when he moved in with his lady;and we ate from my mother's pantry that my brother and I split between us when she died and our own pantry. Hubby had beef and potato soup and grilled lunch meat and cheese sandwich, I had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. He took leftovers from last night's meal for his lunch. He usually does take leftovers for his lunch anyways.

I wrote out what I want to plant this year. I would like to try for a 4 season garden but trying to keep a hoop house over any of the gardens out here in this wind is hard. I will have to think about it some more. Next I will sort through what seeds I have and figure out what I need to buy.

Going to flip a coin to see if I am sleeping in the bed tonight or on the couch, the wind is sucking the heat pretty much out of the bedroom tonight.

Good night

Blessed Be